I’ve been working on this for several days now and can’t really see it anymore (it’s like saying a word until it loses its meaning). Soooo, out of the nest it goes *boot* Not sure where this current trend of black/near-black backgrounds with bits of glowy pure color is coming from. Ah well, hope y’all enjoy.

“Wearing His Shirt” - Digital Oil Painting

For Gold, there was no greater turn-on than to see Belle wearing his clothes. “You’re wearing my shirt,” he said, dumbly pointing out the obvious. “That I am,” she said, slyly running her fingers along the inside of the button row, grazing the outside of her bra, clearly visible through the gap in the shirt. “What are you going to do about it?” And with that softly issued challenge, he was back. He grinned, revealing a flash of his gold tooth. “I’m going to get it back.”

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


OUAT ♛ Trailer Season 5


CS + Succumb

Dedicated to the wonderful clearfairywings

I’ve been asked to take this word in regards to Emma and I chose to show in this gifset the path she talk in order to succumb to this love.

Like every process with Emma it was little by little, one step at a time. First she let herself show her physical attraction by kissing him, then she got to admit to herself that she cares, enjoy herself with him. Next, she chose to really give it a chance and start dating him. 

Up until that moment it was all clear that she was processing, but what I love about it is that now after season 4 ended, we now know that episode 4x04 wasn’t near the end of Emma truly succumbing to her feelings. First of all in 4A there was still the issue of her trying to deny that she looks at him with yearning eyes. But in 4B we saw Emma not caring any more how she might look around him or that other people will see her vulnerable near him. 

And there was also the issue of the ILY, which we really didn’t know was an issue to Emma until the season finale. It was yet another obstacle in her mind that she overcame. 

I think I already said it before in one of my metas, the last scene in which Emma say ILY was the conclusion of a long process that she took that ended at that instant. It was the perfect closure for all that we have seen from her since she met Hook and the journey to succumb her feelings. It was the poetic yet tragic moment in which right at same time that she had overcame all the fears and obstacles, she had to say goodbye not only to him but to all she has turned herself into, a person driven only by love and light. 

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