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Hey can i ask Gom finding out their crush is a mythical creature? *-*

YOOOOOOO THIS TOOK ME SO LONG. I’m sorry ahh,, I hope you enjoy this an thanks for sending a request in! (note: please specify gender of crush next time ><) I chose from a list of mythical creatures and assigned them to the characters accordingly!! I hope this suffices! 

- Kru

Kise Ryouta (Fairy) -  Kise set the stack of books on the library cart, and turned around to grab some more when he heard a strange buzzing noise. It suddenly stopped, but now he could hear squeaking. Although nearly inaudible, the voice of someone’s disgruntled tone could be heard in the silent library. Kise looked around, puzzled and frightened when no one was close enough to classify the voice as theirs.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something move. He squinted at the tiny thing, and leaned forward to get a better look.

And there you were, struggling under the weight of a book, trying to push it off. Your little wings gladly weren’t damaged, but it was obviously a distressing situation to be in, considering all the profanities that escaped your mouth.

Kise was terrified. “______-chi?!?!?!?!??” he yelped, causing all heads to jerk towards him. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said ‘sorry’ to everyone before returning his attention back to you, “w-what happened here?! How are you so tiny?!”

You groaned and pushed harder, “I’d love to explain, but can you help me here first?”

Kise hesitantly took the book of off you and watched you stand up while dusting off your outfit. A hand on your hip, you gestured for him to come closer. He did so, clutching the book tightly while listening for your words of explanation.

“Long story short, I’m a fairy. I wasn’t always one, but a couple years ago I became one. It’s a transformation thing though. Accept this, please? Don’t tell anyone?”

Kise nodded, his fearful expression turning into one of amusement as he picked you up. You yelled at him and pounded at his hand. “You’re so tiny and bite-size,” he laughs.

“Ah, yes, put me in a kid’s halloween basket, Kise.” You rolled your eyes.

Midorima Shintarou (Ghost) - (I went for the person being possessed by a ghost thing here because I just finished watching Oh My Ghostess and I’m obsessed with that concept haha)

Midorima’s fast reflexes caught you before you fell to the ground. The both of you were having a decent conversation about nearby thrift shops when you admitted to feeling light headed, and eventually lost your balance to gravity. Midorima was flustered, and laid you down onto the couch of the living room, waiting for your eyes to flutter open.

Truth was, you were already outside of her body. You knew that she was weak from the start, and had intentions of leaving a long time ago, but the green-haired basketball player’s sudden interest in you after possessing her caused you to stay. However, it had gone too far. At this rate, you might’ve been stuck in her body forever, which was something you weren’t willing to commit to.

You watched Midorima brush the hair out of the girl’s eyes. He was blushing at his own gestures, and you couldn’t help but laugh. When Midorima flinched at the noise, you covered your mouth.


Midorima slowly turned his head, and saw you sitting on the coffee table. He stood up quickly, immediately in a defensive position, hues wide open.

He can see me?!

“W-Who are you?! How did you get in here?!” he demanded an answer.

You stood on top of the coffee table and waved your hands out in front of you. “W-Wait, Midorima-kun, I’m _______.” You pointed at the girl on the couch.

Midorima grew even more wary to your actions, and watched you get down from the coffee table. Before he could tell you that was bullshit, you slipped on the edge of the table and fell forward. Midorima instinctively reached out to brace your fall, but when you passed right through his arms and down to the hardwood floors, he felt shivers reverberate throughout his body.

“Ah…” You held your head, “that hurt. Why am I still so clumsy even after death?”

“Death…? Wait,” Midorima shook his head and took a step away from you. The light above the both of you flickered as you stood up.

“I’m a ghost, Midorima-kun. I guess it’s…kind of shameful that I’m still here on earth. Although I don’t want to reveal my intentions, I possessed this girl,” you glanced at her on the couch, “but she has a very weak body. I wanted to leave sooner before something like this happened, but…I enjoyed talking to you a little too much.”

Midorima clenched his fists in disbelief. There was no way that ghosts could exist. But he saw you disappear through his arms with his own eyes. “So… the _____ I knew this entire time was you?” Midorima suddenly had flashbacks of when her personality had suddenly changed, and he realized that it was because of your possession over her. He had fallen in love with a ghost.

