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DIY Kits Add Some Delightful Whimsy to Conventional Terrariums  

Tierra Sol Studio infuses whimsy to conventional terrariums with their easy-to-build DIY kits. They feature hardy moss—which can grow in dark places—that adds colorful green to your life, and the packaging also includes small figurines to interact with lush environment. Keep a unicorn, elephant, or caticorn as your “pet,” making you a giant who looks in on this tiny, delightful world. See the entire Tierra Sol Studio collection on Etsy. 


kent @ kit: how would you look in a hat?
kent: cooperate with me


Build Your Own Tiny Dinosaur Skeleton with All-Inclusive DIY Kits

Online shop Tinysaurs sells everything you need to build the skeletons of dinosaurs and mythical creatures. The all-in-one kits come pre-cut with bones, a hand-blown glass display dome, exhibit base, glue, tweezers, and a magnifier. Construction takes less than an hour, and once you’re done you’ve got a quirky object to show for it. See everything Tinysaurs has to offer on Etsy.

Hiding Away

*Pet stands too close to Jacques, getting in his way a little as he locks the door to the house behind them. He looks around nervously, eyes scanning the edge of the trees in the direction of Kit’s treehouse. He assumes he’d be coming from that direction.

They’d discussed it quickly, and staying home simply wasn’t an option. They were heading to the apartment above the shop. They didn’t really know what else to do, but at least there Pet could continue to care for his animals. It needed done even with a “Closed until further notice” sign in the window.

Jacques triple checked the door and picked up his bag, Elise and Homie winding around his ankles. Between the cats and Pet’s need to be close he was about to be knocked over. *

P: you think it’ll be okay?

J: I ‘ope so. At least 'e 'as no reason to look zere first, right? *he slings the bag over his shoulder, this one holding food as Pet’s bag held some clothes.* I feel safer in Ze middle of town like zat. Wiz people around maybe 'e won’t try anyzing.

P: or he’ll hurt someone.. *he frowns and Jacques pats his unbruised cheek reassuringly.*

J: zat would get 'im in trouble, which would prevent 'im from staying wiz you. I don’t zink 'e’ll try it.

*Pet nods, although he doesn’t agree. Looking around as well, Jacques grabs his hand and tugs him off down the street, the two cats trotting silently after them.*

Someday in the future.
  • Kit: *sees Ty* Ok I can't stand it anymore!, I'm totally not straight! and... and... I LIKE YOU! ok I said it.
  • Kit: ...
  • Kit: ...
  • Kit: ...
  • Ty: *takes off his headphones* Sorry, did you say something?