Todo mundo sonha, todo mundo chora, todo mundo já viu alguém que ama ir embora, todo mundo sofre, todo mundo erra, todo mundo tem as suas próprias guerras.
—  Marcela Taís.
Ainda acredito no amor e minha fé não é filosofia, peço benção para os meus pais, eu acredito na família, eu tenho um coração moderno à moda antiga.
—  Marcela Taís.

Hello guys! A few weeks ago, I asked simsontherope if I could recolour some of his shirts, and he kindly agreed. Sadly, it took me this long to actually make something nice :) So here you go, twelve shirts, with a “hipster” style!  They are available for men only, and from teen-to elder!

Hope you all like them and if you want tag me in your posts of your sims using them, I would love to see! :)

For this shirts to show up, you will need the mesh by simsontherope, that you can find here


Okay so right after probably the happiest moment of my life happened I tried to write it all down so I would remember almost everything because let’s be real I’d be too emotional after the show to remember anything that happened correctly. So basically when Kelsea and I got into the stadium after we picked up my meet and greets we ran around the entire stadium trying to find the section we were supposed to go to to check in with Taylor Nation so we could get in line. Finally we find it and they check us off and lead us to the very front of the tumblr/swiftmas line which was actually really insane and that’s kind of when things started to feel real. We were standing in line and her dad came out and started talking to us and of course gave us guitar picks and then we were led into loft 89 and you could hear Taylor talking to people which was driving people insane I loved it and we were the third group in line and every time someone went behind the curtain to meet her you could see her and when it was my turn she saw me and screamed “BELLAAAA” and hugged me for the longest time and I told her it was so great to meet her and she said she was so happy to meet me and let me tell you she is so breathtakingly beautiful it’s ridiculous you can’t not smile when you’re with her so after the hug I was like “dude you’re so tall like I’m 5'10 and this is just next level” and she was like “I know well I am wearing really tall heels” and I was like “well I don’t wear heels because I’m wicked clumsy” and she was like “yeah you’re wearing sensible concert going shoes! well you know you get good at stuff like that when you have to dance and run around all night in really tall shoes. Also I love this dress situation.” And grabbed part of my dress and I was like “dude it has pockets” and she was like “oh my god I love it” and let me tell you she smelled so good and I still smell like her and then I was like “you know I just really wanted to thank you for the package and everything you’ve given me you have no idea how much that meant to me” and she smiled and was like “aw that’s so sweet! Okay your video was the cutest thing to watch and I loved how you appreciated everything and how you were taking your time to read the card and just soaking it all in I really loved that.” And that just made me even happier if that’s possible and then she told me that she really loved my posts and she loved how articulate I was and she was like “your opinions are so great I love reading them they’re always SPOT ON” and I smiled and was like “that’s so sweet of you thank you! But really thank you so much for everything it meant the absolute world to me” and she made the most heartfelt face and she just looked so happy and I thanked her for all of the friends I made on tumblr because they really are my best friends and she was like “oh my god that’s so great!” And then she leaned in really close and was like “the special guest tonight is like nothing before I’m so excited for them to come out” and we asked if it was anyone they speculated about on the radio and she was like “no nobody knows who it is I’m so beyond excited” and then Erica asked if we wanted the picture mid Taylor talking to us and when she was done she was like “okay what pose were you guys thinking?” And we told her we really didn’t know and she was like “do you want to do best friends?” And she did this cute little dance when she said it and I was like “of course” and so she hugged me and Kelsea and she rested her head on me and she hugged me really close and they took the picture and she was saying goodbye and I was about to leave when she pulled me in for a hug again and was like “I love you!” before I even got the chance to say it to her which caused me to stop breathing a little but I was like “I love you too! Thank you so much this was incredible!” And she was like “I’m so excited!! See you guys out here!” And we walked out and I turned around and smiled at her and she smiled at me and it was honestly the happiest moment of my life I will never be able to thank her enough