#PSHnews Park Shin-hye sparkles with Christmas jewelry

Actress Park Shin-hye recently showed off her Swarovski Christmas-inspired jewelry collection in a photoshoot for fashion and entertainment magazine 1stLook.
Park took on an elegant and classy Christmas dinner-party concept, with her modern chic outfits and her gleaming jewelry and accessories.
In addition, Swarovski also released a set of photos of Park for their new collection.
Park sports the star-spangled collection against a black dress, further accentuating the gleaming jewelry.


Sexy Park Shin-hye’s Christmas

Park Shin-hye looks mature in the December issue of the magazine First Look.

Park Shin-hye looks excited as she waits for her beloved friends and family this Christmas. She wishes for a happy Christmas with her loved ones.

The actress threw ‘innocence’ aside and came out looking powerfully sexy with her red lipstick and make-up.


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[ENG TRANS] 2016.11.23 #ParkShinHye #박신혜 #朴信惠 @ssinz interview for #MagazineM via #매거진M @magazine_M123 # #Brother #Hyung 
Stylist Cha Joo-yeon, Jeon Sae-bom, Hair-designer Cha Sae-in, Choi Jong-hee (Jenny House Freemo), Make-up stylist Lee Han-na, Song Jin-ju (Jenny House Freemo), Cloth Sponsorship Sandro, Lucky Shuette, Shucomma, Bonny, Duahua, by Zoom, the Isaac, Collection, Vannessa Adde, Viker, Helena and Christine, Vrillive, Isabel Marang, Rachael Coks, Amju.

Park Shin-hye’s good-hearted energy that heals wounded hearts:

Do-young’s coach Soo-yeon has an ambiguous characteristic in the film ‘Older Brother’. She not only changes her position to Paralympic Coach team, but she also gives help both materially and morally for “Du-young who was once a rising star but didn’t shine.” Park Shin-hye (26) has strongly empowered the touching and 100% sincere-hearted pure words—“I have to let go of what I have before holding Du-young’s hands.” Good-hearted and strongly confident attitudes and appealing voice is Park Shin-hye’s trademark. When we look back in the past, she has appealed herself through Ye-seung as a lawyer in ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ (2013, Director Lee Hwan-gyeong) and Hye-jeong as a doctor in TV Drama Series ‘Doctors’ (2016, SBS). Park Shin-hye smiled and said, “While I was acting Soo-yeon as a helper, I’ve been thinking of those people who have supported me a lot.”

 -It’s been said that when you were reading the scenario for the first time, you had more empathy toward Du-yeong instead of Soo-yeon.

 “There are many similarities between athletes and actors. Actors often feel lonely or concerned about the future just like many athletes do. It’s grateful and happy during the competition or filming, but after that, it is true that we will be worried. I have been comforted a lot when I saw Du-young standing up after a flameout in the scenario. I was also happy to see Soo-yeon who was helping and comforting Du-young at such period of time. Also, I usually love to show kindness to the people around and see them happy. So, I often cook some food for my friends too. I wanted to put some of these pictures in the movie.”

 -There are not many scenes about Soo-yeon in the scenario. Must have thought of his past events.

“Kind and warm personalities, and more than that. While talking with Director Kwon Soo-gyeong, I learned about the background of Soo-yeon’s personality. Soo-yeon was also a failed rising star who quickly switched her position to a leader and became a national director in a young age. Soo-yeon and Du-young spent similar difficulties, and that’s why it’s been understood that Soo-yeon encouraged Du-young to continue. Didn’t wanted to be seen as a picture of Soo-yeon’s sacrifice of giving up her experience for Du-young being bizarre.”

 -Have you ever given up something important for someone?

“It’s would not fit perfectly, but I have a concern these days—conflicts between ‘Park Shin-hye as an actress’ and ‘Park Shin-hye as a human’. I had to participate in the 15th International Film Festival after being a voice actor of the animation ‘Dream of a Precious Day’ (2011, Directors Ahn Jae-hoon, Han Hye-jin). My grandfather passed away on the day but I could not participate in the funeral. I was really upset. It’s good to live an actress’s life but my personal life is equally important. It is always difficult to balance these two.”

 -You were looking good with uniforms and sweat suits.

“I have many friends who are athletes. Taekwondo, Table Tennis, and golf players. Nowadays, sportswomen were wearing those stylish uniforms. I wanted to reflect such pictures to add realities with the role. I changed by speaking style to be unaffected and curt, but when I watched the movie, I saw my voice tone leveling up in the emotional scenes. It’s a pity.”

 -The scenes where you argue with Du-sik was entertaining. It was new to see Park Shin-hye with comical character.

