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I can relate

Someday in the future.
  • Kit: *sees Ty* Ok I can't stand it anymore!, I'm totally not straight! and... and... I LIKE YOU! ok I said it.
  • Kit: ...
  • Kit: ...
  • Kit: ...
  • Ty: *takes off his headphones* Sorry, did you say something?

A beautiful photo of my 14th century inspired garb from Abbey Medieval Festival in Queensland. To those who are sending me messages/ asks - I’ll do a breakdown of this kit when I’m not on the road in a few days!

Thank you, James for the amazing photo!

anonymous asked:

How would the evan peters characters react when you call him "daddy" by accident?

-Why was I expecting this request sooner or later 

Tate (after death): It would turn him on, he didn’t even know he had a daddy kink until you moaned it while he was kissing down your neck. But by god he would fuck you so rough (like he doesn’t already) and would most probably spank you for ‘being a bad girl’ 

Kit: He would be taken a back, he thought you were innocent but once ‘daddy’ came out of your mouth he would suddenly feel a tightening in his lower region. Him usually being the gentle lover you didn’t half scream that night..

Kyle (pre-death): Shock would run through him not expecting you to say that he would be shy at first. But then like the little shit he is a smirk would plant on his face saying ‘’Your daddy’s princess’’ and it would be the best orgasm to date. 

Jimmy: He would growl and bite even harder, he would be so fucking turned on he had an excuse to go really rough with you. Jimmy would most likely have you screaming ‘daddy’ for everyone to hear so he had a smirk the next morning. 

James: He wouldn’t be surprised he knew of your kinks and you knew of his, it would turn him on slightly but not much. He would much prefer it if you call him Master *wink wink*

anonymous asked:

What would foreplay look like for all evan peters characters?

Tate - Eating you out: He would love getting in between your legs, biting your thighs as he makes his way up to your sex. Tate loves the noises you make and the hard grip you have on his hair, the taste of you on his tongue would make him want to be inside you even more. 

Kit - Fingering : He loves how tight you feel around his fingers, the fact he can make you squirt as well from just using his fingers makes him ever so slightly cocky. You’ll scream and beg and he loves it when he can see a few tears..

Kyle - Breast Play : Sucking, biting, pinching you name it he’s done to your breasts. He loves how just from his touch your nipples will go hard and cause goosebumps on your skin, the soft moans of his name just drives him crazy. 

Jimmy - Dirty Talk : He will say anything to get you in the mood even if its in public, telling you how your his and only his or calling you his ‘dirty little girl’ is enough to make him hard and you wet. 

James - Breath Play : He will love how just from his warm breath on your skin will cause goosebumps all over your skin, the moans and soft breaths in between this riles him up..hes a tease.