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How To Be a Good RP Partner


  • Respect the fact that your RP partner has a life outside of RP. Work, family, friends, children, medical issues, school, or even just other hobbies/TV shows/other games. Respect any of it. If you don’t, they’ll likely become stressed, annoyed, or burnt out.
  • Show that you appreciate them. You can do this by: sending them messages, expressing your excitement about your story with them, share ideas with them, or even just flat out tell them.
  • Respect their boundaries. Some people don’t like to discuss OOC things with their RP partners. This doesn’t mean they don’t like you as a person or that they don’t want to be friends within the RP world. They just might be a private person.
  • Send them prompts/memes/asks that they reblog. It shows that you’re invested in the story and learning more about their character and it helps keep the RP going even in little ways. Just because you RP with them regularly doesn’t mean you can’t send them things on tumblr.
  • Communicate! This is something that we see talked about a lot but it’s surprising how often it isn’t really done.  If you have a problem with how something is going, tell them. If you feel like something is wrong, ask them! It doesn’t do either person any good if things aren’t talked about.
  • If your partner comes to you with something they feel is wrong or they have a question, ect. Be honest!


  • Harbor resentment about something until you blow up on your partner.
  • Do something or push for something that they have already told you that they are not comfortable with.
  • Try to change their character.
  • Discourage them from RPing with others.
  • Guilt them for not RPing with you.
  • Take them for granted.
  • Keep them as a “trophy” once you have them and then rarely RP with them after that, stringing them along.
  • Lie to them. About anything.

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