Quick fact. Ready?
Working at different intensities of exercise determines whether one is burning more carbohydrates or fats as fuel. Higher intensities use mainly carbs, while lower and more prolonged intensity training makes use of fats.

Kind of embarrassed to post this before pic from January 1st but in the spirit of my honesty and recovery journey, I figured here goes nothing. Besides the obvious physical improvements, I cannot stress enough the inside improvements are way more noticeable!!!! Good diet, exercise, prayer, meetings, vitamins, positive thinking and a career I love are what work for me. I’m gonna keep on doing what I’m doing and hope I can inspire others in my journey.


I left before 7am today and didn’t get home until almost 10pm. I worked late for our winter concert, grabbed dinner with my roommate ($5 turkey burger with blue cheese and buffalo sauce!), and then I needed to run into Target quick. It was a pretty good day, but I don’t even want to move to get ready for bed. I felt super cute though and have cute things to share once I get a chance!

2715 cals and 240g carbs | 135g fat | 136g protein, but this is with a regular beef patty and not the turkey burger patty so my fat content should be lower.


I got home and didn’t even touch my teacher to-do list, but at least I worked out. I did day 1 of BBG which included a lot of moves that are going to make walking tomorrow difficult. I was FREEZING before I started and then ROASTING 3-5 minutes in. Now I am in bed and I just want to sleep forever.

2260 cals today though // 240g carbs, 96g fat, and 104g protein. Definitely not perfect, but could also have been a lot worse. I have been doing better at tracking lately and it will be interesting to see my monthly weigh-in on Thursday! Crazy there is only a month (and one day) left of 2016.

The past couple of weeks.. well the past month i’ve made a lot of changes in my diet. Not only did I choose to go vegetarian, but I decided to bulk as well. Not a crazy amount of weight that i want to gain.. but about 10 pounds. I’ve started tracking macros, and slowly upping my intake. I’ve felt amazing since making the switch to no meat.. and all of my lifts have gotten better .. whether its the switch or actually tracking what i eat.

Slowly starting to lose my abs.. even though you can still kind of see them. Somedays i’m uncomfortable with it, but other days like today i don’t mind. Losing them means that i’m gaining .. and it just means when I decide to lean out for the summer it’s going to be that much better :) 

Hit my macros perfectly today and kept track of everything I ate. Took my vitamins, showered and took care of my skin. Went to the gym. Worked hard and found a way to impress my bosses and make work easier for myself and my colleagues.

MyFitnessPal says that if I carry on in 5 weeks I will be 22lbs lighter. Hopefully I will be able to do more than 2 burpees in a row like I did in circuits class today. A full push up would be nice.

I got this, right? I got this.