Can you just imagine walking into a room and bad boy Michael forgets about his reputation and stares at you like you put the stars in the sky of his universe and someone take this phone away from me I neED TO STOP

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ok but stubbly Michael during an interview and they’re like “you growing it out or something?” And he’s like “no no it’s just my girlfriend likes it” and Calum’s like “*chuckle* yea she does” and Michael eLBOWS HIM AND HE GETS ALL FLUSTERED

Insecurities (Michael)*


Anonymous said: “Can you please write a michael oneshot where he’s insecure about his size and his body in general and you rassure him? (Smut please)☺️" 

"Can you do one where he’s insecure about his body or somethin”

yes, of course! I decided to put these two requests together, since they were kinda similar, hope you like this :) x



“Mikey, are you coming? We’re going to be late!” You yell to your boyfriend as you walk out of the bathroom, putting in your earrings. You stop in front of the full body length mirror on the wall next to your bedroom where Michael still hasn’t come out from. You check your makeup one last time, pressing your lips together and smoothing out your dress.

It’s your older sister’s birthday so you and Michael are heading to her house to celebrate her, and after checking the clock on your phone you realize that you are already late. 

You open the door to your bedroom, ready to urge him on, only to find the room empty. The bed is unmade, but empty, and clothes are littering the floor but there is no sight of your boyfriend. “Michael?”

No response. 

“Michael, where are you?”

“Fuck!” A voice coming from your closet catches your attention. You open the doors and find him, half naked, standing in a huge pile of clothes with his back turned to you. He is wearing a black pair of skinny jeans, unbuttoned and unzipped, without anything on his upper body. He is throwing shirts around him, groaning in frustration after every piece that he jerks off the hangers.

You cross your arms over your chest, leaning again the door frame, a soft smile on your lips. 

“Fuck!” He groans once again, slamming his fits into the wall before he slides down to the floor. 

The expression on your face soon changes adn your smile is replaced with a frown. Michael hugs his legs to his chest and rests his forehead on his knees, letting out a loud sigh. “What the hell is wrong with me…” He mumbles quietly. 

“Mikey…” You say gently and his head immediately jerks up, his red rimmed eyes meeting yours. 

“I- I’m- I wasn’t…” He rambles, not being able to form a coherent sentance.

“What’s wrong?” You ask and walk up to him where he is sitting leaned against the wall. 

“Nothing.” He says, avoiding your eyes again- 

You draw your eyebrows together in confusion, “Tell me, babe, I can tell something is off, you know.” You say and place a hand on his shoulder, squeeing lightly. 

“Please, don’t.” He says, shaking your hand off. “I just- no, it’s nothing.” He says, abruptly standing to his feet and storming out of the closet. You are left with a surprised look on your face, having no idea of what is going on. 

You run after him into your bedroom, “Michael, stop.”

“No, Y/N, please leave me alone. Tell your sister I’m sick or something.” He mumbles.

“What? Why would I do that? Aren’t you coming with me?”

“No.” He answers shortly. 

“Why not?” You are standing in the middle of your bedroom, trying to figure out what is up with him. 

“Because I can’t even find a shirt that looks good on me anymore! That’s why Y/N, I am so fucking fat and ugly that nothing fits me!” He yells, gesticulating wildly with his hands. You are better off without me, so please just go.”

He angrily wipes away the tears that fall from his eyes, his jaw and fists clenched tightly.

“Michael…” You breathe out, not wanting to believe what he just came out of his mouth. 

“No, I- I can’t… okay? I just… can’t anymore…” He looks to the ground, arms falling limp to his sides. 

You take two big steps and wrap your arms around him, hugging him tightly to your body. He stands still for a few moments and refuses to hug you back. Then he slowly raises his arms and pulls you closer to him, burying his damp face in your neck. 

“I love you Michael, more than anything. It hurts me to hear you say things like that, because it is not true. Not one bit.” You mumbles, slowly stroking his back. 

“But it is, it is true Y/N. I honestly don’t understand why you are still here with me, you should have dumped me long ago.” He says, pulling away. 

You study his tear filled eyes and his slightly down curved mouth. “You seriously can’t see it, can you?” You ask into the air, lightly grazing his cheekbone with your fingertips. 

