Why SonAmy in Sonic X is my OTP

I’m in the shipping mood X3 So I’m gonna go on about what makes Sonic and Amy’s relationship in Sonic X so darn charming to me :>

Sure this pairing could be patchy consistency-wise throughout the series but when it was specifically focused on, I found it so incredible endearing and adorable :)

Immense yet well hidden affection for Amy is written all over Sonic in Sonic X. Written all over him. There are so many examples that prove this so well;

1. Saving her by jumping into the ocean at the Emerald Beach Resort in episode 9 even though he has complete inability to swim. Even though the shell bracelet Amy made for him was smashed to pieces including some of the string, it is quite obvious if you are paying particular attention that Sonic definately went above and beyond in repairing it, as it is seen on his wrist at the very end of the episode, with new shells and new string. It is clear as day that he regarded that present with a lot of value and sentiment and therefore went to great efforts in repairing it;

External image

The downside is that this bracelet is never seen again ;_;

2. Sonic seems to greatly appreciate the efforts Amy goes to when it came to the attempts in stopping his out-of-control motor functions in episode 24. They even share an ‘intimate’ moment at the beginning and end that Sonic only 'ruins’ (At the beginning) by toying with his ear. I don’t believe that he is trying to annoy Amy on purpose as he is oblivious to her reactions due to being a bit deaf (He does have a piece of a robot stuck in his ear afterall). At the end, he even allows her to blow hay out of his ear, which is just adorable :>

3. In the Japanese version not the dub of episode 29, it is very strongly implied that there is a deeper connection between the two as whilst Sonic is on the X-Tornado, he can actually hear and 'feel’ Amy’s distress whilst she is being held captive on the Egg Carrier. It’s a very brief moment and Sonic’s “Sixth Sense” is extremely interestingly hinted at again in episode 49 when he can “hear” Chris calling him even though they are very far apart.

4. In episode 45, Sonic is extremely hesitant to attack Amy when they are pitted against each other. Amy does not make the first move but then neither does he. And this is before Amy starts getting all mushy. Not once does Sonic make any kind of motion or portray any intent that indicates that he wants to attack her.

5. And the strongest ever evidence goes to; Episode 52. My god! This episode contains so much SonAmy that it’s almost unbelievable! The Natsu No Hi song by OFF COURSE is extremely revealing because the scene it plays in was made to the beat of the song as well as having scenes descriptive of the lyrics. Going by this aspect, the song is strongly implied to be sung from Sonic’s POV. Yes, Sonic’s POV. And it reveals so much. If the song wasn’t enough to cement it, then there’s the part where Amy insists that he tells her that he loves her. Cue Sonic giving her a light purple rose which have a long reputation as being symbolic of love at first sight and enchantment and his response being intentionally muted. There have been many suggestions as to what his lip flaps match but it is generally agreed to be “I love you Amy Rose” in Japanese. And I don’t think he said this just to satisfy her and cease her crying whilst having no true sincerity behind what he did because Sonic just doesn’t seem to be like that in that scene, the lyrics backing-up his feelings. Just watch it man!


6. In episode 65, Sonic looks clearly gobsmacked at the on-board party when presented with Amy in her new dress.

7. Amy succeeds in destroying Lovers Rock with her hammer, a rock which has a legend surrounding it; That if one can destroy the rock, they will have a loving relationship with the love of their life for the rest of their lives. Sonic immediately darts when Amy succeeds. Yeah she had a powerful weapon to demolish it with but then why did Sonic get so skittish?

8. In episode 75, Final Mova tries to regale Sonic into joining their side and asks why he continues to resist. Sonic’s answer kinda makes them pissed and they respond by forcing water through their branches in order to attack Sonic. Before Sonic gets taken, he shoves Amy out of the way, shouting that he doesn’t want them to hurt her and telling Amy to forgive him a second before he throws her off the branch to save her before Final Mova gobbles him up.

9. Amy’s attempts to save Sonic from the Aqurius water/planet egg planet just result in her being practically knocked out when she sinks into Aqurius. Sonic grabs her in both arms, looking clearly concerned until the planet eggs save both of them. They entwine hands before gazing into each others eyes either spellbound or in deep affection. Both manage to escape Aqurius, Amy in Sonic’s arms. Everyone else looks on happily.

10. Throughout the rest of episode 76 and some of episode 77, Sonic and Amy have clearly joined hands. He shows great concern for her when she falls to the ground when Dark Oak is sucking out everyone’s life;

External image

I interpret all of the above to be solid evidence that Sonic truly has the hots for Amy Rose in Sonic X but is just too skittish except in episode 52 and near the end of the series to actively show it. It’s such a delight to see and is what I base my love for SonAmy in Sonic X off of <3