She hugged Percy tighter and kissed him. ‘Tell me about New Rome’, she demanded. 'What were your plans for us?’

'New Rome…For us…?’

'Yeah, Seaweed Brain. You said we could have a future there! Tell me!’

not sure what I was trying to achieve with this, but I actually drawn this scene a while ago, back to the first days I’ve read the book and I always wanted to finished it, heh. Improved it a little since then, but tadaaa!:3

Since life is sweet here
We got the beat here
Even the sturgeon an’ the ray
They get the urge ‘n’ start to play
We got the spirit
You got to hear it
Under the sea

Because Percy not so secretly wishes he was the Little Mermaid.

Bonus gif version:

External image

I got mad ‘cause I can’t draw what I’m supposed to draw right now… how to background?!?!  No just did a quick warm up… So I’ll try again. 
Anyways… A yeah ago I made a Percabeth drawing… and I kind of just thought…do it again… 
So here’s Percabeth fro you… MAN It’s been a while since I’ve drawn anything Percy Jackson related O.o