Cause L.Joe bring dem boys out

Minjoe - L.Joe x Minwoo

Jongjoe - L.Joe x Jonghyun

Joesik - L.Joe x Hyungsik

Chanjoe - L.Joe x Chanyeol

Myungjoe - L.Joe x Myungsoo (L)

Gyujoe - L.Joe x Sunggyu

L.Joe overall catch at MBC Idol Olympics 

- Chanyeol, Dongwoo, Jeongmin, Sanghoon

Now may I present to you,some lovely pictures of L.Hoe with fellow Teen Top members.

Changjoe :

Nieljoe :

Capjoe : 

Chunjoe :

Rickjoe : 

[This is just a joke,nothing offensive.

Images don’t belong to me,credit to the original owners.]

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Exostans, stop bashing L.Joe

Firstly, I just want to say that i’m not hating Exo (but also not a fan of). If I hate Exo then I won’t put Growl on my tumblr playlist. I do like some of Exo songs. Ever since my friend introduced me to Exo and help me memorizing their member, My impression of Exo start to change. I used to thought that Exo talent is just so-so and they are popular because of SM promotion. But it’s wrong, they are one of good kpop group.

So, I saw a lot of interaction between L.Joe with one of Exo member, Chanyeol. 

External image

External image

External image

I think it’s pretty cute, their friendship. They are friend before debut (some say this). I ship them somehow, the tall giant and dwarfs haha. 

However yesterday SBS Gayo Daejun 2013, Sbs didn’t prepare enough seat for Teen Top. So you’ll see below that Minsoo is standing up. 

External image

During part 2 (i think) Ljoe stood up, letting his member to sit. Chanyeol who is a hoobae (Since TT debuted first) probs asked ljoe to sit on his lap. 

External image

Ljoe looked like a fluffy ball or a baby when he was sitting on Chanyeol’s lap. Well that’s cute but one of fucking exostans ruined my otp feels. 

(note if you ask who post that -> this bitch)

this is so rude and dumb. why are you bashing them. Anyway L.Joe sat on Chanyeol’s lap to get attention? shit you. Byung doesn’t need that. Poor guy, just wanting to sit on his bestfriend’s lap. Teen Top rides off everyone fame huh? tch. 

1. Teen Top is naturally close with Infinite. 

External image
so i can say that myungsoo embraced him (since he did it first) to gain popularity? hell no.

External image
can you say that Niel bought Sungyeol a shoe to gain popularity? why should he even spent money to buy him? he could save up to promote himself instead.

You can’t say that Sungyeol is seeking attention because he hugged Niel. Well hey, Teen Top is also popular.

External image

2. Teen Top with big bang? oh what they used BB to gain popularity? There’s a lot of group out there that respect and BB is their role model, why don’t you said that those other groups seek attention?

3. Teen Top with Shinee? uhmm sorry i don’t hear much interaction between them.

That joke when you said “Everyone in Exo is good at singing and dancing. Teen Top only has two singers who are not good." 

I admit it that Exo is good at singing and dancing but judging teen top like that? you are an immature bitch. Teen Top won immortal song over Exo. But still, Exo did well^^

Don’t you know we Angel didn’t bother to bash Chanyeol because we are jealous over Chanyeol and Ljoe closeness. I admit it I’m jealous with their skinship. 

But immature exo stans did it. if brains were taxed you’d get a rebate.

I hope there’s more kind Exo stans that are KIND AND UNDERSTANDING. Let’s not ruin Exo. Do you think doing this only making Teen Top suffer? Don’t you know Exo also suffer?

Both group won because of their hardwork. Exo won because of their fans support, Teen Top as well won because of fans support too. But because of this Exo lose a lot of fans especially those who were both Angel and Exostans. Don’t you know doing it making Exo suffer too?

Well I guess sometimes the world need dumb people, not only smart one. To those KIND Exostans, let’s not bashed each other. We Angels didn’t bash Exo, insulting them, so don’t bash Teen Top.


BONUS: Chanyeol tapped L.Joe and ran away haha cute

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