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I hope one day
you will regret
pushing me so hard
that you fell backward
from your own force.

(you are the cause of your demise.)

—  by shelby leigh

happy 100th birthday, ella fitzgerald // april 25, 1917 - june 15, 1996 // “just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong”

“The best way to start any musical evening is with [Ella]. It don’t get better than this.” Frank Sinatra

“Man, woman or child, Ella is the greatest of them all.” Bing Crosby

“Ella’s amazing! My daughter says that every time she makes a mistake, it becomes a hit record.” Lucille Ball

“It is so much fun to sing with Ella. It is so nice to sing with someone who does more than make a pretty noise.” Jo Stafford

“If you want to learn how to sing, listen to Ella Fitzgerald.” Vincent Minnelli

“The one radio voice that I listened to above others belonged to Ella Fitzgerald. There was a quality to her voice that fascinated me, and I’d sing along with her, trying to catch the subtle ways she shaded her voice, the casual yet clean way she sang the words.” Doris Day

@ymanimon happy birthday my love! I’m wishing you all the good things (which includes a lot of good sleep) and keep being the awesome sweet bun that you are!

  • the cops in Persona 3: they can't do too much against the Shadows because they don't have special powers but they're partnered with the Kirijo Group and supply you with weapons and one officer helps you return a lost puppy to its owner
  • the cops in Persona 4: they're a nuisance more than anything else but they're not really actively working against you and one of the detectives is your uncle who loves you very much
  • the cops in Persona 5: Satan incarnates
  • Lucius Fox: You miss Oswald, don't you?
  • Ed: Oswald? Pffff, no, what a traitorous friend, I'm totally over hi — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of Oswald photos spill out of suit jacket] What a - I don't know where these came from, t-these aren't mine, I'm just [gathering them up and frantically sweating] ok, ok, listen Foxy - I hate the guy, he killed Isabella, l-listen [thousands of Oswald photos and Oswald hallucinogenic drugs scatter across the floor] Oh my god, I-I was going to burn these photos, I swear, oK jUsT LIS T E N