“See what? That I’m my thighs are jiggly and my belly is swelling over my jeans? Yeah, I can see that.” He says, pinching at the skin of his bare stomach. 

“No, silly. That’s not what I was talking about. Follow me.” You say, taking his hand in yours. You pull him with you to the bed, gesturing for him to lay down. 

“What are you doing?” He asks skeptically. He wipes his cheeks dry, his eyes not over flowing in tears anymore. 

“Just lay down please. On your back.” 

He gives you one last doubting glance before he lays down, hands immediately going to cover his stomach. You promptly remove his hands and place them by on th ebed by his sides in stead before you climb over his and straddle his waist. 

“What are you-” He starts to ask once again but you cut him off with a soft kiss to his lips. You cup his face with your hands adn gently press your lips to his again, this time feeling him kissing you back slightly. 

“I love you. Just the way you are. Flaws or no flaws, I’m not leaving you.”

“Bu-” You cut him off with another firm press of your lips. 

“Now shut up.”

You move to his forehead, placing small kisses all the way down the bridge of his nose and to his cupid bow. You then move on to his cheek bones and then down his jaw, sucking a little extra at an old love bite to make it blossom red again. You lick over the mark once, feeling Michael shudder underneath you, before you move on to the rest of his jaw and to his pulse point. You feel his pulse through his skin, pressing your lips to where it is beating the most. 

Michael hands have found their way to your waist by now, warm fingers, caressing your sides. 

You playfully bite his left ear lope, earning something sounding like a mix between a moan and a chuckle coming from him. 

“I love your face, especially your eyes, they’re one of my favorite parts of you. I like that they change color depending on the color of your hair or what weather it is outside. I love your smile and you beautiful teeth that you always refuse to show whenever you laugh.” You mumble against his skin. “I love how responsive you are to my touches, it is amazingly attractive.”

You find another fading love bite on his neck that you decide to give a little more attention to, sucking lightly before you continue. “Your neck is my favorite place to kiss, except for your lips of course. It marks so easily, and I think you look pretty in marks, my marks. Wine colored bruises all over your skin.”

You graze his Adam’s apple before you continue down to his collar bones. You kiss each and every inch of them, moving your body down his to reach better.

“I love your arms and how soft and strong they are. Strong enough to carry me or hold me up against the wall when you thrust into me.” You say quietly, almost whispering, while you peck his biceps twice.

“Fuck…” He groans out, bucking his hips up involuntarily.

You continue, “I love your chest. It’s a great pillow and I love listening to your heartbeat, it is one of the few things that can actually make me fall asleep at night.”

You kiss each of his pecs, grazing lightly with your teeth over his nipple. 

“Babe…” He breathes. You look up and a smile breaks out on your face when you see his eyes closed. He is breathing heavily underneath you as you move lower and lower, arriving at his cute tummy where you know he is the most insecure. You give him one glance and find him staring down at you again, a small but noticable insecurity in his eyes. 

You’ve tried to pay extra attention to the places on his body where you know he isn’t completely comfortable with, just like he always does to you. That’s why you take extra time placing kisses along his stomach and hips. 

“I love your tummy, always have and always will. I wish you could realize how amazing you are and see yourself from my eyes. It really is a sight for the eye.”

You’ve noticed how Michael has started to harden in his pants, an evident bulge in the front of his jeans. You slowly move your hands to the waistband of his black skinnies and start to pull them down over his hips, meanwhile sucking a new love bite to his hip bone and along the edge of his underwear.

“Shit…” He moans out quietly when your fingers grace him through his underwear. He lifts his hips off the bed and you quickly pull his jeans down his legs, leaving them just above his knees. 

You continue pressing kisses all over his hips and his upper thighs. “I love your big, strong thighs. Your whole body is wonderful, every single inch of it.”

“God, I love you so much…” Michael breathes out, followed by a low moan when you place your hand over his tenting underwear and squeeze lightly. “Please…” He begs. 

“Please, what?” You ask, pretending that you’re not aware of his situiation in his boxers at all.

“Just- anything.” He breathes. “Something. Let me touch you, please.”

You bite your lip to contain your smile in a failing attempt as you sit up and pull your dress over your head. You are left in your bra and undies and Michael’s hands immediately flies to your back to unclasp your bra, throwing it to the ground with your dress.

“Fuck wait.” He suddenly says, stopping his movements. “Your sister.”

