An Open Letter to Pledis

Hi ☺

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I mean Nu'est fans haven’t really heard from you at all since last March. And it’s cool. You were obviously busy doing other things and Nu'est have been loved and cherished by Sony/Ariola in a way that you just don’t seem to have the ability to. And again, I understand. Because you are a small company with a lot of people to look after and very little resource. So I’m not judging you in any way.

It’s just that, well, Nu'est come back in Korea next week. And whilst we all really appreciate those three teaser pictures, it’s really not enough. And don’t get me wrong, I fully understand your financial situation. I know what you had to do to keep going. I know exactly how much of Nu'est Sony/Ariola actually own. But the thing is, you will have taken lots of pictures for the booklet anyway. So posting some individual teasers, maybe making a video or two for youtube, even setting up a Nu'est Korea Instagram would really help to build up on what you’ve already given us.

We all know that you have limited funds and people power. But you aren’t alone. We want to promote Nu'est too, we really do. I’ve been here since the start and I’ve stuck with them through good times and bad times. I followed everything they did in Japan too. And I’m not the only one. There are lots of us in the same position - all willing and fully able to help.

But here is the thing - we can’t help if you don’t allow us to. We can only post the same pictures so much before they stop having an impact. We need materials to promote them. Yet here we are, seven days away, and the last time anything was posted by you was four days ago. We know this is gonna be hard for Nu'est because they’ve been away for so long. We aren’t naïve, we aren’t stupid. So please, for the sake of Nu'est and their chance at success, post stuff, keep us updated, let us in!

We have seven days to do this Pledis. If you really do care about Nu'est’s success, help us to help you and start posting teasers and videos so that we can repost them and comment on them. Help us to promote them and show Nu'est that we want them to suceed as much as they do. Now is not the time for silence, it’s the time to shout from the rooftops! So give us the what we need to make a lot of noise!!!

We can do this Pledis - but only if you start the ball rolling.

With ㄴㅇㅅㅌ

Londongirlno1 ♡

[TRANS] Pledis‘ Plans for 2016

Pledis’ first hitter is Nu’est, who will come back to Korea after a long while away. Pledis will start 2016 busily with Nu’est’s promotions. 2015’s hot rookie Seventeen will make a comeback in the first half of the year and has plans to promote more than twice throughout the year. For the time being, Seventeen’s member Woozi will be in charge of production. Orange Caramel also has plans to come back this year. There will be solo, acting and variety shows on After School’s members’ personal schedules, but a full After School comeback is still undecided.

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Translated by me, Emma Lou, at @kkot-mi-nam~ Do ask for permission if you’re going to use my translation in any way.

My knowledge on boybands I don't stan

I saw someone else do this and I thought, why not?

Got7: Jackson is a ninja, He gotta be be using shadow clone no jitsu, he’s freaking everywhere.

Seventeen: Woozi is a smol child. Vernon looks like Leonardo Dicaprio. The long haired one has nicer hair then me. Slip into the Diamond life.

B.A.P: They were gone but now they’re back. Smol maknae is now huge.

Super Junior: All pretty hella gay and dress up from frozen a lot???

Ikon: More like Bobby, B.I and the boys. One of them kinda looks like Tablo. All awkward babies.

JYJ: The original reason why SM started being called “Slave Management”

BtoB: Really loud. Was on ANTM.

BTS: The biggest Bigbang fanboys ever. They die in their music videos? Or they don’t? Nobody knows.

TVXQ!: … There’s two of them?


Infinite: Have more reality shows then they do members. 

Nu’est: Ren is prettier than every girl, ever.

Block B: Zico’s solo a lot. When will the other members come back from war?


NU’EST Reveals Teaser Pics for Comeback Mini-album ‘Q is’, to be Release 17 Feb

After a long wait, NU’EST finally dropped their long-awaited teaser for upcoming Korean comeback. After teasing for a few months, this has been the first official shot released. The comeback mini-album has also been revealed as ‘Q is’, and is slated for release on 17 Feb.

In the teaser photos, the members shine in complete white outfits against pastel shades of pink and blue, and what immediately caught the attention of LOVEs were Minhyun’s striking blonde hair (the first since debut), and Ren’s amazing extensions. We’re also loving Aron’s chic cut and signature jawline, JR’s new ash-grey blond streaks; lead vocal Baekho is also spotting what seemed like a ashy-bluish highlights.

The the mini-album ‘Q is’ marks NU’EST’s return to the Korean music scene after 18 months, and will have all members actively participating in the production and song creation. The boys have been active in their overseas tours as well as Japanese schedules the whole of 2015, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store. 

What do you think of their new looks, and concept? Yay or nah, let us know!

Stay tuned as we bring to you more updates of the comeback!

Source: official twitter ; facebook

List of NU’EST + Seventeen (NU’SVT) Interactions at the 2016 ISACs

So I know my blog is about Baekho x Woozi but I wanted to come up with a handy dandy list of things that happened at ISAC for future archiving purposes. I will update the list when I find out more :)

(Disclaimer: These are all things I collected from fanaccounts on Twitter, and so some might not be true. I tried to supplement with video/photo evidence if I could. The Twitter users I got this info from are cited below.)

• Baekho “back-hugs” Woozi, and sticks a sticker on Woozi’s back and Woozi did not realize

• Ren plays with Jeonghan’s hair

• Wonwoo gets a massage from Ren

• Aron gets a massage from Woozi

• Woozi get a massage from Ren

• Woozi sits between Aron’s legs

• Aron backhugs Woozi

• Aron put his hand on Wonwoo’s chest to feel his heartbeat 

• Aron, Minhyun, JR played a game with Joshua, S.Coups, Mingyu (x)

• Baekho waves Woozi’s arms (x)

• Baekho hugs Hoshi

• Minhyun hugs Joshua

• Minhyun and Vernon converse

• Wonwoo backhugs Aron

• All of Seventeen ran up to Baekho when he won (except Wonwoo)

• When Aron won, Woozi stood up

• Woozi backhugged Aron

• Minhyun + Woozi interaction

• Fanaccount: “Woozi and Aron are like father and son”

• Aron slept beside Woozi like a baby

• Seungkwan and Ren played around together + hugged

• Aron complained that his shoulders were aching, Woozi offered to give him a massage

• Woozi and Baekho took a selca together and laughed at the picture

• Ren and Baekho danced to Adore U with Junghan (x)

• Joshua and Ren conversed (x)

• SVT and NU’EST cheered together when Baekho won (x)

• Woozi and Ren played around (x)

• Seungkwan and Hoshi danced to Action with Ren

• Ren Twitter Update: “Thank you to all fans who came today and thank you to Seventeen’s fans as well!! To give us strength until end, thank you, it was very touched! The weather is very cold!! Take care to catch a cold and return to home safely!“

Other Pictures/Videos:

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