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But if Mugaro was Michael himself, why would he be this infatuated with Azazel to the point where he always follows him around, cares about his well-being, helps him, saves him, constantly smiles at/for him? There was literally no connection between Michael and Azazel in Genesis, and now suddenly Azazel would be the centre of his world? That's why the re/incarnation theory seems more plausible, as it would at least make Mugaro his own person with his own desires, rather than Michael's.

mostly wishful thinking on my part, anon :’)

I wouldn’t say there’s no connection at all between Michael and Azazel:

  1. Azazel is a former angel; even if they do not know each other personally before Azazel fell, they probably would have at least hear about each other.
  2. Bacchus says Azazel is Lucifer’s right hand man; I find it hard to believe that Michael, as part of Heaven’s high command, wouldn’t keep tab on the demons world’s current hierarchy.
  3. Every time Jeanne uses Michael’s blessing, Michael’s apparition makes an appearance. In fact, the last thing Azazel sees before he disappears in s1 ep7 is Michael’s face, not Jeanne’s. Yet somehow, he doesn’t curse Michael; he solely blames Jeanne (and Kaisar and all the lowly humans probably). To me this suggests he knows of Michael’s powers and acknowledge those powers as being, well, so powerful that off course he loses bcs duh.

I want to believe that Michael’s very aware and knows and sees everything his apparitions know and see. This is to say, while Azazel is totally to blame for Kaisar & Favaro’s dads’ deaths, on the whole Amira and God Key thing Azazel’s pretty much just a victim and a pawn to be rid of. By putting Azazel (a high ranking demon on his own right) on the front, Martinet manages to divert everyone’s attention away from Beelzebub until it’s too late.

One of the reason the whole thing happens in genesis is, by michael’s own words, bcs there’s a lack of communication among gods and humans, and by extension, demons too. I think if he gets the chance, he would try to repair this lack so that such bahamut level disaster won’t happen again. One way to do it is of course by working with the demon who also gets caught up in the whole bahamut plot while also in a position to be heard - Azazel.

At least that’s one of the many reasons why Michael would want to get close to Azazel initially.

Also, the reason might even be as simple as Mugaro happens to think Azazel’s the only one worth supporting atm, while Azazel also happens to be the who saves him from the slave trader. Like, Jeanne’s in prison, Bacchus won’t make a move, Rita won’t get involved further, Kaisar’s hands are tied since he’s part of Orlean Knights serving the King… the only option left, who openly defies the current arrangement, is Azazel and only Azazel.

If later it turns out that Azazel’s not that bad as a person, and Michael himself starts liking him in earnest, then that’s just the bonus I think.

But that’s all if Michael’s rly Mugaro, mind. Just to clarify:

  1. incarnation - Michael is somehow stuck in a child body (Mugaro) the way Hamsa is stuck in a talking duck body (their own bodies, their own souls, the shape is just not their original).
  2. reincarnation - Michael is born again as a human with a god’s powers, unclear whether or not he retains his past memories.
  3. Jeanne/Michael’s kid - totally a new body with a new soul, but since they’re half-angel, they has parts of Michael’s powers. Unclear whether or not they gets to inherit Michael’s memories too.
  4. reincarnated as Jeanne/Michael’s kid - a new body, but the soul and memories are all Michael’s. Only has parts of his old powers since he’s officially half-human now.

I personally prefer number 1 and that Jeanne only happens to pick him up like I said here. Mugaro seems way too calm and knows too much for a kid his age, which is why I want Mugaro to not be number 3. I want to believe there’s other forces at work to make him seem so wise, and not bcs Mugaro has through so much at such young age bcs I just can’t bear to think of the level of hell Mugaro’s been through ;____;

suddenly Azazel would be the centre of his world? 

ngl I love how you put it here. Azazel as the center of their world. That’s it - that’s the name i’m looking for to describe their relationship. Azazel means so much and pretty irreplaceable atm to Mugaro yet Azazel himself isn’t even aware of it.