“She’ll have more birthdays. I’ll just tell her we got the flu or something.” You shrug.

“Are you sure?”

“Do you want me to stop?” You ask, eyebrows raised in a teasing manner.

“Fuck, no.” He scoffs, shuddering when you roll your hips down to meet his. “Whatever you do, don’t stop.”

You smile before you shuffle down his legs to pull off his boxers, his length hard and red, leaking precum and the top. He throws his head back and mumbles something you can’t hear but you assume only is a line of swear words. 

You spit in your hand before you wrap it around him and start moving it. 

“Feels so good. Just like that.”

His hands are gripping the sheets next to him and he is grinding up into your hand, meeting your slow strokes. 

A few moments later he quickly grips your hand, stopping its movements. “I’m not going to last much longer if you keep doing that.” He warns. 

“You want me to ride you instead?” You ask innocently, knowing it will turn Michael on to maximun. 

“Holy f- yes. Yeah, oh my god. Please, Y/N, ride me until you can’t fucking walk.” He moans, twitching in your hand. 

You take your panties off, adding the to the pile of clothes on the floor. Michael’s hand immediately goes to feel you, groaning when his fingers get covered in your wetness. 

Turning Michael on always turned you on, seeing him so pliant in your hands, so needy for your attention, always made your knees bucker out underneath you. 

A minute later you had put a condom on him and are starting to lower yourself onto him. You had done this many times before, but somehow you never got used to the feeling of having him inside of you, filling you up. 

“Jesus Christ…” You his through gritted teeth, sinking further and further down. 

“You okay there babe?” Michael asks, voice sounding strained, almost as if he were the one who got penetrated.

“Yeah, just-” You relax a little and move a little faster. “Yeah.” You respond, pleasure creeping its way into your body. You place your hands on Michael’s chest to hold yourself up. 

It isn’t long until he speeds up the pace and is pushing his hips up to meet yours, doing almost all of the work on his own. You can sense that neither of you are going to last for long and you are soon chasing your highs with hungry and sloppy kisses. 

“I- love you. So- fuck, -fucking much.” Michael groans, squeezing your hips that you are sure are going to leave bruises in your skin, but you don’t mind, not one bit. 

“I- I love you too.” You breathe out, moaning loudly when he starts rubbing at you clit in a fast circular motion. 

“Are you there, babe? Are you coming soon?” 

“God, yes, so close.” You bring yourself to keep your eyes open and locked with Michael’s, his lust filled ones staring back at yours. His blue fringe is plastered to his forehead, sweat dripping from his temples. 

“Come on princess.” He says, biting his lower lip.

You come first, with a high shriek you feel yourself tip over the edge. You bite down on his shoulder and you think you see black for a second or two when you suddenly feel Michael come inside of you, his whole body tensing and his hips freezing when he shoots his load into the condom. He whines out your name along with a few profanities. It feels as if you haven’t had an orgasm for months, that’s how strong it was, but in reality you and Michael had sex only a few days prior.

He hugs your body close to his until you’ve both come down from your highs. 

You relax onto his chest, your eyes closed and your mouth wide open. You can hear his heartbeat pounding like crazy in there and you can feel his chest lift and then fall repeatedly underneath you. 

You lift your head and place a lazy kiss to his jaw, making his eyes flutter open.

“Come here.” He says, letting out a breathy laugh.

You crawl up his body so that you are face to face. You smile down at him as he strokes your hair behind your ear, leaning down to press your lips to his. 

“You are too good to be true.” He mumbles, staring into your eyes and feeling your cheeks with delicate fingertips as if he had to make sure that you actually were real.

“I am very real though, and so are you.” You point out with a small laugh. “Do you realize now how much I love you? All of you.”

“Yeah, I think I do. Even if I won’t be able to love me just that much yet, I at least have you to do it for me.”



A/N: sorry ‘bout the cheesy ending!! you’ll have to excuse any spelling mistakes that I may have done, but I am so freaking tired and I can all suddenly not spell correctly, hhaha

hope you liked this, love you babes x

Praising Michael about how good he looks and how sexy he is to boost his confidence because he’s been feeling down lately and he gets a little cocky and dominates you and keeps on repeating things like ‘yea, you like that don’t you baby girl?’ and 'nobody makes you feel as good as I do, huh princess?’