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“That lady gave us one bed.” Naruto complained as he came out of the shower, shirtless and with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. Sasuke gave his boyfriend a look from where he sat on the bed, already showered.

“We’re dating.” Sasuke commented dryly, setting his book down on his lap. Naruto huffed at Sasuke, as if the boy were missing a key point.

“She didn’t know that!” Sasuke rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t keep a smirk from his face. Trust Naruto to find the silliest thing to take issue with. The hotel clerk would have had to have been blind to not think he and Naruto were together. Sasuke returned to reading, vaguely listening to Naruto as the blond chattered on. Multitasking was a habit Sasuke was quite good at now, considering that whatever he was doing he also had to keep either an eye or an ear out for Naruto. Or sometimes, both.

Outside, angry dark clouds rolled in the sky, swollen with rain. In the middle of one of Naruto’s sentences, a streak of lightning flashed outside. A booming crack of thunder resounded shortly after. Both boys stopped their respective tasks, Naruto turned to look over his shoulder at Sasuke, who was staring out of the window with unmasked surprise. It had startled him, but the rumbling in the distance and the darkening of the sky was starting to make unease settle into Sasuke’s chest. Sasuke hated storms—ever since he was little, he had disliked the loud noise, the dark, unhappy sky. There had been a few things that led to the mild dislike to grow into a fear. The way his family poorly handled things like this, the way it stormed and it reminded Sasuke of late nights alone, the way it had rained on the night of—

Sasuke started when a hand rested on his arm, pulling him out of his own head. Turning his gaze from the window, Sasuke faced Naruto’s concerned expression, and the Uchiha realized the blond was trying to talk to him. “Sasuke, snap out of it!”

Sasuke blinked, both confused and with an annoyed retort brimming on his lips, but the thunder outside drowned out his voice. Sasuke winced and he noticed, even as he glanced towards the window again, that Naruto did, too. Frustrated, Sasuke pulled his arm away from Naruto and crossed them both over his chest. 

“Weren’t you busy, dobe?” Sasuke asked, his teeth grit together and brows knitted in a scowl. He sounded harsh, even to himself, but it was the only way he could be certain his voice wouldn’t shake on him. Naruto rolled his eyes—trust Sasuke to still be snappy, even when he was afraid. 

“Shut up,” Naruto muttered, physically pushing Sasuke over so that he could sit beside the dark haired boy. Sasuke made a noise of protest that was soon silenced by Naruto slipping his arms around his boyfriend’s waist. “I’ll never be too busy for you.” He rested his chin atop Sasuke’s head and pulled the stubborn boy closer, as if he could shield him from the noise, from the memories, from everything. 

Sasuke scoffed something under his breath, but he let himself be hugged. Naruto was the only person who could tell when something was amiss with Sasuke, he was the only person who knew him well enough. He never mocked Sasuke’s insecurities, either. He could poke innocent fun at certain things, occasionally, but never anything serious. Sasuke exhaled and closed his eyes, leaning his head against Naruto’s chest. The beat of Naruto’s heart thudded in a steady rhythm, one, two, three… Sasuke counted them, latching onto each number as a reminder that time was moving forward. The storm was not forever, bad things were not forever…

Bad things were not forever.


Reasons why I love SNS

- Orochimaru specifically said it is Naruto who can help Sasuke with his loneliness

- Itachi said Naruto was the only one who is able to change Sasuke

- He had a fucking panic attack at the thought that Sasuke could be killed

- Naruto realeased Kurama’s power for the First time, because he thought Sasuke was dead

- Naruto grabbed his chest and whispered his name when he saw a shooting star

- Sasuke called him his one and only

- Naruto brushed off their team photo and said, “Sasuke, I’m home” after he left the village for three years to become stronger, so that he can rescue Sasuke

- Naruto spend five hours straight thinking of Sasuke, after a girl confessed her feelings for him and risked her life for him - on the same day

- Sakura, who was in love with Sasuke, tried to kill him, while Naruto did not. No, he said he would shoulder Sasuke’s hatred and die with him so he’d never be alone again, he let himself get beaten up to protect Sasuke, he begged the Raikage to spare Sasuke’s life etc.

