Today a friend of mine asked me why B.A.P’s logo is a rabbit, and I had to explain the whole matoki thing, and like…

idk if you’ve ever tried explaining it but trying to tell someone that B.A.P are rabbit aliens from space who’ve come to take over Earth and harness the screams of fans to power their home planet… like can you imagine someone hearing that for the first time?

i really wish i had something simpler or more profound to tell my friends but no they’re god damn alien rabbits thats what they are 

Matoki Earthventure Fan Project

Hi everyone! @bestabsoluteplottwist and I are planning on making a Matoki Earthventure fan project, more or less just a web comic to continue on the matoki story since TS has abandoned it. We’re in the planning stages right now for how we want to go about everything, what we want to include, and how we want to continue the story, but I hope you’ll all look forward to it!!

For all the work that’s going in right now, we need a little bit of help. Specifically, we need someone to help us make a theme. I know Babys are all crazy talented, so I was hoping one of the lovely theme-maker babys could help us?~ Please contact us for details ^^

Even if we’re specifically looking for a theme right now, any help is appreciated! If you have any ideas or anything you can contribute, please let us know!~ Also please reblog to help us find help ^^

Matoki Chats, Convo 1.
  • Keke: How is your human doing, Shishi?
  • Shishi: He's resting well. He'll be back in no time. But I'm about to go stir crazy. I keep reading all these news articles and I'm stuck inside not able to help.
  • Joko: Well I guess we could try to do it for you. You'll pay us, right?
  • Keke: JOKO, CMON. We'll do it because we care. And of course he'll buy us a meal afterwards, for our hard work.
  • Tats: We'd love to help, I'll make sure the kids stay on topic and don't get lost.
  • Shishi: Great, thanks brother. Guys, why has Dada been staring at that rock this whole time?
  • Joko: Keke told him it was art. He's been trying to understand it for 45 minutes now.
  • Keke: k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k
(Universe A) Encounters of the Third Kind (3/?) : (smut time)

( there is a first and second part to this series. there are the links: (universe A)(B.A.P) Encounters of the Third Kind (1/?) : zelo and (universe A)(B.A.P) Encounters of the Third Kind (2 ver. 2/?) )

( warning: sort of kinky(?))

