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Suwa/Naho or Naho/Kakeru?

okay don’t get me wrong i LOVE suwa. like I LOVE THAT KID, he’s probably the sweetest, loveliest character in the existence of shoujo manga. but my heart really goes out to kakeru/naho.

and LET ME EXPLAIN. i just reread orange the other day and was reminded of how much i loved them together. kakeru and naho have this energy that is very fragile but also very healing for both of them as people.

kakeru, before even getting to know naho, noticed how she constantly put others before herself. he admires that about her, but he also voices that sometimes, she has to speak up for herself. otherwise, she can truly miss out on what she wants in life. he inspires her to speak her mind both with his words and with her own desire to connect to him. he pushes her as a person both directly and indirectly and i Love it lol.

as for naho –> kakeru, this is more obvious of course because it’s her intentions to help him. but the thing is, it’s not out of pity or her desire to be loyal to her future self. it’s because she actually, truly has feelings for him. she starts liking him by accident, the day he helps her after she hurts herself during the softball match. they’re organic feelings she hasn’t held for anyone before and those feelings are part of what allow her to reach out to kakeru. kakeru is all walls and naho wants to break them, for him, and also a bit for herself. she’s becoming both selfless and selfish through her relationship with kakeru and it’s fascinating. on top of that, her honesty is something that truly is healing for someone as lost as kakeru. it’s such a lovely story after all ;_;

i’m not saying i’d be upset with suwa/naho in the end ! in fact, i think they are a beautiful pairing ! but this is just the sort of place the manga’s taken me to, up until now..heheh. so so bittersweet.