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prompt: just let me fuckin live okay

~500 words, luv you too  (ficaversary)

“Hey, Bell’my?”


“Do you think rabbits know about science?”

Bellamy pauses unlocking Clarke’s door and looks down at where she’s leaning against his shoulder, cheeks flushed and eyes heavy. She grumbles when they start moving and Bellamy’s glad she’s too far gone to care if he smiles.

“I don’t think rabbits really have a sense of consciousness, so I doubt they know about science.”

“Think about it, though. Little bunny scientists? We should have bunny scientists.” There’s an oof as she flops onto her bed and Bellamy kneels to pull off her shoes.

“You’re drunk, you know that?”

“Just let me fucking live, okay?” A strand of hair has fallen across her mouth but Clarke doesn’t seem to notice. “I desp– I deserve bunny scientists.”

He snorts, pulling the blankets around her shoulders. “You do deserve bunny scientists. Maybe someday.”

Clarke nods as she burrows into the pillows. When her shoes are in the closet and the lamp turned off, Bellamy looks over at her before leaving the room. Her eyes are closed, lips still stained red from the lipstick she wore earlier and the cherries she kept eating after drink five. She’s tucked up tight, even though she always inevitably sprawls across the bed halfway through the night.

The ever-present well of affection inside him swells.

“I’ll be on the couch if you need anything, okay?” he says quietly.

“Mmm…Bell’my! Wait, Bell-a-my!” Clarke blinks against the light slipping in through the doorway, one arm flopping out in his direction, and Bellamy lets her grab onto his wrist to pull him close.


“Did I tell you that you’re so pretty? Like, so pretty. The prettiest.”

“You didn’t.”

“Well, you are. But pretty and good, too. So good. And right beside me. I like it so much.” She furrows her brow, like the words are heavy as she tries to push them out. “Just wanna be with you always, Bell…”

Her eyes are drifting shut again and Bellamy reaches down, brushes the hair out of her face. His heart is loud against his ribs but he lets his hand linger on her cheek, thumb just tracing the edge of her mouth as she leans into his touch.

He swallows and kneels next to the mattress so she can see him before her eyes close. “Why don’t we talk about it in the morning? If you remember.”

“I will,” Clarke murmurs, head falling deeper into the pillow.

His heart might tear his chest in two.

He’s been up for most of an hour, coffee brewed and waiting, when Clarke stumbles through her door, grabs his hand, and pulls him back towards her room.

“I still like you,” she mumbles with her face pressed against his shirt.

He hums and rubs his hand against her back, light pouring out of him. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. But I’ll like you a lot better in a couple of hours.”

Bellamy doesn’t put up a fight when she climbs back into bed, hold still tight on his hand. After all, he’s right beside her.

Okay , so I guess tonight is full of rants. I swear this is going to probably be the last time I bring the famous thing up , because they are doing this for attention.

But I feel like we all need a reminder, because Its Not okay.  Why is the public so silent about Kanye’s blatant misogyny as soon as Taylor swift is involved?

Taylor has made it very clear that she’s not comfortable taking her clothes off.

Here’s a screenshot of her interview with Rolling Stones 

 She checks every bathroom, hotel,dressing room for hidden cameras so nobody gets a video of her changing. And what does Kanye do ? He essentially puts her naked body on display for the world to see.

People are so blind in there jealousy based hatred of Taylor swift. that they forget kanye is no saint.

he put a victim of domestic violence in a bed with their abuser Are they forgetting the “ Bill Cosby is innocent tweet” ? What about the degrading way he talked about Amber Rose ,saying he “needed 40 showers before getting with Kim ”

It’s possible Taylor did lie, or make a bad judgment call, she’s human too. she was kinda put on the spot ,maybe she needed time to process things.. Your allowed to change your mind.

we have to remember, we have about 5 minutes of a hour long phone call, in edited 10 second chops. Not to mention Taylor was demanding that they release the full call ,And they haven’t. So, it’s pretty clear they have something to hide.
Taylors statement has been the consistent since February, theirs has changed multiple times.

Tree her publicist, said she was on the line during that call too. I think tree would tell the truth , because she knows it could get even messier.
I do wish her original statement was more clear and left less room for them to manipulate the situation. Thats a publicist job though, to make things less messy. It’s not her fault. How were they supposed to know kimye wire taped and edited the call. 

It’s really sad because Taylor was already paranoid about stuff like that , and it happened by people she thought were her friends . 

Everybody fails to bring up the fact that they lied to Taylor! They deceived her. Not only did they never play her the full song or inform her of the context , they completely changed the lines!

Taylor ( and the world) first heard the song with "I feel like Taylor still owe me sex// I made that bitch famous” . When the song debuted at Madison square garden on February 11. 
The song that played at the debut party was disgusting.

EVERYBODY was tweeting “that no women ever owes anybody sex . ever ” after the song debut at Madison square garden. Yet they are all silent now.

Joseph khan tweeted reminding people 

 And look at Haley Williams tweet , saying that “ Thats not even the worst part of the lyrics “  the person attached an article referencing the Bitch part.

