That walk. How wide his shoulders are. His expression. Damn. It all says something like “I’m the leader, I’m in charge. Don’t fuck with me. This shit isn’t new, I know you’re staring.”

Okay, to clear this up, I did NOT create this gif. I got this particular one from another page: eun-sook . Well, now that that has been acknowledged, please feel free to divert your attention/likes/re-blogs to their original post if you please, I have reblogged that post already. Now, to further clear things up, at that time, I didn’t really get how this tumblr stuff worked as far as credit and tags and reblogs were concerned (I damn near still don’t, lol *just got tagging down a few weeks ago*) and I didn’t know that you could comment on a post either. So, on my phone and just googling around, I saw the post and thought oh, that looks really cool, so I just saved it and posted it with my little commentary added to it. I didn’t think that people would assume that I’d created the gif or anything, I was more focused on what I was saying ABOUT the gif and Jinki. I wasn’t trying to steal or get over on anyone or find a way to rack up notes. Idgaf about the notes, or how many follows I get, I just honestly didn’t think about it when I posted it. So, once again, if you like the gif and would like to like it or reblog it, please use the original on eun-sook tumblr page if you want.

you fucked up. no going around this. you just have to buckle up and ride this out. take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

the public’s opinion is only second to making things right by the woman, and by the law. this is what’s essential. so just focus on that and take everything else out of your mind.

whatever is the authorities’ decision, you just have to abide by it. and I will stand by you through it.

i’m staying.


His hands were literally empty before 9 seconds.

Credit to Sukkie Channel


Fave moment yet 😍Jinki learning & singing Jongwon’s favorite trot song💕 Eat Sleep Eat in Krabi #shinee #onew #jinki #leejinki

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Followers who support and don't support Onew

I’ve heard that J and K Shawols want us to NOT discuss Onew’s case until the investigation is over. In the meantime I ask this:

1. Reserve your judgement of Onew until the investigation is final. Be it positive or negative…wait…

2. Reserve your judgement of other Tumblrs. Everyone reacted in their own way. Some of us with difficult past experiences maybe more readily and strongly than others. Don’t unfollow, don’t exchange harsh words. Now more than ever Shawols need Shawols.

3. The issue is Onew’s. Ot4 has nothing to do with the incident. Please leave them out of the discussions.

4. Based on the current evidence and understanding of Onew the person (not the idol), I strongly support him. Plz discuss this with me privately if you’d like to. Those that support Onew, please use #onewsaranghae the next several days in all of your posts. I hope that’s most of you…

Onew Fighting🤗
SHINee fighting❤


So basically the whole wide kpop web was present in the club and was actually witnessing the whole incident, giving them the right to call the so called ‘harasser’ names, of-course, based on facts.

I’m not being biased and saying that sexual harassment is something to be overlooked just because it involves someone i dearly love. I’m just saying that no one knows what actually happened other then the two parties and the present witness/es.  You don’t have the right to make him feel like shit when there’s a probability that he has done nothing.