Christmas At The Noga Household
  • Auntie: *Blabbers on about the success her daughter and her boyfriend have been having in their relationship*
  • Auntie: So has Julia got someone special in her life?
  • Me: Actually n-
  • Auntie: Oh? And what's his name?
  • Me: I don't ha-
  • Mum: PETER!
  • Me: .... Yeah, not to brag but Peter always visits me everyday to tell me that I'm beautiful.
  • Auntie: He does, does he?
  • Me: Yep, but then his best friend Felix always comes by and takes him away.
  • Auntie: Felix you say?
  • Mum: Ok, that's enough about Pe-
  • Me: Oh yeah, they're like brothers! Nothing could ever come between their... Love.
  • Auntie: ....Once Upon A Time?
  • Me: *Whispers in between feels* Once Upon A Time.
Black As The Devil, Hot As Hell...

(a sequel to Rotten) - this is a story about coffee, hence the title…

(also on ff.net)

Only a few days had gone by since the last crisis – the curse of Shattered Sight – had been resolved, and things were turning back to normal only very slowly. Belle was working with quiet grimness on finding a solution to free the trapped wizards from the sorcerer’s hat, including her perfidious husband, but there was an incredible amount of ancient books for her to study before she could even come near it. Surprisingly enough, Regina was trying to help her, too.

Elsa, Anna and Kristoff had to find a way to go back to their land, Arendelle, which meant they needed a portal; as the situation there was a little risky, they were starting to get a little anxious about it. Emma hated to see her newly found friend Elsa go, but she knew how it was to be away from home, and so she did her best – feeling a little obliged by her burden as the Savior – to help with that, too. It was a little tricky, though, when the wizard with the vastest knowledge of magic – the Dark One – was temporarily unavailable.

But tonight, nothing of all this was weighing on Emma’s mind. Tonight, she had freed herself from everything that normally prevented her from leading a normal life, she wasn’t – and didn’t want to be – the Savior tonight. Because tonight was date night.

She hadn’t stood on ceremony and asked Hook out on a second date the day after she’d sealed and restored his heart. The pirate seemed a bit dumbfounded and overwhelmed after the whole experience and obviously way too much in awe – about the fact that he was still alive and that Emma had told him outright that she loved him – to ask her out, so she had jumped on the occasion, but told him to arrange the details.

When they entered the restaurant – it was the same as on their first date not so much time ago – Emma felt only a very little déjà-vu; although she was wearing a similar dress, ponytail and heels, although they were seated at the same table, this time it was different. There wasn’t that slight, careful awkwardness between them that usually was typical for a first date, even of an untypical couple like them. Hook didn’t have his both hands this time, but that didn’t keep him from deftly pulling out her chair for her and, while he was pushing it closer to the table again when she’d sat down, brushing his lips briefly against her temple. Emma felt the light touch tingle all the way down to her toes.

“I hope you don’t mind we’re at the same place again,” he started, displaying only a little nervousness.

“Not at all,” she replied quickly, “the place is nice, the food delicious, and the company…” – she paused for a moment to give him one of those minute flirty smile she was just getting used to – “…entertaining.”

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