The final episode of the Percy Jackson webseries!

The Underworld

 Thank you so much to @justagirlinabookworld and @bananannabeth for helping me out with this. I was just going to do my usual thing and just write and post without any input but I thought I’d give it a shot and it was actually really helpful. I hope I turn this into a multi-part because it’s kind of set up to be one but we’ll have to see how school goes after this. Anway, here’s part 1 of a Percabeth AU idk what to call

     When Annabeth told Percy that he was going to meet her family on the weekend, he was expecting to meet her dad and brothers. He planned to shit bricks and shake a hand that could easily take Annabeth away from him. Or, well, the hand that could try taking Annabeth away from him. However, that wasn’t what happened. He looked out the window as she drove down the busy streets of New York, navigating as if she was living here for as long as he had. It was easy to tell she drove that route often, she even knew to avoid the one pothole that could cause some serious damage to her car. Percy had to admit he was impressed.

“Where are we going again?”  

“To see my family, I told you this already,” she said quickly, “My dad and brothers are family by blood but you’re going to meet my real one.” Percy didn’t ask what she meant, he knew she wouldn’t answer anyway.  

     Percy should’ve expected something strange to happen, nothing about Annabeth wasn’t strange. Heck, even the first time he met her she was as abnormal as someone could get. They were on the NYU campus, Percy was late for class and he was knocked over by the frazzled blond. He joked and asked why she was in such a hurry, she spewed something about being late but she wasn’t running towards any class that he knew of. He hadn’t seen her again for almost a month after that. The next time he saw her she was filling a car with dozens of duffel bags, for a second he thought she was stocking drugs until one of them fell and ripped open. The boy she was with cursed loudly and gathered up the broken chunks of who knew what. They had to ask Percy to help with the rest of the bags, he couldn’t say no and watched silently as they drove off. He had a million questions. 

“Just five more minutes,” Annabeth mumbled from beside him. Percy continued looking out the window.

     He saw her a few more times after that, the fifth was the day that he brought up the courage to ask her out, mostly so that he could ask all the questions he had accumulated over the few months. Annabeth had the same idea, she beat him by a second when she called out her car window, telling him to meet her at his dorm building’s front door at 7. He didn’t know how she knew where he lived, he didn’t ask. 

     Percy’s eyes widened when the car stopped, they had pulled into the one warehouse his dad used to tell him to stay away from. “It’s where people go when there’s no other choice,” he’d say. Percy half hoped Annabeth would pull out her phone and bring up google maps for directions, but he knew that that wasn’t likely. He almost swore when she turned off the car, he could feel the uneasiness he used to when his dad would talk about this place creep back up his neck. 

“This is the place?” His voice cracked, Annabeth smirked at him when he coughed to cover it up. 

“You’ll be a bit overwhelmed at first, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it,” she said before hoping out of the car. Percy wondered what he’d have to be getting used to.

     He followed her towards the large garage door, staring up at the massive building as he walked. There were large windows that covered the wall, some blackened so no one could look in while others were broken whether by accident or on purpose, he wouldn’t know. He didn’t grow up far from the area, some kids who lived in his apartment complex used to tell ghost stories about the place, whenever Percy told his parents they just said that that’s exactly what they were, just stories. He was starting to get the feeling he was about to be a part of one of them soon enough. 

     They finally reached the door, Percy bumping into Annabeth once she stopped walking. It was a large door, almost big enough for a private jet to pass through, it had the words ‘For the damned and the dead’ spray painted in an oddly cheerful orange on it. They stood there for a second and without Annabeth even making a sound, the door opened. Percy had to cover his ears at the chainsaw like sound it made. 

“Annabeth’s here!” A voice yelled from who knows where. Percy definitely didn’t, there was too much going on to pay attention. 

     Think of the biggest shopping mall in your area two days before Christmas. Now imagine if that shopping mall was four times bigger, had three times the amount of people and five times the amount of stuff. The place was filled with large tables that were stacked high with things. Everything was categorized from books to toys to what Percy could tell were weapons of all different sorts. He starred wide eyed at it all, he didn’t even notice that Annabeth was already ten steps ahead of him; he stayed behind and watched her walk. The place had at least two hundred people inside, and not one of them failed to acknowledge her in some way as she passed. Something else he noticed were the looks he got as he walked. Some were cut-eyes, others were smirks, and some were from girls huddled together whispering as they gave him side glances. He felt like he was back in grade school whenever he was forced to stand in front of his new class and introduce himself while wearing his torn up jeans and too big sweater.  

