I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 4

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Pairing: Joker x Reader

Words: 1,656

Warning: Smuuutt

vine credit: shut up ho (you gotta check this account out it’s amazing)

“So, Mister and Miss J,” Our new client says as he sits across from us, “Nice to finally meet you two famous criminals.”

J and I smirk with confidence. I play with my fingernails on my left hand, taking note that I need to repaint them later.

“Oh I’m sorry, Misses J.” Our client corrects himself after seeing my very sparkly ring.

“Miss J.” I correct, “It rolls off the tongue better.” I explain, using hand gestures to add emphasis.

I lean on the bar counter with puppy dog eyes. “Whiskey, please.” I adjust my all diamond necklace J and I stole the other night as I wait.

“I got it.” The client from earlier pulls out his wallet as he sits next to me. I turn to him with a judging look as I get my drink. He places a $5 bill on the counter for the bartender. “What? Don’t accept mannered men?” He flirts at me.

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  • <b><b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> Me:</b> *encounters a pairing*<p><b>Brain:</b> YOU HAVE TO SHIP IT<p><b>Me:</b> Wh-<p><b>Brain:</b> SHIP IT. JUST SHIP IT.<p><b></b> *1 week later*<p><b>Me:</b> This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. *proceeds to look at their pairing dedicated EVERYTHING*<p><p><p><p><p>

anonymous asked:

tell me about gryffindor boyfriends with slytherin girlfriends !

Alright! I already did a GryfindorxSlytherin post, so if you want more than this just scroll on down and find it :)

  • Gryffindor boys trying to do cute things with snakes for their girlfriends, but generally failing cause come on it’s a snake so “like do you want a snake scarf or something I just don’t know what to do ok sorry lions are better”
  • Slytherin girls with Gryffindor boyfriends complaining to each other about how reckless they are like “he didn’t even check to see if the broom was enchanted or just a normal broom he just jumped. I swear to Salazar he has negative brain cells.”
  • Gryffindor boys bringing all their extra blankets down to the Slytherin dormitory on chilly nights, knowing their girlfriends have to be cold down in the dungeons. 
  • Slytherin girls fussing over their boyfriends constant state of clothing malfunction, straightening their ties and attempting to smooth down hair without even realizing what they are doing
  • Arguments about quidditch. All. The. Time.
  • Slytherin girls always seeming to make the first moves, cause Gryffindor guys are actually usually pretty intimidated tbh
  • Gryffindor blokes swimming to the bottom of the lake with a bubble head charm to try to wave at their girlfriends, receiving no less than three weeks worth of detention when caught
  • Gryffindor guys turning green at the thought of meeting her parents
  • Slytherin girls becoming automatic best friends with their Gryffindor boyfriend’s adorable little siblings, doting on them and giving them gifts and things
  • Let’s hope and pray they never break up. They are too strong and proud to take it well and their screaming match would be the talk of the school for a week
  • But if they last you better believe they will have the greatest adventures and the best stories


Imagine: Until Dawn, just that you can really change the game through the relationships between the characters. You decide who likes who, who hates who, which relationship is fake and what are the ending pairings of the game. Example: Saw blade scenario. If you choose Ashley (and later decide to sacrifice Chris for her) you get the kiss. But if you choose Josh and their relationship status get really high later on he confesses to Chris. (So, everyone gets what they want.)

You can make Sam say she’s asexual or let her make more hints on JoshxSam, you can break MattxEmily and get MattxJess together, you can make Mike having secretly heart-eyes for Sam. You decide if Em really likes Matt or kinda can’t forget Mike. You can get Emily and Jess as best friends (or more). MikexAsh, ChrisxMike, no one x no one aaand so on.

(Haha, I know it’s a Horror Game and my idea doesn’t fit plus is really difficult to realise but, ugh. I’m just way too much into these characters. Also, I need more canon interaction. Which I will never get. Yay.)