My Sylander theory :3

i always imagined how it will be if Wander had a secret crush in Sylvia :3 I mean, how it will be if he can not be enough brave to tell her his feelings? So cute X3 Just like Dipper had a crush in Wendy in season 1 and in the beggining of S2. It will be so cute! I guess :3

Just a though XD

Um domingo por si só é chato. E cinza. E isolado. É no domingo que bate aquela preguiça justificada, aquele sonho acordado, aquela música melancólica e aquela pauta sobre como será a semana. Na verdade, a gente só queria ser feliz sem pensar muito; e o domingo parece pouco para a realidade que buscamos.

“you boys are going around trying to break your record of how many girls you’ve slept with, but did you know you are the leading cause of cervical cancer due to sexually transmitted diseases in young women? Wear that fucking condom, this isn’t a game.”

actual quote from my bio prof and I found it important enough to share I dk

why do people reblog posts and rewrite one of the comments like I read it once I’m sure I don’t need to read it 50 times