“ Louis has just announced that his upcoming single, titled “Back to You,” will featured a guest vocal spot from Bebe Rexha and production from DJ Digital Farm Animals. Tomlinson’s recent work with Steve Aoki on “Just Hold On” may lead everyone to believe that “Back to You” will have some more EDM tendencies.”

Louis has real insecuries *and* confidence.

You don’t audition twice/three times, seek a review from Simon Cowell and put your shit on YouTube without some balls.

You don’t ham it up on live TV and interviews, become the impromptu leader/spokesperson of a supergroup and make a few enemies along the way without a strong personality and presence.

You don’t write a shit ton of songs, start a mini label and reach out to artists to collaborate without some courage and conviction.

You don’t have that devil may care, head strong, rebellious and honest voice without some personal swagger.

You don’t openly admit your shortcomings, your weaknessness, your vulnerabilities without a lion heart.

Those of us who love and respect him do so because he treads that line between raw/real and polished, sensitive and strong, light and dark. He’s sharp and talented and cunning and self aware and he’s always used that fire inside to get ahead.

He’s got a lot to prove to himself, the industry, 1D fans and the general public. But the fact that he’s decided to go for it, publically and honestly, is so damn amazing.

Some aspects of that article did make me emotional and empathetic, but they also just made me proud. ❤

The Observer interview is so raw, honest and self-deprecating and Louis doesn’t bash anyone, apart from being hard on himself. He is so damn deserving of a moment like this, he’s been dealing with toxic fans, grief, uncertainty about his future and insecurities since he first came into the spotlight and I’m not feeling sorry for him because he doesn’t want or need that, but I do find the bits we see of him as an individual so relatable in a way that pulls at my heartstrings. I identify with a lot of it and there’s something so unflinchingly human and rough around the edges about Louis, I’ve always wanted good things for him. I can’t begin to fathom living under the dizzying spotlight of celebrity during a time when you’re trying to grow up and find your place in an industry that builds you up and knocks you down - trying to cope with and negotiate celebrity whilst still being so grateful for the opportunities it affords.

I support and love Louis and want every success for him. Go out there and SMASH IT, lad.

Reading Louis’s interview is making me so sad. He is able to open up about his insecurities and I can’t believe the way he thinks about himself. He contributed so much to one direction but people took him for granted. He deserves nothing but the best. I’m happy that he has the confidence to release solo music, it’s going to show how much talent he has. This picture shows how strong he is by making his mother’s wish come true. I’m honestly in tears after reading the interview.

“…And then there’s me,”

Yes Louis, then there is you. The strong, kind, beautiful, selfless, lovely, brave and trustworthy young man from the worlds biggest boyband, who by himself has inspired so many people to do what they want.

Then there is you Louis, who has always wanted to help other people in need, even if you haven’t had the greatest time of your life at the moment. And still you have been here for people who need the help and support. You always think about everyone else before yourself darling, and it doesn’t matter what they are like or have you ever even heard of them.

Then there is you Louis, who has always in the first place thought about the fans and has defended them no matter what has happened. You have made so many of your fans believe in themself and in their own things, that if we put them in one video, the video would be many hours long.

Then there is you Louis, boy from Doncaster with big dreams. The boy who has achieved so much even though you are very young still. The boy every one in the world fell in love with in 2010 when you were only 18 years old. The boy who didn’t get any solos in xfactor but was still our favourite with his angelic voice.

And then there is you Louis who has shown everyone that it is not the end of the world even if it feels like it. And in the darkest times of your life, there is still hope , because even stormclouds have a silver lining. And there will be ups and downs but we surive them, with your help.

And then there is you Louis, the glue of our fandom and the band. The amazing songwriter who has wrote at least one of our favourite songs. The boy who has made every song he has sang sound like song of angels. The boy hos angelic and soft voice has made a lasting memory in our heads and hearts. The voice of peace.

Then there is you Louis, boy who makes other people laugh and smile by just his existence. You Louis, who has inspired people write songs, poems and essays and draw and paint photos of you. The person who is role model to us.

Then there is you Louis.The boy who has been broken far too many times by  mean people with their stupid need of putting kind people like you down. The boy the whole world would die to hug and just  tell that everything is fine, we are here and there is nothing more important than your wellbeing.

Then there is you Louis, person who everyone must know. Our hero. It is such a shame that you don’t see yourself like we see you. I would change parts with you ever for a short time so you would see how much you mean to us.

Then there is you Louis. Sweet, sweet Louis. Real life angel. Lifesaver. Our sweet creature. Most beautiful person ever been alive. The boy who wears adidas from head to toe. The blu eyed boy with lot of love inside. And thats, how we see you. Our Louis.

Yours forever, fans.

I think I can understand why Louis is so unsure about himself, why his self-esteem is/was low. They didn’t let him sing a lot in the beginning, maybe management or other people we don’t know told him he wasn’t as good as the others all the time and no matter how good and humble you are, the wounds caused by that haven’t healed yet so you stay vulnerable and unsure without wanting it. It just happens, it’s a fact. People who have been bullied know what I’m talking about. And even if your wounds have healed, there will always be a scar left on the surface of your heart. It will never go away completely, never.