“The execution queen, hm…? Not an honorable nickname by most perspectives, but it’s not all bad. I will strike down all that stand in my way!


And Mitsuru is done! I figured it was about time I did some fan art for Mitsuru that wasn’t just a sketch.

Calling all Nerdfighter artists!

The Nerdfighter Art perk is going to be a thing again!

This year, the Project for Awesome will be taking place December 11-12.

We, as always, will be raising money to give to charities. However, some people have more time and talent to give than money (you know who you are) so we’d like to recruit you to provide creations for reward tiers in our Indiegogo campaign. You create the artwork and it will be and sent to a fellow nerdfighter who claims the perk!

  • Ideally, you will be making 15+ items and you will be shipping them to Missoula, Montana to be distributed to the people who claimed the Nerdfighter Art Perk!
  • We’re looking for small, easily shipped items. This can include jewelry, knitwear, small plushies, small drawings and paintings, digital art prints, etc. Nothing super-big or super-fragile.
  • The pieces of art do not need to be nerdfighter-themed but it is highly encouraged!
  • The estimated worth of the art should be about $25-30 because the perk will be sold for $40. That’s not a strict amount, just keep it in mind when making your proposals!
  • If you’re interested, please email nerdfighterart@gmail.com by November 4th with an example of what you have/will be creating and what quantity. A picture of it for us to see would be extra helpful when sorting through everyone’s submissions!
  • We will let you know if it’s reasonable and provide additional information as soon as we can after that, giving you about a month to create your pieces. (We’d like them to go in the mail no later than November 20th).

We’re very excited to see the awesome things y’all create!