Okay! Hi guys, I wanna show you this nice thing I made with @angiensca!
We had the same idea at the same time, so we decided to post them together!

I was SO impressed by Adrien in those photos. I mean… His poses, his look!
I love so much Angiensca’s version of the first image! HE IS SO COOL, I hope they are going to make him dress like that, sometimes in the show.

The first one is made by @angiensca, the second one is mine. :)



Nothing but gentle breathing escaped Leo’s lips as he let all the stress from life just…get blow away by the gentle wind that ruffled his hair in a soothing manner. It was warm…not to warm, and the wind just felt so…nice.

Today was amazing.

Which is why Leo laid on top of a picnic cloth in the local park, bags placed against the tree Leo was resting under. The distant sounds of children playing, knowing that Ren and Kouki where among then, and the faint smells of flowers surrounding the resting giant just added to his tranquility.

…Yeah, today was amazing.


Spot TV LUBE. On air on RAI (national channel) and LA7.
Directing by Paolo Doppieri.
Storyboard Design by me (follows)