Hey everyone!!! I cannot believe that i am making this post. I never thought that 2k of you would ever follow me.. Like?? thats crazy to think about, like that many people can see what i have to say & probably, at least somewhat, care about me. LIKE WOW! I would like to stress how grateful i am for every one of you! It means so much to me  ❤ 

Now, please bare with me, i have no clue how long this is going to be..  

I’m going to start with all the lovely mutuals i gained from some of the group chats i have been in over the past couple months!

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“ Dear Mariah,

Social media is one of the extremely few ways to maintain our connection to you as lambs. For this reason, we would appreciate it if you began personally posting on social media again. According to your list of tour personnel, Mishka Bulochnikov and Luckett Media are operating your social media accounts. Before these facts were even confirmed, the lambs were collectively beginning to sense a loss of your unique “voice” in your social media messages and captions, and they were replaced with numerous hashtags and pithy statements that didn’t feel like they were coming from you. This may seem like a petty issue to outsiders, but we are fans of the Mariah Carey who left voice messages on her website, created Worldwide Lamb Day and has even befriended and given jobs to members of the lambily. We love you and do not want to lose the unique connection we have had with you since 1990. Mariah, please show us that you are sincere when you discuss your “special connection to your fans” by rekindling our connection on social media.”

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5sos as the kids that play by the pool next to me on holiday

Luke: the kid who wears the minions swim shirt, carries around a rubber ring twice his size, cries when he jumps in the pool and gets wet. Has to be rescued from the deep end and sits on a sun lounger eating grapes and singing made up songs for the rest of the holiday.

Michael: the kid who calls the lilo a ‘ship’, tries to save an imaginary girl from drowning for 3 hours straight, attempts to touch the bottom of the pool with armbands on, pulls down his trunks when he fails in an act of protest, wears his goggles over his eyes even when he’s not in the pool.

Ashton: the kid who hasn’t rubbed in the sun cream on their face, also wears a minion shirt but is old enough to know the shame that comes with it, refuses to eat the grapes because they’re not from the shop at home, tries to bite off his own string bracelet

Calum: the only kid who can be trusted to swim in the deep end but wears 3 floaties just in case, forgets to wear shoes, yelps the phrase ‘hot hot hot’ when running across the warm ground, carries a bucket and spade around at all times, convinced he is at the beach and cries when told there is no sand, the wearer of an impressive striped hat that matches his shorts