laurasweetblasphemy replied to your post★ idk if you’re still doing this but…you has to~

aldsjgfjweo, unni~ your handwriting is so PRETTY GOSH and dawh >///< but on those geese…i think one was trying to steal my soul yesterday T-T

thank you *ahem* but you don’t wanna see my rushed writing. it looks like i’m trying to throw a curse on someone otl

WHAT! aaahh hhh *ptooey* dem geese, i knew, but no one believed me! they’re all white and long necked and crap and they strut around like they own the place and innocent people walk by thinking “aww, how cute” when in reality they don’t know but i know, with their shrill “ga!ga!’ crap they’re communicating with the DEVIL! THE EVIL FORCES, THEIR EYES ARE GATES TO HELL why do you think they run so fast!

don’t worry gull, i’ll throw magic dust on dem and that one, the one who attacked you, WILL. BE. PUNISHED!

i’ll see to that!

i will!