One of the best things in “Luther” is Julian Glover dressed like that. I couldn’t get good screen of it but Julian wears leather pants. He should always wear leather (✿ ♥‿♥)

I’m not sure whether his character’s comments planned to be so sassy or not. But Julian made those lines sound a little bit bitchy XD

I’m cheering myself up with Luther because I love everyone involved.
Idris… Ruth Wilson (who I will forever love for being the best damn Jane Eyre there ever was) also because she’s beautiful. And Warren Brown, the wonderful Warren Brown… tbh I want to watch that show he did after this for the BBC but it’s not available anywhere… and that’s almost definitely for that shirtless scene.
I’ve always had the biggest crush on him.


“Idris Elba dons his infamous Luther coat to uncover a serious case of hilarity in an unmissable sketch originally for Sport Relief 2016.”