On Writing, Looking for Alaska Turning 10, and Winning the Project for Awesome

In which John discusses writing, the 10th anniversary of first novel Looking for Alaska, and the charities chosen by nerdfighteria to receive grants from the 2014 Project for Awesome.

I got to be present when @hankgreen & @johngreenwritesbooks’s #p4a surpassed ONE MILLION dollars in donations! To celebrate John let his wife Sarah put makeup on him (with much enjoyment), I dressed myself like a Christmas Tree and Hank became a toilet paper mummy and danced with lipstick on. When I was younger I thought I wanted to grow up and be in the swim with the dolphins program. **gently face palms younger me’s forehead and slowly pushes it 2 to 3 feet away**
If I had only known that this was an adult option. http://www.projectforawesome.com GO DONATE!


tumblingdoe getting snuggly with Lollipop, Kemosabe stealing the show (I literally have 5 pictures just of him (or her! or them!), animalwondersmontana with the conure and snarkyfern being SO great and Reed being a goofball (and so inspired!) and valerie2776 being awesome and making sure this all goes so smoothly!


Go support P4A, folks, and help decrease world suck. :D

“The execution queen, hm…? Not an honorable nickname by most perspectives, but it’s not all bad. I will strike down all that stand in my way!


And Mitsuru is done! I figured it was about time I did some fan art for Mitsuru that wasn’t just a sketch.

This is what 1,900 P4A TFIOS books (and 5 volunteers) looks like! Thanks so much to Cheyanne, Glenn, Jordan, Joe, Katy, Nora, and Becky for helping get all these packed and sent out today. If you ordered an unsigned copy of TFIOS, it will very soon be on its way to you.


Here’s my Project For Awesome video!

A Perk Update

Just wanted to share a quick perk update with those of you who may still be waiting on your goodies to arrive. We’ve sent most things out, so here’s a list of what has NOT been shipped yet.

  • Dan and Phil Childhood Photos - We are waiting to receive these back from D&P. As soon as we have them in hand, they’ll be sent out!
  • Signed TFIOS Cloud Cutouts - These are weird and big sizes so we have to pack them up by hand. It’s a process. We are working on it and they should be in the mail in the next month or so.
  • Signed Minute Physics Drawings - Henry has them! As soon as he signs them all, they’ll be going in the mail.
  • Sarah Urist Green Art - Sarah’s working on making these. We’ll send as soon as they’re done!
  • Paper Towns Maps - Will be sent out as soon as we receive them signed.
  • Paper Towns Signed By the Cast - Ditto.
  • SourceFed Nerd Sign - Will be in the mail this week.
  • Nerdfighter Art - We’re working on sorting, weighing, and packaging all of this. Hopefully we’ll send them this month.
  • Pressed Nerdfighter Pennies - We’re mailing these as we press them. SO MANY PENNIES! You may have received yours, you may not have. We’ll continue to send them out as we get ‘em smashed.
  • Signed P4A TFIOS edition - We were going to have John fly out to the warehouse in Montana to sign these, but his schedule has been so tight that he hasn’t been able to do that. So we are going to mail them all to Indianapolis, where they’ll be signed, packed, and shipped. They will be headed there this week.
  • Hank Movie Commentary - Hank and Katherine will record this soon!
  • Hank Green Album of Covers - Hank is working on learning all the songs chosen for him and will record them after he does that. And then we’ll send it out!
  • Nerdfighter Songs Albums - The first of these (Hank Covers) will be emailed out to donors this week or next, and the others will follow soon after.

If you have an issue with a perk, haven’t received a perk that has already been shipped, or have any other questions, you can email info@projectforawesome.com and we will help ya out. Thanks & DFTBA!

- Valerie & the P4A Team



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