Preference #25 He Makes You Feel Insecure (Harry and Louis)

Harry: The boys had a day off during their tour, so you and Harry decided to spend a nice day down at the hotel’s pool and then go out to dinner later that night. You changed into your swimsuit and grabbed your things before you both headed down to there. When you got there, there wasn’t anyone there and you were happy about that. You took off your cover up and then went straight into the pool. Harry soon joined you and you both just swam around playing stupid games and just hanging out in the pool with his arms around you. After a while, the rest of the boys came down and some other hotel guests started coming as well. Among those guests were some really pretty girls about the same ages as all of you. The guys start playing chicken and you laugh watching before excusing yourself to the restroom.

When you come back to the pool area, you see all of the boys including your boyfriend staring at the group of girls that were lying on their pool chairs. You rolled your eyes and started walking towards where the guys were, since their backs were turned towards you, they didn’t see you walking up and you heard what they were talking about. “Man those girls are quite fit over there.” Liam says. “Yeah, they are. The view definitely got better when they walked.” Harry jokes. You weren’t sure how to take what he just said. Was he saying that they were prettier than you? That he preferred how they looked over you. “Says the guy who has a girlfriend.” Niall says. “What?” He asks. “Just because I’m in a relationship doesn’t mean I can’t look at any other girls. It just means that I can’t touch them.” He says. “But you don’t want to touch them do you?” Zayn asks. “No, I love Y/N and I’m happy with her. I don’t want anyone else, but sometimes there’s a girl that catches my eye and I can’t help, but look.” He says. “Is that a crime?” He asks. “Guess not.” Zayn says. “But if I were you I would make sure that you don’t ever tell Y/N that because girls don’t like hearing their boyfriends talking about other girls like that.” He says. Harry just nods and shrugs. You couldn’t believe it. Did he not think that you were as beautiful as you were when you two first got together? Is that why more girls were catching his eye and he wasn’t afraid to look at them? All of these thoughts were in your head, but you had to act like you didn’t hear anything, so you walked back over and jumped into the pool. You swam over to where the boys were. Harry smiles and wraps his arms around your waist and pulls over to him. “Hey, I missed you.” He says. You give him a forced smile and kiss his cheek. You hear a splash and look over and see the group of girls in the pool now. You look over at Harry and see that he’s look over at them. Normally, it wouldn’t bother you, but lately you were started to feel more insecure about your body and having your boyfriend talk about other girls like that and see him staring at them when you are right in front of him was only making the matters worse. You sighed and got up out of the pool. “I think I’m going to go back to the room. I’m getting tired. Too much sun.” You say. The guys nod and Harry says he’ll be up in a bit. You sigh and nod and grab your things.

When you get back up to the room, you take a shower and change before lying on the bed. You grab your laptop and get on the Internet. You check your different social media websites and you see a new article as been posted about you. You sigh and look at it and see that they were talking about it looked you had gained a lot of weight and you were losing your “sex appeal” that you once had.  When you got on twitter, there was constant hate about your body and how you should just wear baggy clothes because no one wants to see all that. You couldn’t believe that you were reading this. You closed your laptop and went over to the mirror. You held up your shirt and looked in the mirror. Had you gained weight? You couldn’t tell. You still looked the same. Sure, you were very skinny, but you never thought of yourself has fat, just more on the curvy side. Yeah, you had boobs and hips, but did that make you fat. You didn’t notice you were crying until you looked up in the mirror and saw tears running down your face. You sniffled and lay on the bed again and cried yourself to sleep.

When you wake up, you see Harry getting out of the shower. He smiles and kisses your head. “I was just going to wake you up. We have dinner reservations in an hour.” He smiles. You nod and get up. You look through your clothes and decide to wear a nice dress. It was very form fitting, which made it look really tight. You weren’t sure if you should wear it because of what you read earlier, but you were going out with your boyfriend and you wanted to look nice. You did your hair and makeup and then put the dress on. You walked over to get your shoes, when Harry looked at you. “Um babe.” He says. “That dress seems awfully tight. Are you sure you want to wear that? I mean we’re going to be sitting down and eating dinner, sure you won’t be too uncomfortable?” He asks. You couldn’t believe those words came out of his mouth. Was that his way of basically saying you were too big to wear that? Was he confirming all those comments from before? “Yeah, I’ll just change quickly.” You say and grab some jeans and nice blouse. After you change, you both leave.

