Imagine drinking with Logan after a long day of teaching classes

Requested by anon with the prompt,“This should be against some sort of rule.”

You looked up at the night sky and exhaled deeply. To say you were mentally exhausted would be a understatement. The newest crop of mutant students to arrive where a handful and classes were spent trying to get everyone’s abilities under control. After one student caught a few strands of your hair on fire, having a cold ice beer on the back lawn of the school, seemed well deserved.

“Now you got the right idea,” Logan’s voice came from behind you. Smiling to yourself, you patted the empty lawn chair next to you.

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Star Wars Rebels + X-Men Share One VERY Talented Writer!

Christopher Yost, writer of TWO of this season’s Sabine-centric eps, is also the co-creator of X-23 – the young girl mutant about to BLOW UP in next month’s Wolverine film, ‘Logan’.

One thing is for sure – the guy writes some GREAT characters!