Martin Freeman doing things with his mouth that do things to me.

The Smack

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The Lick

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The Popeye

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Just casually eating - yeah no problem I can live on after seeing this asasdfffj

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Good things still happen to me: I met Martin Freeman

Finally in bed after a shower and I’m still grinning like a fool. Saw Labour of Love for the second time this evening, this time with Martin Freeman, thank heavens.

Definitely one of the best nights of my life and I am still shaking, literally buzzing, and a river of energy is running through my veins, and I am smiling so big. The play is so smart and funny and both Martin and Tamsin are fantastic.

And Martin is gorgeous, my god, I can’t believe how gorgeous. (And he’s fit, he’s so fit - I think I am going to have dreams about those khaki chinos, but I digress) His voice is so, so beautiful, and now there are definitely a couple of songs that will forever be associated with him. If you can, go see the play. I really really feel incredibly happy tonight and I saw London’s major between the audience and I saw Matt Smith on my way to the hotel but I digress again.

The facts are: I saw Martin Freeman with my own eyes and heard his voice and watched him dance and it was one of the most memorable things that have happened to me.

And despite my shyness and total lack of social skills I said hello to him when he was leaving the theatre, I was there waiting for a last glimpse, and I said I didn’t want to bother him because he obviously was a bit tired and he joked and said he needed his beauty sleep but he could spare time to sign my programme, and I thanked him and told him that meeting him was probably one of most positive things in 2017 for me, because it’s been a very bad year, and he smiled warmly and answered me that better things will happen to me, because life isn’t fucking fair but it’s still wonderful, and, oh goodness, it was brilliant.

He looks at you in the eyes when he speaks to you, he really gives you his full attention, and he’s kind. Warm and kind. He really feels like a good man, you know. And he’s got those beautiful anime eyes, cobalt blue. And that very sweet smile.

And, heavens, I didn’t take a pic with him because that’s how I am but he signed my programme and I am happy happy happy.