You nodded with a sad smile on your face. “I’m sorry.”

Aomine Daiki (Ghoul) - It had been almost three days since your sudden transformation into a ghoul. You hated how you felt: the sudden insatiable thirst for human blood was the only thing that occupied your mind. Being scared for hurting anyone close to you, you ran away from home and haven’t been attending school. Although surviving off of pig meat has been sufficient up to now, you ravenously craved the texture of human flesh.

Knees hugged to your chest, crying tears of frustration underneath the dim streetlamp, you felt it wasn’t worth to live here anymore. As far away…as you could. The hunger wasn’t bearable any longer. When a rat that scurried near your feet, you caught it quickly in one snatch. Opening your mouth to devour it, eyes turning red, you heard leaves crunch under someone’s weight. The malignant look in your eyes immediately disappeared when you saw Aomine Daiki.

Aomine’s eyes were wide open, dropping the bags of groceries to the ground in surprise. “Did you just catch that rat with your bare hands?! Holy shit, that’s some skill.” He walked over to you, rubbing his hands together because of the chilly weather.

This wasn’t right. Why was someone awake and on the streets at 2 AM? Usually this time was clear for you to roam around and find prey. You quickly threw the rat away and turned from the boy, tears floating in your eyes.

Aomine scratched his head, and approached you. “What are you doing out here so late, ______?”

“None of your business Aomine. And I could say the same to you,” you sniffled.

Aomine sat down next to you on the curb, and his human scent aroused your hunger. You began to feel dizzy. When he took of his jacket, revealing his bare tan arms, and put it around you, a weird feeling of romance and rancor resonated in your heart.

You couldn’t take it anymore. Eyes turning red, mouth salivating, eyeing down the texture of his skin, you grabbed his arm and brought it up to your mouth. He was surprised, confused, and groaned in pain as you sink your teeth into his flesh. The copper-tasting blood was so delicious that it made you feel grateful for becoming a ghoul only for a split second before Aomine yanked his arm away and looked at you with eyes of fear. “W-What the fuck?!” He stood up and held his arm.

“I-I’m so sorry. Oh my goodness.” You wiped your mouth.

Aomine took a step back when you stood up. His expression broke your heart, and you decided it was best to just look at your feet instead of his eyes. “…I’m a ghoul. Do you get it now? That’s why I’ve been avoided everything lately. It’s more the reason you should stay away from me. Leave, Aomine.” You could smell the fragrance of his dripping blood, which made you so unbearably thirsty.

Aomine couldn’t believe what was going on, but if what you said was true, then it’s more the reason to stay with you. He’s liked you for a very long time, and it worried him sick when you weren’t showing up to school. Something like this wouldn’t scare him away. He stepped towards you. Your eyes didn’t know where to look.

“You biting me totally isn’t cool but,” he looked away, “at least make use of it while you can.”

His arm was held out to you and your tears fell as you gently held onto his wrist, nodding.


Murasakibara Atsushi (Werewolf) - At first, your appetite had drawn him in. It was his first time seeing someone eat almost as much as him.The people around you always grimaced at how much food you brought to school, and how gluttonously you ate it.

“Haha, Atsushi, are you attracted to her?” HImuro teased, smiling at how he was constantly staring.

Murasakibara scoffed, “no way. She’d eat all my food if I got anywhere near her.”

One time, when Murasakibara was walking home from late-night basketball practice, he saw you turn the corner into a mysterious alley. Murasakibara wasn’t one to get curious about anything, and Himuro’s teasing words which hurt his pride were also reason enough to not follow you.

However, he was drawn into it, like a mouse to cheese. Quietly munching, he followed you nonchalantly, actually amused at how you didn’t notice. When you stopped in the dim-lit alley, Murasakibara halted as well.

Suddenly, hair began to sprout from your legs, arms, everywhere. Your posture curved and canine teeth became sharper. Eventually, you were under you full werewolf influence. Catching a glimpse of a rabbit in the corner, you approached it with saliva dripping from the floor of your mouth.