it had been months since you and zelo started to date and you kind of wanted to take it to the next level. you and him were only at the level of heavy makeouts but you planned to take it farther. it was early morning when you woke up. you didn’t hear and ruckus outside which means either all the boys were out or still asleep. you looked over to see the lack of zelo at your side and knew he was already awake. you walked out into the living room to find zelo sitting on the couch, the sight of him putting a soft smile on your face.
“where are the others?” you asked while glancing at the box of Lucky Charms that he was consuming. he poured the handful of cereal in to his mouth before looking up at you with a smile. he finished eating before responding, “out. they went to the mall.” perfect you thought. you laughed and pointed to his shoulder. “you missed some.”
he patted his shoulder and grabbed the cereal that had escaped his mouth. then he sat up and offered you the box. You grabbed a handful out of the box and popped a few pieces in to your mouth.
“Sorry about letting you wake up alone.” you told him.
“It’s okay.” he replied with a with a calm look. “You were really tired.”
you rested your head on his knee and pouted a little. “I have to spoil my boyfriend every once in a while.”
he blushed a little from the title and ran his hand through your hair before letting it rest on your cheek. “it’s okay. I know you love me.”
you closed your eyes and blushed a little. “I know. And I know you love me.” h e chuckled and grabbed a couple of pieces of cereal. “How about I make you breakfast?” Then he held his hand to your mouth. you laughed and pushed his hand away while sitting up. “that’s your idea of making breakfast?”
“Yes. now open up.” he said with a smile while bringing his hand up to your mouth.
you gave an amused smile with a huff and opened your mouth. He popped the pieces of cereal in and while you ate, he dug more out of the box. He kept feeding you which somehow turned into a game. he started tossing you pieces, some missing your mouth a few times, and then he would act as if he was putting the cereal in your mouth only to barely set it on your lip so it would fall. catching his intent, you would counter the fall with you lip so that it would fall back into your mouth instead.
“come on now, stop it.” you exclaimed, laughing and lightly smacking his leg.
“it’s not my fault that I’m having so much fun.” he teased as he grabbed a single marshmallow with two fingers and held it up.
you opened your mouth but when his hand didn’t move, you leaned forward. just as you got close though, he pulled his hand back. you laughed and leaned forward more. then moving your head around in a circle as he moved his hand around, keeping it just out of reach. before he could react, you grabbed his wrist with both hands to stop him and encircled his fingers with your mouth. you glanced up at him with a triumphant look in your eyes but the look in his eyes made your heart skip a beat. he was staring intently at his fingers in your mouth. it’s now or never you thought.
pressing your lips harder on his fingers, you slowly pulled back and watched as his mouth slowly opened in response. then you had the marshmallow in your mouth. his eyes flicked up to your eyes and a deep blush spread over his face.
“um… I… uh….” zelo stammered as he looked away.
you placed a hand on both of his thighs and gently squeezed to get his attention. when he met your gaze again, you opened your mouth expectedly.
he licked his lips before taking his other hand and grabbing another handful out of the box. he grabbed a single piece with his hand and held it out for you. you wrapped your lips around his fingers and slowly pulled back once more. another piece and this time you made sure to press your tongue upwards. he let out a shaky breath and then quickly grabbed another piece. you took his fingers in his mouth but instead of pulling all the way back, you kept a single finger in your mouth. looking him in the eyes, you gave a light suck. he let out a breathy groan and you felt his thigh muscles tense under your hands. smiling, you rubbed your hands up his thighs and to his crotch. “I think it’s one of those times–” you said and palmed his erection through his pants. “that I’m going to spoil you~.”
he he gulped but then sat back as a small smirk formed on his face,“I can’t wait.”
he helped you undo his pants and push them down along with his boxers. you grabbed his dick with one hand and gave an experimentally squeeze, feeling how hard he was. a small hiss and an ‘ah’ escaped him, giving you a smirk. you moved your hand up the shaft a little and squeezed again. then further up for another squeeze. you let go and lightly trailed your fingertips back down the shaft.
a small whine made you look up to see the pleading look in his eyes. opening your mouth, you leaned in but just as you go close, you teasingly kissed the tip. you watched as he bit his bottom lip and looked away before looking back down at you and his dick. you pressed your lips in a lingering kiss on the tip, sticking your tongue out to swipe at the slit and making him jump.“b-baby. please.”
you ignored him as you stuck your tongue out and licked the head. then you opened your mouth and breathed hot air on his dick as you moved down it. at the base, you took your tongue and licked upwards. when you reached the head, you moved back down and licked up the shaft in a different spot. over and over again, alternating between slow and quick licks and on one particular lick, you swished your tongue from side to side.
“you’re teasing.” he growled.
“I’m just having a little fun.” you corrected with a smirk up at him.
you opened your mouth and took in just the head. you swiveled your tongue around causing another hiss to excape his lips. He bucked his hips up, trying to push more of him into your mouth but you pulled back. ignoring his protests, you went back to licking all over his dick and making sure to coat him with plenty of saliva.
“uuuugh."he groaned,"would you ju… uh…st…”
you watched as his eyes widened a little as you pulled out a red balloon marshmellow from the box. then you opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out to place the marshmallow on it. without breaking eye contact, you took as much of him into your mouth as you could before you closed your mouth. then you slowly pulled back, pressing the marshmallow in to his dick and feeling it slip along the skin with the help of the saliva. his mouth dropped open in a long moan and his eyes unfocused. then you felt the marshmallow hit the ridge of the head. it nestled perfectly in the sensitive spot where the ridge made a slight ‘v’ shape. You saw his mouth twitch a little and then you gave a hard suck, pushing the marshmallow in to him as much as possible.
“oh fuck~” he moaned as his eyes squeezed shut as his hands gripping the edge of the couch and cushion.
you gave a few lighter sucks before letting go and sitting back. you ate the marshmallow and reached into the box again to produce a powder blue cresent moon. placing it on your tongue, you repeated the same sequence. running it up the length of the shaft until it hit the ridge. then several small sucks with a couple of harsh ones mixed caused his moans to grow louder and louder as he spit out more obscenities in pleasure.
“f-fuck! don’t stop~ Don’t stop~”
you pulled away and grabbed rainbow marshmallow. Hard sucks that lasted a fraction of a second and his hips bucked on their own as he cried out,“oh god!”
a pink heart and one of his hands gripped your hair tightly, his heavy breathing growing more and more ragged. you hummed in delight at the way he was unraveling from you. which brought out yet another moan. you pulled back and ate the marshmallow but didn’t reach for another one. Instead you licked all over his dick to make sure there was still plenty of saliva. he let out a frustrated growl and then was grabbing you head with both hands. He forced you down on to him but you pulled away quickly.
“_____-ah, please.” he whimpere, “make me cum.”
you smiled deviously and reached into the cereal box. you held up the marshmallow. “ a four leaf clover. let’s see if you’re lucky.” then you placed it on tongue.
watching him, you took him in your mouth again. as you slowly pulled back, he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth and clentching the arm and cushion of the couch harder. The marshmallow hit the ridge and you lightly pressed it upwards a few times teasingly. His eyebrows furrowed as he licked his lips. giving in, you pushed your tongue up against the marshmellow and forcing it into that sensitive area, as you gave a hard suck.“fuck!” he cried out as he threw his head back and his hands found your hair once more. “yes~yes~oh please yes~!”
you kept working the head in your mouth, sucking relentlessly.
“yes…uh~ suck it~… oh fuck… oh baby~… yes… oh~..uh~… I’m… I…~”
with a moan and a loud cry, his cum exploded in your mouth. you grabbed his dick with one hand and kept sucking and pumping him to extend the orgasm as his body shuddered under you. finally you released him and sat back. you looked at him and chuckled a little at the way he was slumped over, his chest rapidly rising and falling.
he groaned and sat up, rubbing his face,“oh my god that was good.”
“how good?” you asked him playfully. he chuckled and smirked at you. “I think we should have Lucky Charms every morning.” you laughed while shaking your head and stood up as he pulled his pants and boxers back up. you placed your hands on his knees as you leaned down and gave him a quick peck. before you could walk away though, he grabbed your arms. “I’m really am lucky to have you.” he sincerely told you.
you blushed a little and gave him another kiss. “and I’m lucky to have you.”
you straightened up and went to walk away, only to have him grab you once more as he stood up. he pushed you down so you were sitting on the couch and then he was the one leaning down this time.
“zelo?"you asked confused. he only smiled at you though. “you said you’re lucky to have me.” as his tongue came out to slowly move along his upper lip.
you gasped and subconsciously squeezed your legs together. He glanced down with a chuckle and placed a hand on each of your knees, forcing your legs open. suddenly, the door opened and daehyun walked in to see you two. ” I just forgot something.“ he exclaimed quietly. he quickly grabbed what he forgot and left. zelo turned his head back to face you then got on his knees and leaned inbetween your legs while looking at you, "now it’s my turn.”