     Annabeth stopped at some point and signed something for a tall black haired woman. She looked like someone Percy did not want to get on the bad side of. Annabeth didn’t bother introducing them before she walked off again, the woman only nodded at him before turning around and stalking off. It wasn’t the strangest thing he’d witnessed so he again didn’t bother asking. 

“I thought I was meeting your family?” Percy asked jogging up behind her. He had to jump over a box that was labelled ‘Might be explosive’, he knew it wouldn’t have been his fault if he tripped over it but had the strange feeling he’d be blamed. 

“You’re looking at them!” That answer didn’t help. “Welcome to The Underworld, place for the damned and the dead and anyone one else who just needs a place to belong. I thought you’d like it here, not sure why, just had a feeling,” she explained with a shrug. 

“Okay, but what exactly is this place?” She finally stopped walking when they reached the other end of the warehouse; they were at an elevator, or what he thought was an elevator, it had no walls or a door and was lifted by a pulley system operated by the elevator occupants. It looked like it had been there since the day the place was built. “Is that safe?” He asked.  Annabeth only smiled at him. 

“Safe as it’s gonna get around here. Hop on, Chiron’s gonna wanna meet you, he’ll explain this mess.”

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Can u please do forbidden lovers please thank you

Part 1| Part 2

  • Annabeth was shaking as she sat in her office. This was not the way she wanted to start off her big morning; a fight with Percy and finding out that he was the lawyer for his dad.
  • “Miss Chase?” She heard. 
  • She looked up and saw her assistant, Piper. Piper was Annabeth’s closest friend in the office. She could trust Piper with anything. 
  • “Yes?”
  • “Your meeting is in five minutes.” Piper walked in and closed the door behind her. “Are you okay?”
  • “Percy and I are on a break.” Annabeth whispered.
  • “What? Why?” Piper asked as she sat down.
  • “He’s the lawyer for Poseidon. I know we agreed that we wouldn’t talk about work, but it’s getting hard. I don’t know if he’s just using me to get the information that he needed.”
  • “Percy doesn’t seem like the guy to do that.” Piper told her. “From what you told me, he seems like an amazing guy.”
  • “If I spilled important information, then it’s an advantage for Poseidon. Percy did tell me one thing, that we can’t make the situation worse, otherwise Poseidon will be there all the time.”
  • “Then try to figure it out, you can try to do the compromise Percy proposed.” Piper told her. 
  • “I’ll try. But what do I do about Percy?” She asked.
  • “Talk to him after your meeting and talk to him about your concerns.” Piper replied. “Now, you’re going to be late.”


  • Percy loosened his tie as he walked towards Annabeth’s building. He knew that no one there knew who he was. But he was walking on enemy turf, Annabeth’s turf. 
  • Annabeth wanted to talk to him and she was working late. He got into the elevator and pressed the six button.  
  • He took a deep  breath as he rode the elevator. He needed to calm down before he said something or did something that he would regret. 
  • He loved Annabeth. She was the first girl that Percy could admit that he loved and cared about. But his dad. His dad was going to mess this up for him. 
  • The doors opened and it felt like Percy was looking into an office through the glass doors. He opened the doors and saw a girl, with brown hair pulled into a lose pony tail sitting at a desk. 
  • “Hi, I’m looking for Annabeth Chase.” Percy told her. 
  • The girl looked up at him with a slight smile. “I’m guessing your Percy. I’m Piper. Annabeth told me a lot about you.”
  • “Oh. Uh, good things I hope.” He replied.
  • “She’s in her office.” Piper led him to her office that was a few doors away from Piper’s desk. 
  • She knocked on the door and heard a faint “Come in” before opening the door. 
  • Annabeth was sitting there with piles of papers sitting on her desk as she stared at her computer screen. 
  • “Percy’s here.” Piper told her before letting Percy in.
  • Annabeth looked up and saw him standing there, dressed up. He looked great when he really cleaned up. 
  • “Hi.” Percy said once the door closed behind Piper. “How was your meeting?”
  • “Alright.” She replied. “About this morning, I was just…”
  • “Freaking out?” He suggested as he stuffed his hands into his front pockets. 
  • She nodded. “I just…this company is going to be my life. And if she doesn’t trust me, this company won’t be mine anymore. I need my mother’s trust before I can change it. And if Poseidon wants to stop protesting this company he has to give me time.”
  • “And what about us?” Percy asked. “You wanted a break but yet, you wanted to talk to me.”
  • “I want to be with you, I do. But you’re the lawyer for your dad. If I spill anything to you, you have an advantage.” She told him. “I can’t do that.”
  • “I understand. But I can see a future with you. I want to be with you and be at your side, not your enemy.”
  • “Percy, I-”
  • “I love you Annabeth.” He told her. “But you see me as someone who is your enemy, then I can’t be with you.”
  • “You aren’t me enemy! I don’t want you to be. But I’m just put in a really tough situation and I don’t know what to do.” 
  • “Figure it out, then call me.” He turned his back towards her and left her office. He was shaking but he didn’t want to show it as he left.
awkward encounters

