There really is no one “best” diet - if there were, there wouldn’t be tens of thousands of different diet books available, and weight struggles would be rare to non-existent. Ultimately a person’s “best” diet is the healthiest diet that they can enjoy, as diets that are merely tolerable, given food’s star billing as one of life’s most seminal pleasures, simply don’t last. Real life does, and frankly must, still include chocolate.
—  Yoni Freddhoff

TBT!….Late last year leading up to comp! 

If I could maintain this conditioning while living a happy life while feeling my best and having a solid sex life I would! The truth is that for me as an indvidual maintaining this level of bodyfat naturally for a prolonged period would not be maintainable from both a psychological and physiological standpoint. 

Dieting is a stress to the body. Unless you have a specific event requiring extreme levels of leanness  you must find the sweet spot of body composition where you feel good, are eating an adequate amount of food and are happy with how you look. That last one may be more psychological than the rest and is something so so many people including myself struggle with! Just remember that most people don’t care what bodyfat % your at! We are our own worst critics. We focus on our negatives or flaws while ignoring the things that are strengths. Whats funny is that it usually works the other way when you look at others. I generally tend to see the strengths or good things in others and from talking to friends and girls its the same.

Find that sweet spot, be confident and love life!

Is this for real? Saw this today in a bookstore! Even worse the # 2 best selling book at the moment is ‘How I quit Sugar’….. I can’t believe people are making a ton of money with this shit.

Sugar alarmism is getting out of control! Way to increase fear into an already food phobic and neurotic population. It spreads misinformation in the strongest way possible.

“Sugar addiction for most people is an oversimplified claim that is not supported in the scientific literature. Despite our personal experiences and passionate anecdotes from others, these experiences & testimonials are often untrustworthy as we have many hidden biases (and possibly undiagnosed medical issues) that influence what we see and believe.”

“I got no problem if someone decides that no sugar crystal shall ever pass their pure lips for the entirety of their days!

I do have a problem with them preaching bad science and bad information which is messing up people’s decisions about diet and leaving them frustrated and cupcakeless.” Joy Victoria

I’m not going into this because all I would be doing is repeating the words of others who have already said it and said it well.

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