Kuroshitsuji vol.23

Things I’ve noticed:

Some errors have been fixed! =D

  • “THE TIMS” → “THE TIMES” (ch113)
  • Greenhill’s right arm (ch112)
  • a parody I didn’t notice until some Japanese fans pointed it out on twitter

Edward’s line 「世界一可愛いぞ (”You’re the cutest in the world”)」 is an allusion to Yukari Tamura (Lizzy’s voice actress in the anime). It’s the famous call & response phrase between Tamura and her fans during her live concerts ^^;

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The Student Becomes the Master

I don’t know about anybody else, but there was something greatly cathartic about the former fags of the S4 suddenly revealing themselves before their old mentors. It also adds a new layer of depth and conflict to the unfolding plot of this arc.

The S4′s songs so far have featured a line about ‘forgetting’ unpleasant things and being cleansed or renewed. Now their former proteges are here in front of their eyes, it is clear that Edward and company will not allow them to do any such thing, even if it were possible. 

The fact that the S4 clearly recognise the young men is telling. They have never truly forgotten either them or their past sins. The fact that Greenhill and Violet went as far as to invite Edward and Cheslock tells us that those two, of the S4, felt the weight of their sin more keenly.

The S4′s talk of forgetting has clearly failed, and will become increasingly difficult to do from now on. The Funtom Five all have bones to pick with their former mentors, emotions and problems left unresolved in the Weston Arc, emotions and problems the S4 foolishly thought they could leave and bury at Weston and start anew.

With the past coming back to haunt them, the S4 will realise that this was always a pipe dream. Ironically, the S4′s reactions are reminiscent of one who has just seen a ghost - several, in fact.

No longer are the former Weston fags in any way subservient to their former mentors. They willfully and brazenly upstage them in front of a huge crowd, and are not afraid of talking down to them.

I can’t be sure, but it seems either Edward or Cheslock called out here.

Edward (or Cheslock) would never have spoken or behaved this way towards the people he respected when they were fags. It can be presumed that all five have lost much or all of the respect they once held for the S4, holding them instead in contempt and dislike.

The tables have now turned on the S4. They were just getting used to being the apples of everyone’s eye, adored, respected, for their standing and talents, just as they had been at Weston. They had almost managed to carve out their old life in a new setting, forsaking the past as a bad dream.

Not any more.

No less than the people whom they had once freely commanded and semi-raised to be their unquestioning, unthinking heirs are now dragging them down from the lofty paradise they were occupying, the happy delusion, and exposing them for the frauds they are.

The tables have turned, the students are knocking their masters off their thrones, and showing them the reality of just how much has changed, and how much they have fucked up once again.

The Funtom Five will get their closure, good or bad, no matter what. The S4 can hide no longer.

The students have become the masters.

I look forward eagerly to see what the Funtom Five and the S4 does next, and how they handle all of this.