Since I was a kid I really wanted an American Girl doll…for those who don’t know they are insanely expensive dolls for girls that are coupled with books about the dolls lives.

I always wanted Kit a girl from the 1930’s struggling to live through the depression. She wanted to be a writer and you could even get her a little type writer! 

My parents didn’t get me one because they were (and still are) insanely expensive. INSTEAD my parents got me the book series about Kit which I read over and over. 

This year, at the age of almost 21, my fiancee got me Kit for Christmas. As a I pulled the wrapping paper off the box and saw her face staring at me I started to cry. 

It’s more than just getting the doll. He remember me mentioning I wanted the doll, he understood how much it meant to me, he invested the money in buying me one. I’m an adult, we’re planning a wedding, and he still got me a doll and is encouraging and tolerating me buying clothes and being a little eccentric about the doll. 

I love him so fucking much.