Art challenge by @soupery:

I’d really, really, really like to do some more of these!

Just tell me a pairing with the pose (for example Daisuga - C4) per instant messenger (im still struggling with the ask box…) and hopefully I’ll draw ‘em!

What’s interesting about the scorpio/taurus pairing is they are both fixed, scorpio is more of the hypocrite of the zodiac; “you can’t do this, but I can. because I must be in control so I dont have to get my feelings hurt in the end.” Taurus, being the fixed and hard-headed bull it is, won’t stand for that. they won’t budge when scorpio tries to shift them or manipulate them in the scorpio-way that they can. Taurus can really put scorpio in it’s place…and help them plant their feet more firmly on the ground instead of hovering above it all the time.

Analysis: Chemistry

I already mentioned how important is the development of an emotional connection based on meaningful moments. But here I’m going to elaborate on something that’s a little bit deeper

We already know there are key moments that not only push the plot foward but also leave a deep mark on the characters while strengthening the relationship between them. But while a few uphold such as arguments, many others stick to what they call “sexual tension”. What do these people base such “tension” on? One word: “chemistry”

So I thought this would probably lead to a debate: a solid emotional development Vs. a seemingly superior chemistry

But what’s “chemistry”?

Personally I had an idea of what this concept was, until seeing the way how people applied the term made me doubt the meaning of this word in the context we work with. So I decided to do some research, and discovered that the whole concept cannot be fully applied to Shonen (male-oriented) stories. But by discarding what doesn’t fit in this kind of stories, we still find bits of this concept as authors sometimes want to add some depth to their characters and the way they connect with others

In the context of relationships, chemistry is related to mutual trust/faith; it’s a natural connection, “a bond, or common feeling between two people”. In fact, I found something interesting in this regard: “real chemistry between characters happens when they affect each other in big ways”.

We could also add that one of the most important factors for chemistry is the “emotional support”. A character might rely on another because they help to regulate their potential partner’s emotions. In this regard, the distressed person feels comfortable enough to express their anxiety and/or helplessness and their potential partner is capable of providing strenght and hope

It can be seen we’re coming back to same themes I highlighted in my previous analysis; the emotional impact of significant moments; consistent bonding based on a remarkable faith and trust on one another. And we can futher elaborate on this! As real chemistry “occurs when you bring two characters together and they change in some fundamental way as a result of their relationship”

Moreover “sexual tension”, in spite being a potential factor in chemistry, can be likened to elements of standard love stories where instead of solid development and compelling characterization, we only get two characters ending up together with little to no build-up in their relationship. No bonding, no real connection, we just get a half-baked “romance” because one was “indebted” to the other, or because “secret feelings” coming out of the blue, or beause one of them is a “real romantic” with potentially big sex drive; any cheap excuse!

However, even if we were to take such element seriously, we have to remember that “sexual chemistry is not enough to build a relationship on”

There’s also people who like to rely on something else that doesn’t fit what a compelling “chemistry” should be. A site that explains this concept clearly states the following: “it should never be shown or implied that a character owes the other a relationship because of favors done”. So neither emotional development or chemistry should rely on mere “debts” like certain fans always insist

Now the question is: is chemistry the competition of a strong consistent bonding? Not at all. Actual chemistry relies on a strong consistent bonding: mutual trust/faith, emotional build-up, the impact interactions leave on the characters, among other relevant factors.

I’m just going to say there are several reasons why I stick to LuNa and NaLu…

On one side we can see how the faith/trust Luffy puts in Nami canonically surpasses his trust in Zoro and Robin. Also there’s the fact their emotional bonding had constantly developed through the series by means of significant moments, the emotional impact such interactions leave. On the other side we have Lucy developing a deep affection along an emotional attachment for Natsu, it’s even lampshaped by the story and the characters; while Natsu himself also develops a strong emotional connection with her, which leads to pretty unique moments between them.

So I can say that their “chemistry” certainly fit in their respective stories, while sparing room for futher development and likeable interactions

Most of the One Piece arguments commented in response to this publication are dealt with in my previous analysis, which I recently updated and reblogged. Please read it before leaving another comment concerning the themes of consistent bonding and emotional development in One Piece

SaiIno Imagines [Pt. 1]

  • Sai waits for Ino to wake up in the morning and says, ‘Good morning, Miss Beautiful,’ the moment she opens her eyes.
  • Ino playfully tied Sai’s hair with a bright-colored ribbon and then laughed at the results.
  • Sai just melted after he heared Inojin’s first words.
  • Ino tried to teach Sai how to arrange flowers - or at least, how to help her arrange flowers. In the end, he gave up and said, “Why would I bother with these when the most beautiful flower I’ve ever seen is standing right in front of me?”
  • Ino was the first to say, “I like you.” It happened after their first date, around dusk, after Sai walked her home. Her cheeks were tinted with a light shade of pink, and her confession was concluded by a playful giggle. Upon hearing those words, Sai’s knees turned weak and he turned red from his face down to the neck.
  • On the other hand, Sai was the first to say “I love you.” Ino was tending to the flowers at the flower shop, when he suddenly entered, looking red-faced and flustered. When she asked him what was wrong, he replied that there was something urgent that he needed to tell her. Concern clouded Ino’s face as she asked him what it was. Clutching his chest in his hand, Sai spoke: “Ino, I’ve read something about this. You can make me laugh much easier than most people can, and when I’m with you, there’s this strange warmth that creeps into my belly. Even when you’re not around, I still feel you because I always catch myself thinking about you. It’s strange, Ino. I see so many people smile everyday but it doesn’t really affect me too much. When you smile, however, my heart starts racing. Ino, I think I’m in love with you. No, I do love you.”
  • After their first argument as a couple, Ino decided to sit by the window and just gaze at the people passing by for a few moments. A sigh escaped from her lips, when a bird drawn in heavy black ink perched on her window sill and chirped at her. She failed to suppress a smile from creeping on her lips. She spread the palm of her hand and allowed the bird to splatter into a neatly-written message that said: “I’m sorry, I love you.” And then, she felt a pair of arms wrapped around her waist.
  • Sai just broke into tears the moment the medic who assisted Ino through labor handed him their little bundle of joy. “It’s a boy, congratulations,” she said. It was a boy - a squirming little baby boy with skin as white as porcelain and hair of goldspun thread. “Your mother and I will love you so much,” he whispered before he allowed the newborn infant to wrap his tiny fingers around his father’s index finger.