主人公達 by 透子 on Pixiv

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tftbl pokemon style mimicry

oh god it feels so wrong to draw in anime style again, but this was actually really fun

i guess this also counts as a crossover/AU?

i was gonna draw fiona and rhys in their other outfit, but i got lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i might draw it later

battle themes:

future fiona - vs. zinnia

future rhys - vs. team aqua/magma

sasha - vs. korrina

vaughn - vs. colress



The Russian 7.62x54mmR general purpose machine gun with a few changes. This example has had several aftermarket parts installed from a company called Zenit. They make specialized rails for the AK and SVD platform but this is the first time I’ve seen PKM stuff from them. Although the handguard is a nice touch for modular adaptability, that stock is a bit peculiar since it has a secondary pistol grip right behind the original pistol grip. Although Zenit makes actual weapon parts, the PKM in the photo might be a deactivated example or an airsoft gun. (GRH)