- Naruto never gave up on Sasuke, no matter what he did

- he cried over Sasuke several times

- they werd each other goals

- they are soulmates, sun and moon, yin and yang

- to quote Sasuke: “Naruto had his own world. I desired its existence”

- Sasuke needed to kill Naruto to be in darkness

- Sasuke never stopped thinking about Naruto since before the story began

- Sasuke fed him even though Kakashi told him it was prohibited

- Sasuke jumped in front of Naruto. He was ready to die, just to save Naruto and his dreams, despite promosing himself he wouldn’t die till he killed Itachi

- Sasuke admitted it was Naruto who saved him. That it was Naruto’s heart who connect him to Konoha

- not to mention, Kishi wanted them to hold hands in Chapter 698

- after Naruto found out the truth about Itachi, he didn’t say he would bring Sasuke back to the village. Naruto knew that Sasuke would never be happy there. So he put Sasuke over his desires, he thought of what Sasuke wanted, what would make him happy

- to quote Naruto: “He’s the person that, more than anyone else, accepted me and my existence. Sasuke is my friend and he represents bonds that I waited so long to receive.”

- Naruto was the only person that Sasuke gave a nickname to. No one else in Team 7 and also no one in team Taka got a special nickname

[Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language]


Based on x

It’s all your fault. You couldn’t protect them. You deserved to die with them. 

Nightmares were common. Tsunade and Kakashi both said it was a part of PTSD and recovering. They were nightly, at first. Sasuke stopped sleeping when he was younger, and when he left Konoha he never really picked it back up again. They grew worse when he was alone in a room that more resembled a prison cell. When he was brought back to Konoha, jailed, the guards were unnerved by the boy who didn’t sleep. 

When Sasuke was allowed out, it was with Naruto, and the nightmares lurked in the walls of that house, too. But they lessened, gradually. Sasuke could sleep a little at night, and then he could sleep an entire night. Nightmares dropped from every night to every other night, and they continued diminishing. He worked with Tsunade to get better, and with Naruto, and things were improving. That didn’t mean they went away altogether. 

Coward. Weak. Your brother was a monster, and you’re no better. They’re all lying to you.

Blood sprayed across the dream, dripping from unknown faces. The vacant expressions on his parents’ dead faces were still vivid and clear, just like Itachi’s cold red eyes staring down at him until they morphed into the empty black ones that Sasuke stared into as life left them. Sasuke tossed in bed as if struggling to get away from the imagery and words ricocheting in his head. 

You are a monster, a murderer, it’s all you can ever be. You’re cursed with betrayal. Everyone you love is gone. Naruto is next.

The image of Naruto on his knees, run through with Sasuke’s own sword, is the nail in the coffin. Sasuke wakes up screaming, his voice raw with horror and pain. He’s clawing at the blanket that’s tangled around him, struggling to sit up, to scratch at his own eyes and sob as guilt wracks his body. Naruto bolts up too, immediately awake and alert. He reaches first for Sasuke’s wrists, tugging them away from the boy’s face. It’s all familiar, now. Even if it almost never happens anymore, Naruto remembers. He remembers the terror and the pain he felt being unable to help Sasuke. 

“Hey, hey. Sasuke.” Naruto tries to get the boy’s attention, carefully moving the blanket away so that Sasuke won’t feel so trapped. Gently, he cups Sasuke’s face, coaxing Sasuke to look at him. When wide, dark eyes that are shining and unfocused finally look up, Naruto smiles. He smiles, and he strokes Sasuke’s cheek with his thumb, ignoring the wetness there. “You’re safe. You’re with me, I’m not going anywhere, alright? I’m not leaving you alone.” Sasuke sucks in a breath and reaches up, holding one of Naruto’s wrists. The blond leans forward so that he can rest his forehead against Sasuke’s. “Just keep your eyes on me. You’re okay.” 

Sasuke focuses on those blue, blue eyes. They’re warm and safe, a beacon that draws Sasuke in, away from the grasp of the nightmares that dig their claws into him. 

Sasuke looks into Naruto’s eyes, and he can breathe.