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HI! I'm going to NYC for the time ever and I'm trying to make sure I do some cool stuff and just tourist shit! Any recommendations of what to see/where to go?

hi! here are some touristy things mixed in with not touristy things:

  • walk the highline
  • all the food in chelsea market and eataly
  • top of the rock/rock center
  • see and off broadway play because they’re cheaper and more fun
  • see a show at the comedy cellar
  • bodies exhibit (it’s gross but fascinating)
  • the morgan library
  • depending on if you’re coming in the summer - smorgasburg!!!
  • def go to the restaurant crispo and get the carbonara because it’s the best you’ll ever taste like i’m not kidding go to it (and sit in the back garden room because it’s lovely)
  • walk around soho

there’s a million other things to do (and most of these recs are food because i’m trash)

anyway, have fun!!! i hope you enjoy your stay!

for M, We say: Not Today.

I am @les-anderson, and I am a lesbian analog photographer with digital background.

I have rapid cycling type 1 Bipolar Disorder with mixed manic and psychotic features. Taking medicine, while a conscious choice, is by far the hardest choice I have ever had to make. People who have never had to take pills have no idea what you sacrifice to get well. My plea to you as a society: if you know someone who is suffering from a mental disorder of any kind, love us, support us, and take care of us because we are doing so much to even function as humans and we deserve so much more than we are currently getting.


Got deleted so here it is again!!! Zero nudity… ZERO see you all at @sapphirenewyork tomorrow night!!! Please tag and share this video to rub it in my haters face! 🖕🏼#fuckyou #itsaonepieceswimsuit #NYC #sexysaturday #sapphirenewyork #allwhiteeverything #repost

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