MUST READ: My Sister’s Grave by Robert Dugoni

“My Sister’s Grave is a chilling portrait shaded in neo-noir, as if someone had taken a knife to a Norman Rockwell painting by casting small town America as the place where bad guys blend into the landscape, establishing Dugoni as a force to be reckoned with outside the courtroom as well as in.” —Providence Journal

Oh, you guys, we loved this one! Honestly speaking, it would be a great TV series to watch. Fingers crossed, we hope someone magically picks this up! Meet Tracy Crosswhite, a homicide detective with the Seattle PD, who has dedicated her life to hunting down killers. Seeking justice in the world and in the legal system, Tracy wants to answers she never obtained when her sister, Sarah was murdered over twenty years ago. Her suspicion is that the convicted murderer in Sarah’s case was unjustly charged. Finally after Sarah’s remains are found near her hometown, Tracy desperately pursues the past in order to silence her agonies. What is uncovered is a grim and dark ending.

The first in a series, Dugoni’s My Sister’s Grave is intelligent, well-written and superbly authentic. Dudgeon prompts us to deeply care about Tracy and Sarah. His characters are believable and inspire sympathy, as well as empathy. If you enjoy crime thrillers, suspense, police investigations and courtroom dramas, this is your next pick! A classic premise, a quaint American town awaiting a twisted ending, My Sister’s Grave is nothing short of entertaining. 

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MUST READ: The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson

“Mr. Johnson has written a daring and remarkable novel, a novel that not only opens a frightening window on the mysterious kingdom of North Korea, but one that also excavates the very meaning of love and sacrifice.”—Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

"Ambitious, violent, audacious—and stunningly good.” —O Magazine

"An exquisitely crafted novel that carries the reader on an adventuresome journey into the depths of totalitarian North Korea and into the most intimate spaces of the human heart.”—Pulitzer Prize 

Pak Jun Do is the son of a powerful man who runs a work camp for orphans called, Long Tomorrows. With incredible power, he chooses, who eats first and who is chosen to do manual labor. Honored and recognized for his skills and loyalty, he garners the attention of his superiors. Eventually he becomes a professional kidnapper, who endures the violence and vicious demands of a totalitarian Korean government. Challenging Kim Jong II to save Sun Moon, the woman he loves, Jun Do’s life is filled with the loss of innocence and love and beauty, which fill in the empty spaces in one’s soul. 

Although this is not an easy book read, Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son has become an instant classic rivaling a surreal world and the thriller genre. Overwhelmingly imaginative, Johnson has achieved a tragic, beautiful narrative on survival and heroism in one of the most obscure locations on the planet.  

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Since Day One//A Newt Imagine

fuckingsantaclause and an anon requested: “you’re sick and you won’t admit to being sick and newt takes care of you”


"I’m not sick, you guys." You tried to convince the Gladers once again.

You had been sneezing and coughing for a couple of days, but it was definitely just something in the air.

"Yes you are." Newt said. A couple of the others nodded, "Alby?"

Yeah, they had actually called a meeting for this.

All you wanted to do was your job. They wouldn’t let you. You could run just fine.

"All those in favor of forcing (y/n) to rest?" Alby asked the group of boys.

Every hand went up.

"You guys!" You groaned.

"Take her back to your room and lock her in there." You heard Alby tell Newt who nodded. "Oh, and Newt."

"What?" The blonde asked.

"Take care of her, yeah?" Alby asked.


"Good that."


"I said I’m fine, Newt." You told him, moving to get out of his bed. Once you stood up, however, dizziness overtook you and you fell backward. "Okay maybe I’ll just sit here for a second."

"Good that." He said with a smirk.

You weren’t embarrassed to show weakness in front of him. He’d been the one to pull you out of the box and show you around, and stick to your side no matter what.

But those other boys? You had to be strong in front of them. You had to prove that you were more than what was or wasn’t between your legs.

"Don’t you get exhausted, always looking out for me?" You asked. He was turned around, bent over a piece of paper in the corner. He was probably working on something maze-related. He always was.

"Who says I’m always looking out for you?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Please." You said, "You’re always sticking up for me, even when I’m not right. You managed to get me a job as a runner the day after you found out it’s what I wanted. And I know you were the one to call the meeting today, not Alby." He sighed and put down his pen before standing up and walking over to you.

"Well aren’t you little miss observant?" He said, kneeling down to your level. You shrugged.

"I do what I can." He shook his head, still smiling.

"(y/n), I look after you because I’ve felt protective of you since day one." He admitted quietly, taking your hand in his own and raising it to his lips gently.

You were surprised by this sudden display of affection. Normally Newt was a hard leader hidden by layers of sarcasm and cockiness.

"Just protective?" You asked, searching his dark eyes when they met yours again.

"I don’t know."


"What do you want me to say, (y/n)?" He asked. "I’ve felt a connection to you since I pulled you out of the box? What, do you want me to tell you that I’ve been in love with you since the day I tried to help you when you fell and you told me to fuck off? Is that what you need to hear?" He asked, now clearly frustrated.

"No, but apparently you wanted to tell me those things." You said. He sighed and closed his eyes.


"Slim it. I love you too." You told him and you could feel his body relax at your words.

"Good. But, if I can admit how I feel, I think you can admit you’re sick, yeah?" You crossed your arms over your chest, but, when he raised his eyebrows, you sighed.

"Yeah." You finally said.

"Good that."


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