I got my Kindle copy of Sinbad no Bouken 5. Here are some little drawings from inside the volume. Pictures taken by me. 


Pipirika: “Okay! Let’s settle this with some arm wrestling.”

Ja'far: “No way in hell. You’ll win that for sure.”

Pipirika: “Then a tree log breaking competition.”

Ja'far: “Nope. Not that, either.”

Vittel: “Hey chief, how about a speed eating competition?”

Ja'far: “…That will do.”


First encounter


Purchasing goods to sell

Sinbad: “I like this one and this one and that one!”

Hinahoho: “No, no, wait. We should think before we pick.”

Vittel: “The basics of trading are ornaments and fabrics, aren’t they?.”

Mahad: *nods*


For the captain, grooming and appeareance are important. He always does his hair with butter, grease and vegetable oils.  

EDIT: Added two more color illustrations from the volume