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Maybe a prompt for the boyfs: Sleep Deprivation or forgetting to eat? :3c

Hi I’m gonna do sleep deprivation because I have a hc abt Michael being a slight insomniac because self projection lolol. Sorry this probs isn’t what you wanted but if you send another sleep deprivation prompt I’ll make it more cuddly and fluffy than this!!!

Jeremy nearly had a heart attack when he woke up to the sound of his phone buzzing. It was 3am and the screen on his phone lit up with the words,“Player Two 👾🗣” across the screen.

It took Jeremy a few seconds to register everything, but he eventually picked up and hit the green button,“H-hey Michael you good?” Jeremy felt a little worried, the pit of his stomach dropped when he heard the sad tone of Michael’s voice.

“I’m- yeah I’m good. I just couldn’t sleep and-”

“On my way just give me two seconds, I need to get shoes on.”

“N-no! That’s okay I just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Michael it is 3 am and I can tell you’re upset. I just got my shoes on, I’m walking out the door right now. Do you want me to stay on the phone with you while I walk over?” Jeremy left his house after grabbing his keys. He locked the door and began to take the one minute walk to Michael’s house.

He was silent for a few seconds, then a small affirmation came through the other end,“Yeah, that’d be nice. Thank you Jer…” Michael smiled to himself.

“Anytime Mikey. Now, have you eaten at all today?”

Jeremy hears Michael shift on the other end,“Er, what constitutes as eating?”

“Mom mode has been activated. Get some stuff out for me to make you a sandwich.”


“I’m going to run now but you can keep talking. What are you thinking about?”

Michael got up from his spot and headed upstairs,“I’m just, frustrated I guess? End of school year, personal stuff, you know.”

Jeremy nodded in response, then mentally slapped himself cause no Jer, he can’t see you do that,“Yeah, I get that… also I’m like. Here. I’ll just walk in.”

Michael hung up and jogged to the front door and opened it for Jeremy. He pulled his best friend into a firm hug. This was longer than their hugs usually were. Michael melted into it. He needed this today. He needed Jeremy, he needed the extra long squeeze he gave.

Jeremy pressed his face against Michael’s neck,“Everything ok? What’s up?”

That’s when Michael started crying. This day was shit, and Jeremy hugging him was just what he needed. He was shaking, that’s when Jeremy gave him one last tight squeeze, then pulled away to get a good look at him.

“I-I’m so-orry Jeremy I just. I-”

“I love you.”

Michael was caught off guard,“I, well I love you too Jer thank for-”

He shook his head,“N-no that’s not what. I- that’s not what I meant.”

Jeremy’s face was turning a familiar shade of pink, Michael didn’t want to get his hopes up but he still felt that sliver of hope resurface.


Jeremy gave him the ‘please don’t make me say it face’ but took a deep breath and started. “So- ah god. So, me and Christine broke up, and I never told you why, yeah?”

Michael nodded, Jeremy looked down at his hand and grabbed it for reassurance. “Well, I kept picturing myself with someone else when we were together? And, I realized that I had to stop lying to myself, and to her. So I ended it.”

Michael gave him a slight smile. “So, uh, you can probably guess who I was thinking of right?”

“Well, I’d like for you to tell me.”

Jeremy groaned,“You’re impossible,” he looked up at him, his face managed to get even more pink,“I like you Michael. Like, a lot and I want to be able to be there for you in ways that I can’t be as just a friend and I understand if you don’t like me but oh my god…”

“I’m in love with you Michael and I’m pretty sure it’s actually killing me.”

Michael laughed at that a little,“Thank you Jer bear.” He pulled him forward with the hand he was holding, cupped his cheek, and kissed him.

It was soft, slow, and shy. Neither of them kissed anyone, but it wasn’t bad. It was perfect, and it was perfect because it was them and that’s all that mattered. That Michael was finally kissing Jeremy.

“I love you too, Jeremy. But we should probably head inside before we attract bugs inside.”

Jeremy kisses him once more,“Yeah, okay.”