That leads me to believe it wasn’t just the word bitch, it was also the “ owes me sex ” part, it also could’ve just been the whole song in context.
Some of her friends were even at the show. karlie kloss was dancing in her seat but as soon as the first lines about Taylor played she stopped. Jamie king was so upset she got up and left. They were shocked. Look at those tweets from after the fashion show.

Taylor is very close to her friends and family. She talks to them everyday. Some of them were most likely with her when all this went down. I think she would have told them everything .

I doubt they would’ve reacted the way they did, if Taylor was okay with the song. I know they are good friends, but I don’t think they would involve themselves if she wasn’t truly hurt.
Abigail got multiple death threats on Twitter for defending Taylor. All those people knew they would get hate for standing up for Taylor but they did it anyway.

I wish Taylor and Tree came for him about the owes line. Although I get why they didn’t.
Taylor would still be attacked because
1) Kanye didn’t even release that version, he just debuted it that way at the fashion show. So people are forgetting the grossest part.

2) people would say , “ well ‘she was okay with the we might have sex line” despite the fact that there’s a huge difference.

To say that she played the victim and tried to make them look bad is ridiculous! They don’t need taylor swift to look bad!
They are harassing her in this one sided feud. It’s clearly jealousy.

Her entire Grammys speech was not a dig at Kanye. It was a message to empower women.


EVERY major award she gets , is met with a huge amount of backlash; as to whether or not she deserved that award. That never happens with a man. 

She still has people who question her songwriting abilities, saying “there’s no way she writes her own songs”. Unfortunately this frequently happens with female artist who write their songs, people assume they have ghost writers.
Every person who works with Taylor is stunned to learn she actually writes her own songs. Imogen heap,for example said she was very impressed by Taylor swifts songwriting- saying “ I wasn’t actually sure how much of her songs she wrote, but I’ve seen her in action”.
Nobody ever questions male artist who claim to write their own songs. It’s just “this guy is genius! ”

Not to mention all the sexist criticism Taylor gets for writing about relationships , when male artists do it all the time!

It’s deeply ingrained sexism.

I do think that reference to fame was extra ,but to be fair that song first played a few days before the Grammys. That was how she first herd the song, it was still fresh in her mind. The “fame ” probably a last minute thing that she added to her speech.  she felt betrayed and was hurt, probably wasn’t thinking too much. 

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how about forever

@clarkeknows asked for: “A fic about bellarke wedding and their vows”

~600 words; future canon–hope you enjoy!

It’s simple. Quiet.

Clarke’s not sure it even counts as a wedding, really, but they’ve redefined so many things in the wake of the second apocalypse that one more won’t make a difference. Except to them.

It’s been years since Bellamy and the others came back down. Years since they dug out what was left of the bunker; years, even, since they found their way together in the dusky twilight. Years that they’ve pushed and pulled together in their one little cabin, sometimes wondering how this was their fate.

Madi waits in the treeline, but it’s just her and Bellamy down by the lake.

There’s no officiant, no rings. None of the contracts they would have had to sign back on the Ark, no obligations they owe each other besides the ones they set themselves.

“Marriage” as they’ve known it doesn’t really mean anything down here. It’s not necessary, hasn’t been, but.

Clarke wants the things they say in the quiet depths of night to see the light of day. Wants everyone to know there’s not a doubt left in her bones. Wants to stand here with Bellamy’s hands in hers and the sunlight wrapping around them at the edge of the lake where they finally found each other all those years ago. The lake they settled their few people near, built their life around.

He’s smiling at her, gentle and wide. Stubble glints across his cheeks and a strand of gray has found its way into his hair. He was the one who wondered about this, mildly, with his fingers tangled in her hair and her skin pressed against his early one morning, and the same light that shone in his eyes when she agreed lights them now.

She loves this man.

If there’s anything she’s certain of, it’s him.

“I’m with you, forever,” Bellamy says, and laces their fingers together. It’s the same thing he told her when she couldn’t believe he was really on Earth again, the same thing she told him when he woke up panting and only calmed once his palm was pressed against her cheek.

“I’m with you. Forever,” Clarke echoes.

She grins and he grins back, wraps a hand around the back of her neck and pulls her forward for a kiss that threatens to make her heart burst, makes her warm all the way down to her toes. He sneaks one more after they pull apart and she leans her head against his shoulder, laughs when Madi rushes out to meet them with strands of flowers clutched in her hands.

Everyone is waiting when they walk through the gates of their village–her mom and Miller among the first to hug them, pat down the flowers laced through their hair. There are cheers and Monty breaks out a bottle of moonshine and Clarke feels almost overwhelmed with the good that they’ve managed to build here. With the life they built from the ashes of what they all once were.

“You know,” Bellamy says, watching her watch everyone once things have quieted for a moment, “I think I like having you by my side.”

Clarke laughs, knocks her shoulder against his when he winks and tugs at a strand of her hair. His freckles dance in the dimming light and she pulls his arm tighter around her, contentment filling her at his touch and the reminder of all the good in their lives.

“Yeah,” she replies, quiet so only he can hear. “I think you can stay.”