Murasakibara was more than in awe. He actually stopped eating for a second. You closed in on your prey, but then jumped up rapidly when you heard a noise.

“Ah.” Murasakibara looked at the shrimp crackers he had dropped, “crap.”

“M-Murasakibara-kun?!” you shrieked, slowly turning back into your human form.

“Ehh, why are you switching back,” he asked with boring eyes, “you were about to catch that rabbit.”

Before asking him what he was doing standing there, you tilted your head in confusion. “You’re…not surprised at my other form?”

“Not really,” Murasakibara admitted, “the only thing surprising about you is how much you eat.”

That stuck with you for the rest of your life.

Akashi Seijuro (Elf) - (I read this really interesting thing about how the more someone spends time with an elf, the more vulnerable or insane they’ll become mentally, so I decided to merge that with the canon concept of Akashi’s personality disorder.)

Akashi felt all sorts of emotions when he was with you. He deciphered these arrays of emotions as being in love, which convinced him that he should spend more of his time trying to charm you inside and out. Although it seemed like most of his efforts were working judging from the interested and playful look in your eyes whenever he addressed you, the actual connection the two of you had never seemed to budge. Falling desperate, getting excited even when you looked his way, Akashi realized there was something wrong with him. It was as though he was under some spell. His previous commitment to feeling happy and content with the people around him slowly began to disappear, replaced with pride and immense amounts of ego.

Whenever he held his head in frustration and wondered what was wrong with him, the silhouette of you would appear in the corner of his eyes, and he’d catch you innocently smiling at him. It was oddly enchanting and dangerous at the same time.

And when Murasakibara had confronted Akashi about his true authority, that was when it broke. A different Akashi, one whom he hadn’t ever imagined to be, had became. Although he felt more powerful as this person, there was still an echo in his heart telling him that something was terribly off. And, for the first time in his life, he decided to go along with his gut feeling about it.

But in the flooded hallways of the 9th grade graduation ceremony, he couldn’t find you anywhere. All of the questions he pleaded answers for were with you, on the tip of your tongue. But you had disappeared.

And time flew as the first year of high school was over, and Akashi had faced his first loss.

Although there were tears in his eyes and his resolve was about to break in front of the team, he was still glad that he was back to his normal self. Walking to the locker room, he felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

The figure passed by quickly and disappeared. Akashi’s eyebrows furrowed and he gestured for the rest of the team to move on without him, ignoring their questions. When the coast was clear, he turned right into the next hallway and there you were, with that same smile which still managed to make his heart race.

“________,” he acknowledged, “it’s been a while.”

You nodded, smile stretching wider. “Sorry to show up at such a sour hour, but I hope you’re feeling better about the outcome of the game.”

“It’s definitely hard to swallow, but not a reason for concern over me,” he admitted, eyes narrowing.

“Oh my, why the strong gaze? What did I do?”

Akashi sighed, and decided to get it over with. Although asking you such odd questions would make him feel uncomfortable, he didn’t know when you were going to disappear again. This might be his only chance.

“Who are you? What are you? I’m certain that my infatuation with you a year ago was something that created my alter ego. And when you disappeared, I’m now suddenly back to normal. And feeling you here in this hallway so close to me makes me feel even more delirious, and yet so scared,” he took a breath, embarrassed at his interrogation, but still had to pull through, “you’re not human, are you?”

You frowned as a golden glow radiated off of you, “You caught me.” The school uniform you were wearing slowly turned into a green cape, hair growing longer, and ears becoming more angled. Akashi couldn’t do anything but stand still, eyes wide open. And suddenly, the entire hall shined white.

“I’m an elf. I wasn’t supposed to meddle with any humans, but time in my kingdom can be pretty boring. I knew of the consequences that would arrive if I spent time with you, but I still stayed simply because it was all enjoyable. However, noting of your sudden psychological changes, I was too scared to reside near you any longer. And I still am. I apologize for any trouble I’ve caused you, Akashi Seijuro,” you gave one last smile before vanishing into thin air back to your own time.

Before Akashi could reach out and tell you to wait, the entire structure of the hallway was back to normal.

