Every ship...

…has a back story

…has dedicated followers and lovers

…has the people that create images and stories to bring it to life

…has failures

…has successes 

…has love

Why is it we always have to bash the other ships?

Why do we tear down someone who ships something we don’t like?

Why do we have to be at war?

If our ships have love, why can’t we?

Leave your hate out of the tags and messages. Respect people for the dedication they have to their ships no matter how much you disagree.

Sorry I’m just sick of seeing hate in all the shipping tags I go to, whether I ship it or not

Lonely Nights For A Small Dog Part 3

Lonely Nights For A Small Dog Part 3

                Kats stared at courage for what seemed liked forever now, he quickly snapped back to reality “excuse you dear boy what did you say?” Courage looking more depressed sighed, “I was hoping that you would be willing to” it took Kats quite a bit to process this new information from Courage. “…and by chance what can I gain from this deal?” Courage was already prepared for this and so he crossed his arms much like any business man (dog) would “well you get to kill me in any why you like and I get to have my death I think it seems fair”. Kats sat back in his chair thinking this over for several minutes tell he looked at Courage “Courage I have a deal for you if you’re willing?” Courage knew this was bad very bad it was exactly like making a deal with the devil but if it meant he would be with Muriel again he was willing to do just about anything. He let out a whine “fine what’s the deal?” Kats began to purr which is when he knew he had really messed up this time “well you see dear boy, what fun is there in just killing you right off the bat? I like to savor the kill of a prey maybe bat it around before landing the finally blow you could say”. Courage let out a pitiful whine as he shook not sure what exactly Kats was going for but he knew it was nothing good “so here is my proposition for you dear boy… you stay work for me for a full year and I can treat you however I please and you do as I tell you to and at the end of the year I’ll grant your wish …so do we have ourselves a deal?”. Courage was terrified he wasn’t ready for any type of torture he thought over it long enough for Kats to add “oh and if I get bored with you before the end of the year I will end you at any point I feel fit”. Courage had no other choice Kats would be the only villain he has gone against to show any type of mercy and Kats was scary enough, as he looked up at Kats out reached hand and terrifying grin he made a deal with the devil himself and shook the Kats hand “d-deal” Kats sat back in his chair purring “perfect now then dear boy…about that farm house of yours”.

End of Chapter 1 Part 3