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Cris, now there's a full youtube video of that interview niall did with smallzy. It's in chronological order and also had some new bits that wasnt aired on the radio. Like starting on 19 mins mark he talked about talking with louis about doing interviews on their own now and how with 1d niall and louis roles were to lift the mood up when things get boring ☺️ youtu*be/v9C1xltixlE

Oh!! Thank you!!  

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All I'd want is to see the boys together again. Yet I don't feel like it's gonna happen at an awards show.

It would be loverly to be sure.  I don’t think its specifically about a 1D reunion or them going as a group - they’ve all got solo stuff happening for each of them, including Harreh with his album rumored to be coming out in April.  I also don’t think Loammy Jean is going tonight, but I could be wrong.  Louis is going fer sure, as is Noll. Harry is the wild card and I’ve got reason to believe he’s going, so its a wait and see thing I guess. The red carpet has already started, so we just have to wait and see if these fashionable hoes roll up. 


Niall’s full interview with Smallzy. + 2/13/17