REQUEST: can you send in a smut request to a good writer about luke tongue-fucking you to the beat of a song or whatever idk

The heavy beat of the song shook the entire club, smells of alcohol and sweat suffocating the room. You and your boyfriend Luke and the rest of the boys thought it would be a good idea to go out before they started their American and Canadian shows. Luke left you at the bar as he went to the bathroom, and you sat swiveling the bar stool as you watched everyone dancing.

“Hey where’d Luke go?” you heard someone ask. Turning and seeing Calum you smiled. “Just to the bathroom.” He nodded taking a sip of his drink, “Y/N?” he spoke lowly, leaning in a little closer then before. You could smell the alcohol on his breath as you turned to face him your faces only inches apart from each others. “I didn’t want to say this in front of Luke, but fuck you look so hot.” A blush crept across your face, as you stumbled out a thank you. “Do you want to dance?” Calum asked, standing up and holding out his hand. You nodded, downing the rest of your drink before taking his hand and following him out into the sea of people.

You two reached the middle of the dance floor, with your back pressed to his front you started grinding your bum against him. A small groan escaped his lips as Calum grabbed your waist guiding your movements. You leaned on him wrapped your arm around his neck, swinging your hips in time to the beat of the song. You could feel Calum’s hard on poking your bum, giggling as a light blush covered your cheeks. Turning to face him, you wrapped both of your arms around his neck, still moving to the beat of the song. Calum leaned his forehead against yours, a smirk on his face as he started leaning in closer to you. Your lips were just inches apart before Calum was ripped from your grip, a gasp coming from you. Luke stood over Calum, holding him by the collar, a look of pure anger on his face. “Luke don-” “What the fuck do you think you were doing Cal?” Luke snapped, completely ignoring you. “I-I was just um I wa- I was just uh.” “You were just leaving my girlfriend the fuck alone got it? She’s mine and mine only.” Calum nodded, eyes widened with fear as Luke released him and he scurried off. “Luke I swe-” “And you’re coming with me,” he said lowly, gripping your wrist and leading you off the dancefloor and towards the bathroom.

He pushed you in, locking the door behind him. “Luke, baby I swear we- I- I wasn’t.” “So you like going behind my back and kissing one of my best friends?” he asked, his voice low and harsh. “No Luke I swear I wasn’t.. I wasn’t thinking we were drunk and I don’t know wha-” you tried to get out yet he intterupted you once again. “I saw you Y/N. I know what you were about to do. And now I’m going make sure this whole fucking club knows who you belong to.”

Luke picked you up by your hips and lifted your onto the counter of the sink. His lips crashed onto yours, his tongue sliding into your mouth as you gasped at Luke’s actions. He began sliding his hands up your thighs, soon under your dress so he could lift it up so it was around your waist. He moved his lips to your jaw, biting and sucking his way down to your neck leaving marks on your skin. “Luke,” you groaned, your hands gripping his shoulders. Detaching his lips from your neck he knelt down in front of you, ripping you underwear down your legs.

Luke’s fingers started rubbing circles on your clit, a moan escaping your lips. He slipped a finger inside you, pumping it in and out at a fast pace. Luke added a second finger, which soon hit your spot, to which you let out a small high pitched scream. “Fuck right there.” You were panting and he could tell you were nearing your edge. Luke took his fingers out, a whimper coming from you at the loss of contact.

He replaced his fingers with his mouth and he licked up your slit, blowing hot air onto your core. You let out a strangled cry, your fingers gripping onto his hair. He scattered kisses across the inside of your thighs, leading more and more towards your heat. “Luke just get on with it,” you whined. He looked up at you, a smirk spreading across his face before he placed his lips on your heat and stuck his tongue inside you.

Luke started lapping and sucking on your pussy, slipping his tongue deeper into your folds, you letting out loud moans. You could feel the beat of the current song shaking the ground and Luke started moving his tongue to the fast beat causing you to let out a small scream. “Fuck Luke,” you cried, pushing his head down further. You could feel the cool metal of his lip ring on your clit and the feeling maybe your toes curl.

Gripping your hips, he brought you forward bringing a finger to rub your slit before slowly pushing it into your pussy. Luke pumped his finger as his tongue still worked on your core, slowly adding a second finger inside of you. He was still moving his fingers and tongue to the fast beat of the song and that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach started. “L-Luke I’m so close.” It only took a few more pumps of his fingers before you came in his mouth, your legs shaking and toes curling as you arched your back, letting out curses and moans you were sure even over the music everyone could hear.

You were panting as you started to come down from you high. Luke kissed your slit before standing up, his chin glistening and the same smirk etched on his face. He kissed you forcefully, mumbling into your mouth, “You’re mine. And only mine. Got it Y/N?” You nodded quickly. “Good.”

Couldn’t really think of a title :// I hope you all like it!