“Sei-chan! We were worried about you. If you want to sulk around, at least do it with us,” Reo called out to him from the main hallway.

Akashi hesitated, and then nodded. “I’m coming.”

Kuroko Tetsuya (Mermaid) - It’s been years since Kuroko last saw your here. He still remembers your smile and laugh, the way you looked at him. Although the two of you were very small back then, you were the closest of friends. There was nothing that could’ve broken you two apart, and Kuroko’s realization of his love made his attachment much stronger.

However, when his mother had knelt down on her knees and rubbed the blue tufts on top of his head, tears in her eyes, and told him the news of your death, he thought there was nothing more painful to experience.

These very waves had consumed you. He still gets angry at your carelessness to frolic upon these rocks, squealing at the waves crashing upwards. Why hadn’t you taken him with you? Could he have saved you from drowning?

Kuroko sighed and adjusted his position on the rock, moving his feet around in the water. It was painful, coming here to the place where he had lost you. But it was also oddly calm and peaceful. He felt like you were still here, riding the souls of the waves.

Suddenly, Kuroko felt his heartbeat quicken unusually, and he felt shortness of breath. Startled, he grasped onto his shirt and attempted to stand up when something grabbed his ankle in the water. He caught a split second of a glance into the blue before being pulled in. Kuroko was suddenly in the sea, being dragged by some strange being. He couldn’t focus his eyes well but….it looked like a human? No, a fish?

You had gotten too excited. It’s been a very long time since a human boy visited this shore. Finally, for the first time in years, you could have fun. A frown formed on your face as the boy began to struggle. You stopped and looked at him, about to ask why he was flailing but then you remembered.

Humans can’t breathe underwater.

“Shit, shit, shit,” you mumbled, accelerating towards air again. You pulled the blue-haired boy up out of the water, watching him closely as he gasped. It took a few minutes to get to the nearest sandy shore. Laid down, the boy coughed multiple times and groaned. You watched him with your tail still in the water. Your lips curved into a smile as his round eyes fluttered open.

His first reaction to you was immediate caution as he sat up, but then he stared you down. After a moment of studying your face, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Hm?” you tilted your head, “why are you looking at me like that?”

Kuroko’s palms began to sweat as adrenaline powered his body. He knew it was impossible, yet…


You were surprised. How did he know your name? Before asking him that same question, you had a sudden flashback. It was a flashback to a grain field. The figure of a small boy was in front of you. He had bright blue eyes and blue hair. And then another scene flashed. A scene where a little girl was jumping from rock to rock, giggling, until she fell and hit her head then eventually slipped into the raging waves.

You covered your mouth with both hands, eyes widening in realization.


Kuroko was frozen. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was really you. After all these years, you were still alive. But how? He looked at the tail that starting from your abdomen and ended near where your feet should be. A mermaid? Those were only creatures of books.

The sun had set by the time you explained to him about the mermaid people who allowed you a second chance to live as long as you kept their world a secret. But, when they suddenly disappeared, there was no one you could go home to anymore. You spent the rest of your days waiting for someone to come by and pay company.

Kuroko smiled, wondering how all these amazing things always center around you. “I’ll visit you.”

Your facial expression instantly became ecstatic. “R-Really?!”

Kuroko nodded, “of course. ______-chan, you’re not going anywhere out of my sight this time.”

Kurobas Week: Day 2 “Rivals” 

I was so frustrated that I continued practicing even after I retired… And then when I entered high school, hell yeah, I laughed. The guy I vowed to defeat no matter what was standing right in front of me as one of my own teammates. But now it’s pointless to hold a grudge. Rather, I wanted to make you recognize me.”

The two weren’t always friends, but it just happened. 

Receive and Give

Title: Receive and Give

Author: vanillaandmackerel

Pairings: Midorima Shintarou/Takao Kazunari with appearances from the Shuutoku senpais

Alternatively, 5 Hugs Midorima Doesn’t Return and the 1 He Does


Me: I’m gonna write a MidoTaka fic for @aurenwolfgang as a thank you gift.

