pearlblueisthehue  asked:

prompt request: What about an Onkey smut where Key is vocal whereas Jinki is not? Key loves the sound of Jinki's voice so he encourages Jinki to speak and moan during sex

Haha I’ve been lacking smut inspiration lately so I hope you don’t mind something a bit shorter. I’ll try. c:
A bit obvious but this is NC-17.

Kibum’s bed is a mess. He loves nothing more than this, seeing Jinki touched-out and red-faced, his hair damp and mussed, all for Kibum’s hands and tongue. His eyes flutter shut every time Kibum gives him a little something, and his teeth have chewed his lip raw. His legs are nearly trembling and the splotchy flush has spread to his chest, brightening him from the inside out, but it’s not enough.

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