i found this and i don’t really know what it is but here you go

Annabeth Chase was not accustomed to doing the walk of shame. Actually, it wasn’t even the walk of shame. She had just ‘stayed the night’ at her boyfriend’s apartment. So, if she had to come home in yesterday’s gray dress with her hair knotted and day old makeup, well that was fine. It wasn’t the walk of shame because she was in a committed relationship.

Luckily nobody was in the lobby, getting their mail or walking out for coffee or anything - so she was safe. For now. (Emphasis on the now.) She strode quickly towards the elevator, her heels starting to feel like little instruments of torture.

Of course, elevators liked to take their sweet time, even in a small apartment building with only a couple residents. She was anxious to get inside and take a shower, then put on some nice comfy pajamas and text Luke something adorably witty about the night before. Then, she would settle down with a nice book and not look up until dinner time.

She was almost relaxed. She was even almost sure that nobody she lived by would see her, that was until Percy Jackson stepped up behind her.

They had exchanged names and polite neighbor comments per expected for living next to someone, and she knew that he was Thalia’s cousin, but it hadn’t extended to more than a few polite ‘hellos’.

Percy came up to stand next to her, looking rather sheepish himself, and when she glanced over, she realized that he hadn’t gone out for breakfast and just come back like she expected. Nope, he was wearing jeans and a blue long sleeved shirt, but there were dark circles under his eyes, his hair was sticking up in odd directions, and a trail of hickeys led down from his neck beneath the collar of his shirt.

She could practically feel his eyes assessing the same thing about her, and she wanted to melt into the tile of the lobby.

The elevator finally dinged, and they both stepped in at the same time, Annabeth not even considering leaving or taking the stairs, as mortified as she was. As the elevator doors clanged shut, she felt something inside her coming dangerously close to cracking.

It’s only three floors, she reminded herself, three floors and then that shower has your name on it.

That was, until the elevator went up two floors, and then got stuck.

“No,” she whispered in horror.

Percy was also looking at the doors like they were proclaiming a death sentence.

“Um - “ he started cautiously (and even though she was perfectly happy with Luke, she had to admit that Percy had a damn fine voice) “are you claustrophobic?”

“No?” she answered uneasily, “Are you?”

“I don’t think so,” he said, staring at the doors like they were his only redemption, “It’ll start up again in a few minutes, right?”

“Right,” she said, instantly calm. Annabeth Chase did not get scared of an elevator stopping. “A few minutes.”

It was not a few minutes.

After about twenty, Annabeth sat down. Another five, and Percy sat down next to her.

“I’m going to call Leo,” Percy finally said, pulling a phone with a cracked screen and a blue case out of his pocket.


“The one who lives below us with his girlfriend?”

She vaguely remembered seeing a girl with cinnamon colored hair and a boy that talked too much, but she made an effort not to get to know her neighbors. They lived too close together for her to feel comfortable getting to know them. Knowing someone’s habit was fine until they could affect her indirectly.