I have not intentionally acted comically under the guide of the director that “Soo-yeon acts a traditional drama”. But because Cho Jung-suk spoke out the lines so funny and I had to reply on an impulse, I suppose it resulted with such harmony. Cho Jung-suk is also very good with ad-libs. Sometimes, it was difficult to act during the filming because of laughter.”

 Going through Park Shin-hye’s filmography is like going through popular TV Dramas of the past ten years. She has debuted as a child role of Choi Ji-woo of ‘A Stair to Heaven’ (2003~2004, SBS) when she was 13 years old. Then she grew up as a popular actress who seized success filming ‘You’re Beautiful’ (2009, SBS) and ‘The Heirs’ (2013, SBS). Her image has changed from a young but ambitious lady to a forethoughtful and determined lady. Also, her image has been strengthened to the public through numerous acting experiences. Her image has been protruded in her acting depicted in the film ‘Pinocchio’ (2014~2015, SBS) as a passionate local news reporter and in ‘Doctors’ as a competent doctor.

 -You have strong image of goodness and uprightness. What do you think about that?

“Sometimes it’s burdensome. I suppose there are no one who is just nice to everyone. I show good wills if there are reason. I think it would be nice to use this effectively rather than showing off this image.”

 -You have spent your twenties as an actress. Do you want to expand your acting field in a specific direction?

“I would love to act in a film where there are strong social message and humanism such as ’26 Years’ (2012, Director Cho Geun-hyun) and ‘The Attorney’ (2013, Director Yang Woo-suk) which contains some messages that we have to meditate on. Political or historical scenarios are good too. Often, I felt like I have to ‘live harder’ while I was reading scenarios. I am attracted to such heart-touching films.”

-Do you watch movies often?

“I’ve not watching movies for a while because of my eyes and ears were tired, but if my physical condition helps, I watch movies quite often. I love movies that are calm and touching such as ‘Kamome Diner’ (2006, Director Ogigami Naoko) and ‘Like Father, Like Son’ (2013, Director Koreeda Hirokazu).”

-Park Shin-hye seems to be very health in daily lives.
“It’s not true. I am clumsy with insurances, installment savings, and bankings. I have a lot to learn (laughs). I want to learn those things that I had no chance to learn because of my early start of my career as an actress. I am interested with cooking so I want to get a cook license in Korean cuisine and bakings. Maintaining healthy life is largely supported by my friends from high school. I feel grateful toward them because they treat me as a person not as an actress. I value them a lot. Sometimes after reading a news article, they make jokes with me by saying, "it’s been said that there are stars in the eyes of Park Shin-hye, please show me too, where is it?” (laughs).“

-What was the impetus that allowed you to live as an actress for the past 13 years.
"When I was young, I had bigger thoughts about helping my parents by acting because my family condition was not abundant. I also really enjoyed going to the filming site and acting. After I turned 10 years old, I had difficulties to live as an actress. But at that time, I couldn’t even complain to my parents concerning that it may burden them on the other hand. I think I went through adolescence few years later. I found my self being so aggressive and sensitive for everything. Going through such stages in life, I understood that I have to show others my good side only. Now I want to live a happy life that I value and care others more than myself. So that I may show the public and the fans better side of myself.

 [Sources: Korea Joongang Daily] [Magazine M] Longing ‘Oh, My Brother!’ even after a bloody fight.


#PSHnews Park Shin-hye to establish the second Shin-hye Centre in Manila

Park Shin-hye will establish another Shin-hye Centre in Manila, Philippines after the first one in Ghana.

Fashion magazine Singles August issue revealed the heartwarming scenes captured in the Sampaloc region in Manila, where she shared the valuable time with the children in the region in Philippines last March this year.

Since Park Shin-hye started supporting a girl named Avanne in Ghana in 2011, whom she met through a charity, Park Shin-hye and her international fans formed a project called Starlight Project to support the children in the underprivileged locations globally. As part of the charity project, they constructed the first Shin-hye Centre in Ghana in December 2013.

The Shin-hye Centre in Ghana runs programs including library, playground and fundamental needs to support approximately 1000 children in Ghana.

As the second Shin-hye Centre was to be established in Manila, each employee of Park Shin-hye’s agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment was connected to the children in the Sampaloc region in Manila person to person.Park Shin-hye’s trip to Manila, Philippines in March was planned to meet the children and to visit the projected construction site of the center.

Park Shin-hye and the children finally met together and shared the great time coloring T-shirts using the material brought from Korea.

Park Shin-hye also invited about 150 children in the region to lunch. She herself served the children’s favorite food to each of them and also had a celebration event to start off the construction to build the center.


