Alex Cave Memorial

Hello! My name is Mackenzie, I’m 15, from Maryland. I’m sad to say one of my close friends Alex just passed away. One of his favorite bands was panic! at the disco, his room was decorated with their album covers and music. On June 24th, I will be attending the concert in Virginia at Jiffy Lube Live. We’re trying everything we can to get at least one song dedicated to Alex. Please reblog this and try everything you can do on social media and among your own friends to help us get this song. It would mean the world and we’re eternally grateful. Thank you so much everyone. Do this for Alex. 

the signs as doab things

Aries: brendon being pelted by dodge balls in victorious
Taurus: the v&v vibe going on
Gemini: the AP shoot in brendon’s house
Cancer: “being blue is better than being over it”
Leo: brendon making high heels work
Virgo: impossible year
Libra: brendon being literally satan
Scorpio: “you’ve got two black eyes from loving too hard”
Sagittarius: brendon in the video for doab
Capricorn: “ryan ross has declined to be interviewed”
Aquarius: the album leak
Pisces: the guy in the chiffon skirt