Things I look for in a man

That he will be a gentleman

That he will be handsome

That he will know how I feel without me telling him

That he will make me feel sexy

and beautiful…

That he will be a good listener

and will know how to comfort me

That he will believe in me

and will make me believe in myself

That he will accompanied me when I’m alone 

so that he can take care of me there

and that he will take care also of my love ones

That he will tolerate me when I’m wrong

and mad…

That he will be patient with me

and respects the time I need to process things

That he will give me a good advice

even when I refuse to hear it…

That he will be kind and sweet with me

and flirt with me occasionally…

That he will love me deeply

And above all that he will make me love him back and feel alive when I’m around him

*I wrote this post because I’m getting tired of people thinking that those who ship CS are doing it because of Hook’s pretty face and the fact that he’s a bad boy. What I wrote above is what I believe Hook is, and what I wish for myself one day.

Us who ship CS do it because we believe that Emma Swan deserves to be treated like the princess that she is and have the perfect man for her next to her. 

From the bottom of my heart I wish all of you to be treated and loved in the same way!