-Michaela x


Au Meme: You’re Luke’s girlfriend & you went to a photo shoot with him but he can’t focus on the photographer at all since he’s rather stare over at you.

random twitter conversation #14

@ytn: Jai is a baaaabe 😍
@luke_brooks: @ytn um, excuse me.
@ytn: @luke_brooks yes?
@luke_brooks: @ytn I didn’t appreciate that tweet.
@ytn: @luke_brooks just being honest
@luke_brooks: @ytn……….
@ytn: @luke_brooks 😉
@jaibrooks1: @ytn luke_brooks why thanks sweetheart 😉
@luke_brooks: @jaibrooks1 @ytn someone please tell me what’s going on here????
@ytn: @luke_brooks @jaibrooks1 I’ve moved on as you can see
@ytn: @luke_brooks @jaibrooks1 WHOA. Jai, how about we not play with my phone.
@jaibrooks1: @ytn @luke_brooks you left it in the kitchen unlocked soooooo
@luke_brooks: @jaibrooks1 @ytn you cunt, I was sitting here in a panic
@ytn: @luke_brooks @jaibrooks1 aw Lukey 😘
@luke_brooks: @ytn @jaibrooks1 😍😘😍
@jaibrooks1: @luke_brooks @ytn please if you’re going to tweet all gross take me out of the conversation..
@ytn: @:jaibrooks1 @luke_brooks 😗😙😚😘😍💕😏😉
@luke_brooks: @ytn @jaibrooks1 😗😙😚😘 I LOVE YOU BABY 😙😚😚😘
@jaibrooks1: @luke_brooks @ytn fuck off guys

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okay so i highly doubt anyone is going to read this but this is just my take on all the 5sos sara ellen, groupie hookup drama.

As a fan i honestly have no issue with the boys hooking up with girls. I saw it coming. But currently this issue is spiraling out of control. the boys are just hooking up with these groupies and fake fans who then turn and give complete shit to the fandom. Like Sara ellens vines recently? are you serious? i am not one to give hate but she is just begging for it. you wear a shirt exactly like Lukes and then brag about you “hanging out” with him. That is just selfish and rude. If you did hook up with Luke congrats here is a gold star, girls would kill to be in your place but don’t go on social media and brag about it. At least have the decency to keep it private. 

Also @limpgloss on twitter (ashSLAY from vine) made an amazing point. The boys recently have been giving shit to fans who give their simple opinion. fans say something they feel the boys just block them. like seriously? and now these groupies are doing the same things and the boys do nothing about it. I MEAN THERE IS A FUCKING 5SOS SEX GOSSIP ACCOUNT THAT LEAKS ALL OF THEIR PRIVATE SHIT. HERE WE HAVE THE BOYS BLOWING UP AT REAL FANS MEANWHILE ASHTONS DICK IS BEING SPREAD ACROSS THE INTERNET.  it bothers me so much that these boys only seem to look at these girls for looks and then the girls just brag about it. and ashley said this perfectly “you need to step off your high horse and take action towards all of this fucked up shit because when your own fans start turning against you i mean you should be worried and you should take action” (you should really go on her twitter and read her rant its amazing) i don’t even know if this makes sense i am just so flustered and angered but mostly disappointed. we have been here from the start and now there are these girls who brag about their hookups and the boys aren’t even here to support us. THESE GROUPIES TREAT US LIKE SHIT AND THE BOYS WHO OWE US THEIR FAME SIDE WITH HIM. unbelievable. as of this moment the boys have done nothing to address the situation and are ignoring it. i just feel like the boys really need a reality check and remember where they came from

Traição - Luke.

Eu já não aguentava aquilo, era centésima vez que eu ligava para Luke e caía na caixa postal, eu estava preocupada, eu tinha ligado pra ele pra saber se ele viria essa noite e ele disse que não porque estava passando mal, o que me deixou preocupada. Já sei. Vou ligar pra casa dele, atenderam no primeiro toque. 


-Oi Sra. Hemmings, só queria saber se Luke já melhorou… 

-Melhorou? Ele estava passando mal? Porque ele não me disse nada quando estava saindo com os amigos dele… Acho que eles iam ao Mason’s… - a mulher refletiu e eu senti a raiva subir pelo meu corpo, desgraçado mentiroso. 

-Passar bem, Sra. Hemmings. - respondi e desliguei o telefone. 

Luke Hemmings vai se arrepender de achar que um dia ele poderia me fazer de boba. Me arrumei rapidamente e peguei minha bolsa e fiz meu caminho até o Mason’s aquele lugar era o point da escola todos sem exceção de um aluno da escola se encontravam ali para fofocar e simplesmente ficar juntos… Parei na porta do lugar e suspirei antes de entrar. Parei em um ponto estratégico onde ninguém poderia me ver, eu pelo menos esperava isso. Olhei em volta e achei a cabeleira loira tão conhecida por mim, só tinha um problema: dedos longos e finos se embrenhavam nele, dedos de Candice Wallows, ele não tinha esse direito. Eu já estava pronta pra ir embora carregando minhas lágrimas e lutando pra que elas só derramassem quando eu chegasse em casa, mas Michael me notou e chamou Luke que parecia bravo por ter sido interrompido e então Mikey maneeou a cabeça em minha direção e a mesa inteira olhou, vi os olhos de Lukey se arregalarem e os outros me olharem com dó, menos Candice, essa me olhou com deboche. 

Sorri sentindo algumas lágrimas rolarem por meu rosto, as sequei e caminhei em direção a mesa. Quando parei de frente a ela todos me olhavam apreensivos, eu não me rebaixaria. 

-Tome, você fará bom proveito. - entreguei o anel de compromisso que havia ganhado de Luke na mão de Candice. 

-(S/N)… - Luke começou e eu me limitei a negar com a cabeça e sai caminhando dali, a verdade era que eu só queria morrer. Mas essa é a vida, esse é o amor. E nem sempre ele é recíproco.