Sailors’ Home gates by Tony
Via Flickr:
Th liverbird depiction on the sailer’s gates. The Gates originally formed a gated entry to the Sailer’s home built in 1850. The gates locked out any sailers that had not returned to their room by the ten oclock curfew.


From Instagram: hexstark Second time hearing This Song Is A Curse live and I am so grateful 💗💕 #frankiero#frankieroandthepatience

A snippet of “This Song Is a Curse” at Frank Iero and The Patience at Arts Club, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom - September 21st, 2017

I was in Liverpool today and I still can’t believe that the National Museums of Liverpool actually had someone build statues of so-called “Superlambananas” - a mixture between a lamb and a banana- and put them right at the Liverpool waterfront. I mean, look at these things, they’re ridiculous:

And then they actually had these signs printed:

The first sentence alone is art. I want it on a T-shirt. These are real life shitposts, standing right at the Liverpool waterfront. I’m in awe.