You get to the restaurant and when it’s time to order, you just order a small salad. Harry looks at you confused. “I’m not that hungry.” You shrug. He just nods and the waiter leaves. Soon your food comes, and you just pick at it with the occasional bite. After you both finish eating, Harry offers to take you out for ice cream, but you decline. He sighs. “Are you okay? Are you feeling sick?” He asks you. “I’m fine.” You say looking away from him. “I think you’re lying. I mean you practically slept all afternoon and then you didn’t even eat at dinner and now you don’t want ice cream? Seriously, what’s wrong with you.” He says. “I just have a headache.” You say. He nods and wraps his arms around you.  Over the next few days, you hadn’t let him see you naked at all, you have only worn sweats, and you’ve been working out like crazy and only eating veggies and protein shakes. One night after a concert, you and Harry were back at the hotel and he was trying to get intimate with you, but you pushed him away. He sighs. “Y/N. What is wrong with you? You haven’t let me touch you days and you’re not eating anything, but salad and you keep wearing sweats. I know something is wrong with you. So, just tell me.” He says. You sigh and shake your head. “Fine. I’ll tell you. I’m trying to make it so you don’t have a fat, ugly girlfriend anymore Harry!” You shout. “Wait what?” He asks confused. “You don’t have to lie to me okay? I know what you said about those girls at the pool the other day. You said that the view got better when they walked in. Nice to know that you must not think I was a good view. I also heard that other girl’s catch your eye and you can’t help but stare at them. I guess I’ve just gotten too fat for you to catch your eye anymore. And don’t say that I’m not fat or that I’m not ugly because I know you’re lying. Everyone is telling me that I’ve gained weight and that I’ve lost my sex appeal or whatever. Oh and the other night when I put on that dress, most boyfriend’s would love their girlfriend in a tight dress, but I guess it’s only pretty and skinny ones right. But don’t worry about it anymore, I’ll lose the weight and then you can go back to having a fit girlfriend.” You shout while crying before running out of the hotel room.


Louis: You and Louis had an off day while he was on tour, so you two decided to go do some sightseeing. It was very hot out where you were, so you decide on some shorts, t-shirt, and you just threw your hair up in a bun. You walked out of the bathroom and Louis looked up at you. “You’re wearing that?” He asks. “Umm.. yeah why?” You ask. “Oh, um I was just wondering because usually you dress nicer than that.” He says. You just looked at him completely shocked at what he said. “I can change.” You say. “Okay. I’ll wait.” He says. You just went over to your suitcase and picked out some dressier shorts and a nice blouse. You couldn’t believe that he had said that. You thought you looked fine, but according to your boyfriend you didn’t look good enough to just go walk around a city. When you changed and put your hair in a nice braid, you walked out and Louis smiled taking your hand.

Throughout the day, you just couldn’t let go about what he said to you earlier. Liam has always said that you look beautiful in anything, so why didn’t he like what you wearing.  You weren’t saying much as you both walked around looking at the different things. You then went into a nice little shop and you looked around at different clothing that they had there. “This is cute.” You smile and pick up nice unique shirt that they had. “I don’t like it. It looks like someone threw up a bunch of different colors and it landed on that shirt.” He laughs. You sigh and put it back on the rack. It was basically like that the whole day. Anytime you found something different or unique, Louis didn’t like it. Finally, you were just ready to call it a day and you both went back to the hotel. When you get there, you go and sit out in on the balcony. You hear someone talking in the room, but you figure it was just Louis watching TV or something. That is until you hear your name. You open the door a bit, and listen. “Yeah, we had fun today, but she didn’t buy anything.  I don’t know just everything she picked out was horrible. I can’t believe she even considered wearing some of the stuff she picked out.  I don’t know man; she’s started to dress different and sometimes I wonder if she even thinks about what she’s wearing. I like her to look nice and done up, not like you just rolled out of bed or like the goodwill or something.” He says. You gasp and look down. Is that really how he saw you? Sure you didn’t dress up all the time, but you didn’t think that your clothes looked that bad. You sighed and went back into the room and grab your suitcase and look through you clothes. You take out any t-shirts and jeans and throw them out. “What are you doing?” Louis asks when he walks out of the bathroom. “Oh, nothing just getting rid of all the crap clothes that my boyfriend finds me in ugly in.” You say. “Don’t’ worry Louis, after I get rid of this crap, I’m going out and buy all dressy clothes and you don’t ever have to see me in this stupid crap again!” You say before grabbing your purse and going shopping. 

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Remember when Harry helped a girl that fell? WeLL THIS GUY WAS FRIENDS WITH HER AND IM KIND OF SCREAMING