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[Doctors Special] Opening and Ending Narrative from each episode

Epidsode1 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Those who are destined to meet eventually do so.The person i have to meet is here. Death is not a surprise at this place. However, death should be surprising regardless of the location. The person i meet doesn’t get surprised by death.”

[ending] “Whether you become friends or foe, you never know how that person will become part of your life in the beginning.”

Epidsode2 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Living a reckless life is a way to abuse yourself. It’s worse than committing suicide. It’s like killing yourself slowly. Like all other kinds of abuse, you come to enjoy it.”

“I hope that person isn’t my homeroom teacher, but i’m pretty sure he is. Nothing in my life has gone the way i hope it would.”

“even though i’d like to live a reckless life, somewhere deep inside my heart, i ask myself how long i’m going to keep this life up.”

[ending] “i promised to live a different life. I thought it’d be easy after a single success. I had failed to realise that the situation i’m in was still the same.”

Epidsode3 : Hong Ji Hong

[opening] “The feeling associated with like and dislike are produced by the amygdaloid nucleus in the cerebrum. The Amygdaloid nucleus is also responsible for the fight-or-flight response and aggressive behaviour. 

Falling in love causes people to become simultaneously more combative.”

[ending] “Love-stricken insanity is proof of brain cell stimulation.The lack of insanity in love is abnormal. I tried to protect myself from the insanity called love. Hence, I paid the price.”

Epidsode4 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Success comes with a lot of perks. The way people view you changes. I found out after i succeeded. Success is meaningful only when you have someone to share it with. I lost the only family i had. I lost the desire to make another too. so i chose a car over a home.”

“Still, there are things you lose but you can never forget.”

[ending] “The unresolved past always finds you again, whether it’s love or hatred.”

Epidsode5 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Your body moves on reflex when you’re in danger in a way you learned and practised or you are used to. We learn the habits we need your body to know when we are young. Once your childhood passes, nothing can take its place.”

[ending] “People say that forgiveness is not for the person you’re forgiving but for yourself. It’s not right to give such an advice. Forgiveness is not as easy as you think.”

Epidsode6 : Hong Ji Hong

[opening] “You don’t know how dear something is to you until you lose it. I had no idea that the little things in life are what really mattered.

I lost her before my eyes without being able to do a thing. I detest anything that destroys my everyday life.”

[ending] “Life is worth living. I also have the chance to savor the little thing in life.”

Epidsode7 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Love between a man and a woman mean fighting until one person dies.

I don’t know how to love a man. I don’t know how to be loved as a woman.”

“I won’t kill myself because of the love of a man like my mother.”

[ending] “This is how things have always been. Love begat fear, and fear consumes me.”

Epidsode8 : Hong Ji Hong

[opening] “What i admire the most in a romantic relationship is the couple’s ability to express childish emotions. In a romantic relationship, being childish is healthy. Being childish and vulnerable is the best gift you can give to the other.

[ending] “the girl grabbed my hand before i did to her for the first time ever.”

Epidsode9 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “once you get revenge, the anger you had settled down. Revenge gives you the strength to calm down and move on. I won’t stop until i achieve my goal.”

“But i feel sleepy when i’m with this man.”

[ending] “When a doctor becomes a guardian of his loved one, he too is just a weak human.”

Epidsode10 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “True relationship can change people. The person i’m involved with can transform my life. That is why people can be both sources of hope and despair.”

[ending] “in the past, Prof.Hong made me want to become a good person. Being good person and being a good partner in a romantic relationship are two different things.”


[ENG TRAN] #Doctors Last Making Film cr.stroppyse (5/5) [메이킹] 뜨거웠던 여름의 끝자락에서 보내드리는 ‘닥터스’의 마지막 메이킹  http://tvcast.naver.com/v/1077233
JH and HJ kiss scene in the apartment.) (Again, preparing diligently ADLIB JI HONG k k k) (Oh Teacher~!!) onlooker: Why don’t those things happen? k k k (Our HYE JUNG, so that she’ll only walk on flower paths is why he did it~) (Director…why aren’t you saying cut…?) (supposed to be KRW’s thought bubble as he’s kissing PSH)

Director: Okay, start separating
Ji Hong: Oh, embarrassing. (Oh~ Embarrassed Ji Hong) (It’s the end of summer so WE OFFER FINAL GREETINGS) (To all the viewers who loved DOCTORS, we again offer our sincere thanks.) (For a long time we were in everyones’ hearts, we hope to remain as a WARM DRAMA…thank you!

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Lee Sin is the master of stealth insults
@jyheffect0622 in the Korean Drama “HEARTSTRINGS”
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