trade your baseball cap for a crown by serendipityful

Chapters: 1/?
Words: 3907
Pairing:  Annabeth Chase/Percy Jackson

The first day of junior year seemed like an appropriate descent into hell. Forget standardized testing and her kleptomaniac best friend and the fact that she was volleyball co-captains with Clarisse of all people, Annabeth Chase’s long-lost mother just has to swoop in and oh so casually introduce herself as the Queen of Parthenos- making her a princess.Princess Diaries AU, multi-chapter work in progress

I was tagged by @erinandgabby a really long time ago to do this, and I just barely got around to it so thanks! I’m supposed to list my top five otp’s so here goes nothing!

In no particular order…






Can we all just take a moment to appreciate just how big of a fangirl Chiron actually is?

Annabeth Chase is breaking all the rules to sit next to Percy Jackson during breakfast?? What do you mean?? I’m not seeing anything??? My back is turned?? I am galloping away???

Will Solace produces a doctor’s note for Nico Di Angelo because no, he actually canNOT sit by himself because the scary ghosts and skeletons will appear???? That sounds believable??? Okay we’ll have Nico sit with the Apollo crowd but not just with any Apollo kid it has to be next to Will obviously because it is bad for his health and health is wealth????

Chiron gives zero cares about rules when it comes to the OTP. Pass it on.