Fic: lol you thought

Me: Hoe don’t do it

Fic: *is seven months late*

Me: Oh my god

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Ah, I'm really sorry for the last ask >< Alright then, may I just ask for Shin-chan and Takao calming down their s/o who's scared to go to a dentist? I apologize again for the mistake .-. (Okay, who am I, Sakurai? //shot// xD )

Thank you for requesting and I hope this is up to your standards ;v;

Midorima: At first he would probably be a tiny bit annoyed because he doesn’t understand why a regular visit to the dentist is so scary, but when he looks at you, shaking and constantly biting your lip in the midst of your anxiety, he pulls you closer to him by your shoulders as his irritation fades away. He’s now worried of you being so scared, but he knows that it’s all for your well-being. Your face is now buried in his chest and he can feel your breathing start to become more regular. Midorima then will tell you there is actually nothing to be worried about.

“Relax, ____________. Dentists are professionals. It might hurt a little, but it’s nothing you can handle, nanodayo.”

Takao: He’d spoil you rotten, but only after sparing a few moments laughing at you—it’s not meant to be mocking, instead, he can’t help it because you look so cute even when you’re scared, and the way you cling to him more actually strokes his ego and pride. Takao will of course keep you close to him, enveloping you in a hug most of the time. He’ll constantly initiate other forms of physical contact with you too, like stroking your hair or your back, to remind you that he’s here for you.

“You’re brave, right, ____________? Don’t be scared, you know I’m right here. And the appointment will be over before you know it!”

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Can I please please pleeeease request Best Friend headcanons for Momoi? She's QUEEN. And so are you guys. Thank you very much!!

Made this gender neutral just in case! Also this is this first thing I’ve written for Momoi?? How is that possible!?

~ Nia ~

Momoi (Best Friend)

  • Being a single child, Momoi is extremely close to her best friend and treats them just like she would if they were her own blood sibling. This means trusting them with every secret, every feeling, every thought. She holds nothing back from them.
  • (fem) She invites her for sleep overs several times a month and always has something girly planned. She has all the fixings for make overs, facials, painting nails, ect. It is tradition that no matter what they end up doing, they are going to end the night talking about boys, mainly her feelings for Kuroko.
  • (male) She enjoys accompanying them to buy cloths, having a great fashion sense. However she can act like an over attentive mother nagging her child to “look at this” and “here go try it on in the dressing room”. She makes them repay her with lunch after.
  • Momoi is someone you can trust to have your back at all times and is there for you till the end

so yesterday I posted that I made shirts like these with Haikyuu characters. WELL NOW THERE’S KNB ONES. yei. I used a lot more characters for these ones, and you can get them HERE

(the full list of characters you can buy are tagged)

A Shadow’s Greatest Rival: Fic for Kurobas Week Day Two (Rivalries)

You can also read this fic on Ao3!

Rating: PG (language)

Pairings: Implied KagaKuro, but mostly gen. Mentioned rivalries: AoKaga, AkaKuro, KiKuro, AoKi, MidoAka, KagaHimu, TakaKuro. (All can be read as platonic, or more. Whatever floats your boat! Or mine.)

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: Basketball dorks! It’s a gen fic, but mentions lots of rivalries/pairings that are left up to interpretation. (The most obvious is the implied KagaKuro at the end.) Refers to this interview between Akashi and Kuroko because it’s great.

Summary: Kuroko and Kagami discuss who Kuroko’s greatest rival is. As it turns out, it’s a surprisingly complicated subject.

A/N: Happy Kurobas Week! I’m really unprepared, but I wanted to contribute something to this event for my favorite fandom. <3 Many thanks to the mods for this awesome theme. Hope you enjoy it!

“I can’t take this idiot anymore.”

Kagami shoved his phone in his schoolbag. He scowled, until his eyebrows resembled a pair of arrows twisting into a knot. Kuroko watched him from across their usual table at Maji Burger. He was sipping a milkshake, also as usual.

“And which idiot is that?” he said, in his customary monotone.

Kagami gave him a look. “Who do you think?”

Kuroko thought for a moment. (Or pretended to. It was mostly out of politeness.)

“Given how vigorously you were pressing buttons a moment ago, I would have to assume it was Aomine-kun,” he said.

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