“I mean, is this really something we’re capable of doing?”


“… Yes?” 

Yes, we are capable of doing this, and more. We will have that prize, Mr.
Featherstone. We’ve all come too far to let an opportunity like this pass us by, would you not agree?
” (x)


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Max's Express: New Express Food Service For Thomasians

Max’s Express is a new place to dine in offered for Thomasians, it is located in the new Quadricentennial Pavilion just right in front of the Engineering building. 

I asked the manager why “Express”? And how does it differ from the usual Max’s Restaurant. Obviously, “Express” means “Instant” or “Fast”. They come up with a new genre of Max’s from “Resto” to “Fast-food”, through this, they are able to compete with other fast-food chains by offering a classic dine-in with a twist.

The menu of MAX’S EXPRESS and MAX’S RESTAURANT varies in some ways. If you are a MAX’S avid fan, their Restaurant offers Filipino food (with sauces and veggies), chicken, desserts and the like. In Max’s Express, Chicken is still offered because it is their specialty, but Filipino foods that needs a while to cook like (Sinigang, Kare-kare, etc.) is not offered in their Express. In addition, they offer pastries and bread which can be eaten if you are ON-THE-GO. 

Their “Express” fits the lifestyle of Thomasian students who needs fast, delicious, and quality served food. 

If you want a different kind of dining and not like the usual fast-food chains around the campus, visit Max’s Express. Their grand opening will be on June 4, 2013; just in time for UST’s opening of classes.

So here I am again, as an architecture student my “curiosity” about architecture and interior bothers me; we are always keen observers of details.

Their facade is slightly hidden from people who passes by, I think it would be great if they have a huge sign outside just like this big yellow ball boulder outside the Quadricentennial Pavilion. 

Here’s how we get here:

After the enrollment, we were approached by Max’s crew, they gave us a coupon which we needed in exchange of P150.00 play moneys to buy our food. We are entitled to purchase anything with this amount (they’re all free). 

Seems legit!

The whole Max’s Express family (I just want to call them “family” haha) welcomes us warmly and gladly, with bright wide smiles. :)

With regards to food and menu, they have a lot to offer, and I’m glad they have a lot of desserts to choose from. OMNOMNOM! 


I love their country look interior, it is cozy and homy. 

There are variations with wall decals, furniture and finishes, which make it looks like a good “tambayan” for Thomasians. Their tile details are cute and graphic designed walls are eye-catching. The combination of wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, glass and paints are good. Lights are kinda dimmed for some reasons, but as a whole… it ROCKS!


OMNOMNOM! THE FOOD!!! Everything’s good. 

3 Things about the food:

1.) Delicious

2.) Worth It

3.) Fits Everybody’s Taste


As a whole, the Max’s Express experience is savorily good! =)

Yehey to my friend “Emy” who celebrated her 19th here. 


Papa's Birthday 2011

December 27, 2011

We celebrated the birthday of my father at Max’s Restaurant in SM Pampanga last December 27. The resto was not that crowded since it was an hour early before lunch time but when we were eating, the people started coming in. 

Sarap Kapiling

We ordered the following:

- Descriptions of the dishes came from Max’s menu

Kare-kare - Classic Pinoy favorite done the Max’s way - rich beef and vegetable dish of oxtail, ox tripe and beef chuck simmered in thick peanut sauce and served with Max’s bagoong alamang

Max’s Fried Chicken (Half) - The original and classic fried chicken that made Max’s a Filipino institution. Golden fried to perfection with a unique blend of secret spices. Talagang sarap to the bones!

Pork Binagoongan - Pork cubes sauteed in a rich, mildly sweet and salty shrimp paste sauce placed on a bed of fried eggplant. Garnished with tomato wedges, fine julienned green mangoes and sprinkled with chopped spring onion. 

Sizzling Tofu - Tofu cubes with chopped onions, red and green bell peppers glazed with a special sauce topped with chilis.

Mama and Papa. Happy Birthday Papa! :)

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O: I didn’t know you were from Japan

Eyup. 7 years, all one gigantic blur. It was only when I came to the states and got reintroduced to nerdist culture that I realized how lucky/fortunate/whateveryoucallitIwas.

Things learned:

  • Japanese school girl’s skirts are longer than they appear in anime(but thats probably obvious)
  • Arcades are alive, well and freakin AWESOME
  • Memories are meant to be held dear.

Sliding into the snake at the Millennium Bitburg Open | Always slide with your forearms up and the barrel of your gun pointing up, most important thing is not to pole vault yourself into the ground | This is an overtime point against a great team from London, we ended up winning this point and the match | Shout out to my sponsor #RSHmedia always dominating with great photos & media | #rshmedia #paintball #germany #italianidols #phillyenergy #millennium #maxs #gianttactical #planeteclipse #virtue #spire (at Bitburg, Germany)

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