every time i want to buy shit on amazon

99 out of a 100 amazon reviews for a thing: this thing helped me so much. great quality AND quantity!! it worked immediately within 1 day and i havent been using anything ever since! its better than every other brand. its a miracle product :-) i love this thing. 5 stars

1 (one) single amazon review for this thing: WHATEVER YOU DO DONT BUY THIS!!!!!! this thing was a TOTAL ripoff i hate it!!! I TRIED APPLYING IT AND IT LEFT BRIGHT RED MARKS ALL OVER MY FACE!!!!! IT ALSO MADE ME SUFFER FROM HAIR LOSS AND GAVE ME A RASH AND ALSO MADE ME LOSE THE ABILITY TO SMELL FROM MY RIGHT NOSTRIL!!!! 1 star because at least it smelled like lavender

my indecisive easily influenced ass