“Hey Leo, the elevators stuck,” Percy said, “I’m in here with Annabeth, the girl next to me. Could you - Don’t call her tha - I mean, please? Pizza? Hurry.”

It was the weirdest conversation she had heard in a long time, and she wasn’t sure if she should be worried about the ‘don’t call her that’. Instead, she just curled her knees to her chest and pressed her face into them, wishing she could teleport.

“So,” Percy said in an offhand sort of voice. “Looks like we both had busy nights.”

Annabeth looked up at him in horror, wondering why he was mentioning the elephant in the room. This was the sort of elephant you hid behind a curtain and pretended didn’t exist.

She isn’t sure what to say, so - “I have a boyfriend.”

“I don’t,” he said, “I mean - I don’t have a girlfriend either. I have neither.”

She looked at him then, really looked at him. He definitely could pick up some girls in a club somewhere, she reflected, with those sea green eyes and a mess of black hair.

“Why are you telling me this?” she finally asked, resting her head back against the elevator door.

“Because maybe then you can take off those heels that look like they’re carving your feet off, now that we’ve addressed the obvious.”

“The obvious?”

“That we both got laid last night,” he said, grinning. “And are now doing the walk of shame.”

“You don’t do the walk of shame if you have a boyfriend,” she reminded him pridefully, and he snorted.

“You still walked.”

She’s never had a conversation with Percy Jackson that’s lasted longer than two minutes, and she’s decided that she isn’t sure if she likes him after all. Not that she really had an opinion of him before, but still.

She leaned forward and slid off her heels, her feet practically sighing in relief.

“What’s your boyfriend’s name?” Percy asked next, his hands tapping on his knee.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Why do you want to know, what a wonderful name. Rather long too.”

“Oh so you’re immature too,” she said, closing her eyes.

“Immature? You’re - you’re - too mature.”

“I am living on my own, of course I’m mature.”

“Well why isn’t Why Do You Want To Know living with you?”

She glared at him. “Why should I even dignify that with a response?”

“Because you want to be my friend.”

She snorted. “As if.”

“You do too!” he sat up. “I will have you know, I am a very fun person.”

“Oh really? And is the girl from last night going to think you’re a ‘fun’ person once she wakes up and realizes you’re gone?” when his face goes instantly guilty, she snorted, “Or did you stay for breakfast?”

“It was a one night stand,” he said, “but I suppose that you wouldn’t know anything about that, Miss Committed?”

“Are you usually this cranky?” she huffed.

He slumped, and then had the decency to look ashamed, “No. I think I may have lied earlier. I may be claustrophobic.”

She wasn’t sure what to do. She had never been great with emotions, so she just settled for a pat on his shoulder and leaned her head back against the elevator wall.

“Can I ask you a question Annabeth?” he asked a moment later.

“Sure,” she said, closing her eyes and pretending she was anywhere else.

“Why aren’t you friends with any of the people living here?”

She opened her eyes, and began to nervously trace the top of her knee with one finger. “Nobody talks to me.”

“You don’t talk to anyone,” Percy pointed out.

“I’m talking to you right now, aren’t I?”

“I’m going to crack you,” Percy decided, “I’m going to be your first neighbor friend.”

She looked over at him, and she frowned. “I don’t need a neighbor friend.”

“I refuse to be deterred by that. I am going to be your best neighbor friend.”

“Good luck with that,” she said, and was just about to suggest that they try to take a nap or something when the elevator started upwards with a great wheeze, like a dying moose. She decided that she would take the stairs in the future.

The doors slid open, revealing the hallway they both lived in, and that shower was an almost tangible thing - she could feel it. That was, until the boy with the head of curly hair and the excitedly bouncing hands stepped into the hallway, and then gasped.

“I fixed it as fast as I could - but what were you two doing in the elevator?” he gasped in horror, and Annabeth realized how it looked, her and Percy obviously wearing used clothes with -

“IT WAS NOT LIKE THAT!” she and Percy shouted in unison, and she ducked into her apartment as quickly as she possibly could, while Percy and (someone who she assumed was Leo) burst into an argument. She locked her door behind her, wondering why she hadn’t felt like she done the walk of shame before - but sure as hell felt like she had now.