Inked (tattoo artist Michael au): Chapter 7

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3 years prior

“Sam?” I saw the figure of the person I love, with their lips on another. Kissing them with the passion I thought was reserved just for me. It couldn’t be. This is just a bad dream, a mistake. I must be seeing things.

“y/n, what are you doing here” faced pulled away, the others face full of shocked eyes, scurrying off after telling my love they’d call them. I stood frozen in my tracks.

“Sam, who was that? Why” I felt my bottom lip quiver as tears fell from my eyes. “I thought you loved me”

C’mon you and I both know this, us, is just high school puppy love. It’s not real.


“I love you. Please. We can try again and forget this please.

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All Grown Up Pt. 5

I don’t even know how long this is going to be. Like we’ve reached part five already and I don’t know how long this is going to go on for. Oh well, I guess you’re all stuck on this ride with me. Part one, part two, part three, and part four are here for you to catch up on all this craziness. Also I’m sorry this is late, it’s been so crazy.

 Calum watched the sun creep into the room through the opened blinds. He’d been awake for an hour now, he could see the digital clock if he turned his head the right way. He didn’t want to move, not because he was lazy, but because she was still sleeping soundly in his arms.

 Y/N had stayed, curled up in the dress that had driven him half crazy when he caught a glimpse at her. The same one that had caught the attention of that guy too, the one who had almost done something unbearable to even think about.

 It had happened quicker that Calum could register, his fist balling up the guy’s cheap shirt, his other hand holding Y/N’s wrist before he dropped the guy and began swerving through the bodies to pull her away from them. He knew she couldn’t handle it, and he hated the way that guy had been touching her.

 “Mm, Calum?” Her soft voice caught his attention, his eyes finding hers as she held herself up on her elbow. “Cal? Where are we?”

 “At a friend of mine’s place. Don’t worry, just sleep if you’d like.” He gently spoke as his free hand gently came up and brushed the hair out of her face. Y/N pouted for a second, coming to some kind of conclusion before sitting up and looking around the room.

 “I want to go home.”

 “Okay, I can take you home.” Calum’s voice was gentle and he watched her nod once before getting up in search for her shoes. Calum watched her search for a few minutes, smiling when she lifted her shoes and started pulling them on.



 “Nothing happened, right?” Y/N didn’t look at him, her face hidden from his view. He imagined her teeth digging into the soft skin of her lip, and he was partially glad she wasn’t facing him because it’d drive him crazy.

 “No, nothing happened.” He mumbled and she nodded before standing and gathering whatever she had dropped on the floor the night before. Calum finally got up from the bed, slipping his shoes on before they started the trek home.

 It was quiet, and Calum didn’t know if it was because she was worried he was lying about last night or something else. He didn’t bother to turn the radio on as they were driving home, only because his own mind was occupied as well.

 “You know I wasn’t lying, right?” Calum asked, glancing at her to see her nodding slowly before their eyes met for the briefest second.

 “I didn’t think you were to begin with.” She mumbled and that was the end of any conversation. When Calum finally pulled into a spot and parked, Y/N was up and out of the car faster than he could unbuckle his seat belt.

 He slowly walked up to his apartment, ignoring the elevator completely and going up the five flights of stairs to his floor. Calum slipped into his apartment quietly and fell right onto his sofa after locking the door behind him.

 “You okay, man?” Calum’s eyes drifted from the spot on the floor where he’d been staring for a while up to Michael’s concerned face. It took a while for Calum to process his question, his lips finally parting as some coherent words left his mouth.

 “I think I like her.”


 “Y/N, get up.”


 “Yes. Get up. The guys are leaving today for tour.” Y/B/F sighed as she watched Y/N roll around in her bed. She’d been there for a few days, only leaving for food, school, work, the toilet, or a shower.

 “Tell them I said good luck.” Y/N mumbled, sticking her head above her covers before ducking back beneath them. Her mind had been jumbled recently and things just weren’t going how she wanted them to.

 “Tell them yourself. We leave in five to go say goodbye.” Y/B/F stated before leaving the room. Y/N sighed, eventually deciding to get up and replace her dirty clothes with clean ones appropriate for seeing other humans in.

 When she emerged from her room, Y/B/F immediately grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the door and out the apartment toward the one place she wanted to avoid above all others.

 “Why are we going in here?” Y/N quickly tugged on her arm, making Y/B/F stumble backward at the sudden resistance. “Why can’t we just do it out here?”

 “Get over your weird funk and get your ass in there to say goodbye to our friends!” Y/B/F groaned, opening the door before pushing Y/N inside. Y/N stumbled, looking around the small hallway before turning to leave.

 “Y/N! You live!” She cringed at Michael’s joking tone, but turned and smiled before wrapping her arms around him in a hug. He hugged back, tightening his arms a bit before pulling away, like he could sense the turmoil going over in her head.

 “Yeah, well, I wanted to say bye before you guys left.” Y/N’s eyes scanned the room, only finding Michael and Ashton at the other end of the kitchen. “Where’s Cal?”

 “He left already with Luke. Their flights were earlier so traveling isn’t a huge hassle.” He explained easily and Y/N could feel her heart slowly sinking. She nodded, keeping a smile on her face but mouth closed the rest of the time they were there.

 After they finally said their final goodbyes and got back to their apartment, Y/N made a beeline for her room but Y/B/F stopped her. When their eyes met, Y/N couldn’t hold back the few tears that slipped from her eyes. Y/B/F didn’t ask any questions, simply pulled Y/N into a hug before they slowly sat down in their hallway.

 “He didn’t say goodbye. Why-Why does this hurt so much?!” Y/N half sobbed, choking slightly at the end and making Y/B/F sigh before gently brushing the hair out of her friend’s face. 

 “It’s because you still have feelings for Calum. They never went away.” 

 “What?! I don’t like him-”

 “Y/N, yes you do. Hell, you probably love him at this point. Just accept it.” Y/B/F sighed before continuing. “You wouldn’t be crying over him not saying goodbye unless you cared deeply about him.”

 “Stop being right about things.” Y/N mumbled, making Y/B/F giggle along with herself before it fell silent, the sniffles slowly coming to a stop before they both went their separate ways to bed.

 Y/N stared up at her ceiling, thinking over her friend’s words. Love Calum? Could she possibly love him? And even if she did, it’s doubtful he felt the same. And he probably wouldn’t tell her if he did. He’d find some other girl to cover it up and hurt her all over again. 

 Sleep, Y/N needed that. She knew she needed it. Taking a nap or something after crying was always good. But, it was eluding her. Only Calum occupied her brain and she knew sleeping would be impossible for now.

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When your vacation ends and you can’t adventure with your boyfriend anymore