Two different versions of the “Super Best Friends Play” Shattered Memories game - I never showed these to Matt (sorry, Matt :( ) because I feared Liam would be too unrecognizable with the glasses - and the “Super” on the logo would be too out-of-the-norm for their usual playthrough titles (Matt, if you liked it, I apologize), but if you wanted a closer look at the image, here it is!

If you’re wondering what “Beware the Pepper Thief” is… it’s an awesome game mode we made up for HALO multiplayer matches - hilarious stuff. Great inside joke no one will get!

Also I had absolutely no clue what “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories” was about when making this image.


My TVD Crush List by Season:

Season 1 Stefan - Oh Stefan, you introduced us to your Hero hair and perfect abs. PERFECT ABS!!! Ahhh. We will always love you Stefan because you are the nicest bad boy out there. I don’t think anyone would kick you out of bed. As a matter of fact, I think some would love to tie you down. You’re heart is pure and I’m certain that Vamp Sex with you would be epic and romantic at the same time. Thank you so much Dreamboat Stefan.

Season 2 Damon - Damon, you gained some of his humanity and passion this season. Your eyes got more dreamy…at least for me. You mastered the art of walking around with your shirt open, forcing women to want to rip it the rest of the way off of you. I never shipped you with anyone really, but I have to admit you are not hard to look at. 

Season 3 Klaus - Yes, Klaus. You are broodingly evil, but you look damn good doing it. Shirt on. Shirt off. Those full lips. That accent. That swagger. You remain an epic hottie with artistic talent. You are passionate and impulsive and even though you are not the model sibling…or son…or friend…you’d die for your family and that makes loving you necessary.

Season 4 - Jeremy. Oh little Gilbert wasn’t so little in this season. No one looks as hot as you do while chopping wood. Can I just bask in the moment where you ripped off your shirt in front of the fireplace a la The Incredible Hulk? Don’t talk, just stand there without a shirt on and work in the yard for me. You bulked up to drool-worthy proportions this season and we all appreciate the eye candy.

Season 5 - Matty blue eyes - you so are so boy next door hot, it’s almost too much to handle but we will give it a try. You are so stunning in a tuxedo that you would make your date speechless. Put on a t-shirt and jeans, and the heart goes pitter patter. My god, you even look good in flannel (which, you have to admit, is a hard thing for any man to do.) You are crush worthy, but also the kind of guy a girl can take him to mom. Oh, will you be my sheriff and protect me?

Season 6 - Kai - It was hard to find just one photo to choose because, quite frankly, every picture of you is hot. The way you walk. The way you wink - Good Lord your wink. Whether you’re a slightly nerdy psychopath in 1994 or a cocky witch in present day Mystic Falls, or a vengeful Heretic out for blood, you look gorgeous doing it all. Those lips. Those eyes. That smirk. Thank you for making it impossible to hate you. Thank you for wanting Bonnie even though the writers didn’t give you guys a chance. Thank you for “I’ll go of you go,” because baby, for you…I’m gone. 


Yay selfie challenge!! Tagged by matt ( fuckingflying ) and wasn’t sure how many to do so I did what matt did. 1. Fall Out Boy concert with Rach (it wont let me tag her idk) 2. Universal Studios with Taylor 3. Silver Diner post ATTWN with fuckingflying and arrojarse 4. Drama Picnic with unabletofunktion 5. Ice skating with Max 6. Random selfie with everything-until-nothing 7. Judah’s Birthday with longlivebrolivia 8. Me just being cute during tech week ♡ Okie dokieeee so I’ll tag unabletofunktion arrojarse everything-until-nothing and beautyisarelativeterm

SO TODAY (July 4th) IS TEAM SMG’S 9TH ANNIVERSARY! this of course means that i had to draw shard and matt being fucking dorks around glandor, and két is there because this also doubles as the preview for world [16] because i had to have a world with Team SMG in it at SOME point come on you guys-

AHEM ANYWAY YES, HAPPY 9TH TEAM SMG~ And remember, Never Give Up!