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2015 LT IDA Hollywood Workshop Recap

This was a quick trip for me….I was in L.A. for less than 24 hours 0_0…

Before the Workshop, I got to travel down Sunset Blvd with my fellow LT Vet kitamulathamsampier. I also got to walk down Hollywood Blvd & look at some of the Hollywood Stars on the ground…sorry…that’s just the tourist side of me comingout…lol. Here is a collage of my short trip:

From top right…going clockwise:

1. Bachi Burger…..Sooooo good

2. Somewhere in Hollywood…

3. Took me a minute to make this:

We found it!

4. More Hollywood…

5. IDA Hollywood!

Here’s a Recap on how this whole night went—including after the Workshop:

  • Now back to IDA—it was located on the 2nd floor. After locating a     check-in table, we found the dance space LT were going to teach in, found good seats near my other LT Vets family who were already seated, & waited before the sold-out crowds came in (we arrived @ 6:45pm). I was not the DJ for this Workshop…so I was able to just enjoy the whole night by being a spectator.
  • As LT were choosing their music for Warm-Ups, Larry started to vibe with the music that was playing & also vibe with my fellow LT Vets; here’s a     Gif & a small video (click here) that show’s him doing just that:
  • Larry brought his SoloWheel…we were all just WAITING to see him tumble down the hills of L.A.     -_-
  • Here’s a pic of Larry’s feet—VERY deadly 0_0:
  • The usual warm-ups (Nirvana, etc.) got everybody pumped & ready to dance…but…LT felt that the volume of the music was not loud enough, but they decided to work with it. The music choice for the Workshop = “Gwola” by Honey Cocaine
  • I was on Larry’s side…it took @ 15 minutes for his dancers to feel the music like Larry (who had already broken into a full sweat)…Lau even made everyone re-do their Warm-Ups to get more energy…0_0
  • Since I was in the back of the dance area, I couldn’t really see most of the choreo…but I was able to see some of it when Larry split his group into 2 parts. Here are a few pics of Larry teaching:
  • After LT finished teaching their choreo to their groups, Larry’s Group was 1st to show Lau’s Group. Then Lau’s Group did the same. Freestyle started right after—here is a video I was able to get—& it’s 14 minutes long!!!!!!! I also noticed some twin telepathy during the video….
  • When the Freestyle was done, I told Larry “No more Gwola”—he laughed & laughed (I think we were all tired of Gwola…lol)!
  • LT took pics with spectators/dancers in the hallway right outside of the     dance room—LT Vets helped to keep things in order with that :D  I stayed inside of the dance room to watch LT’s stuff (you know—their swag…lol). After a good 35-45 minutes, all of the pictures were taken, & it was time to leave IDA.
  • Since everyone was hungry, a small group of us went out to eat a late dinner. We arrived at the restaurant first—then Larry—then Lau. Larry sat next to me…0_0…when that happened, I asked for help here in Tumblrland, but alas….it was too late. I was constantly bumped by Larry’s long legs under the table. He was also very hot…emitted a warmth that I could feel….0_0. Here’s a pic of Larry & I (we are both showing some teeth :p)—SIDE NOTE—don’t you DARE crop me out of my own picture…if you do, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN…
  • Lau sat across the table…next to LT Vet Adrienne & another one of his friends:
  • We all ordered our food (Lau’s got his food last…sounds familiar?). We had plenty of laughs throughout the night as Lau kept showing silly IG clips (stuff that I had already seen before…thanks, Tumblr!!! :D lol).
  • We  also got to learn a little more about Larry—he’s a great guy. Larry even showed us a personal video—he didn’t have to—but he did. All I can say after watching that video is that Larry is HAPPY. :D
  • We asked LT how many total nieces & nephews do they actually have…I’m still not sure what the actual count is (I got confused…LOL!)…0_0
  • Lau showed another photo to Larry from his cell phone—I didn’t quite catch what the photo was—but read on…0_0…Ew.
  • After everyone was done eating, I realized something: Larry et Lau both ordered sandwiches—but they each only ate ½ of their entire sandwich…the other ½ was left completely untouched…0_0
  • When we left the restaurant & went outside to our cars, Lau sat in his friend’s car & turned the volume up for some music to play REALLY LOUDLY. Here’s a video of both of them dancing to the music in the restaurant’s parking lot…but…the music was so loud that a waiter from the restaurant came outside to tell us to turn the music down because someone had reported the loud music to the cops….-_-
  • Lau then showed us the photo that I didn’t catch earlier…he said that all of that dancing from the Vegas Fundraiser finally took a toll on his big     toe—& his entire nail came off—-Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! He showed the picture of his nail dangling from his toe….Ewwwwww!!!!!   I can never forget that image….thanks Lau! :D  -_-
  • As Larry was standing on his SoloWheel & leaning against a car to keep his balance, I saw my chance to get Larry back…hehehehehe. I saw that LARRY had HIS legs locked….so…I GOT HIM BACK for what he did to me in Vegas last week…HAHAHAHAHA! I hit the back of his knee so that he became unbalanced on his SoloWheel. Larry said “Why did you do that?” I told him, “Payback—for Vegas”…Larry said “Oh yeah”….I think I have just started a war with Larry…0_0
  • So…it was getting late…we all said our goodbyes…got our hugs from LT (Lau kissed me on my head/hair…I’ll never wash my hair again….but…you see….the way my hair appointments are set up to be every 4 weeks, I don’t think that’s possible…lol! Larry left the parking lot on his SoloWheel….he just zoomed away (I believe his hotel was nearby…lol).   Here’s a pic of some of us with Larry before he left (pic taken by LT Vets Adrienne):

I didn’t even go to bed that night when I returned back to my Inn…I was too caught up with everything that had just happened. Plus, I had a flight to catch @ 10am that following morning (I barely caught that flight, too).

I cannot WAIT until the next event happens, & officiallestwins did a great job @ IDA! Now…I haven’t gone to bed for the past 2 days…gotta get some rest 0_0