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#15 Louis Tomlinson - Baby fever

Your best friend just got a baby and you and your boyfriend, Louis are on your way to the hospital. You both are super excited to see the little boy. “You think she’ll okay when we just visit her?” You ask as you get out of Louis’ car.

“‘Course she will.” Louis smiles as he puts his arm around your waist. You get inside and ask a nurse for the number your friend’s room. The closer you get, the more excited to become to see the baby. Louis knocks on the door and seconds later your best friend yells: “come in!”

As soon as you’ve closed the door behind you, you give Louis your bag and put your hair behind. “Hii baby!” Your voice actually goes high. To your luck, the little boy is awake and doesn’t start to cry when you pick him up.

“Did everything go well?” Louis asks your friend while you can only focus on the new born.

“Yeah and I’m soo exhausted.” You best friend says and leans back.

“You can sleep, I take care of this munchkin.” You smile at the little boy in your arms.

“You didn’t even say hello to me but want to take care of my child?” She laughs.

“Yea.” You and Louis say at the same time. Your best friend rolls her eyes at you when her husband and father comes in with chocolate and other sweets.

You and Louis spend few hours there, talking to the parents and holding the baby. Shortly before you leave, you take pictures with the little boy. “He could easily be your child.” The father says laughing.

“True.” You nod agreeing as you take a picture of Louis and the little one before giving him back to his mother. You two say goodbye and in the car you say what you’ve been holding on since you came into the room.

“You look great with a baby in your hands, love.” You smile at Louis as he drives off.

“Is someone in baby fever?” Louis chuckles and you nod.

“Did you see how cute he was?!” You exclaim smirking.

“Of course I did but…” He makes a pause.

“But what?”

“Our baby would be much cuter.” He smiles at you before concentrating on the street again.

“Does this mean we’re trying for a baby now?” You laugh excited. You have to admit that a baby with Louis would be pretty nice and there’s nothing against it.

“Woman! Let me get a ring for you first!” The yells making you giggle.

“Okay, okay.” You give in and place your hand on his thigh. “But we can try for a baba with a condom on. How about that?” You move your hand up and down his thigh.

“Always, love. Always.” He bites his lip and ignores every red light just to get you home quicker.