After a lot of begging and pleading  I got Emerson downstairs with me. 

“What’s going on Em?” I push her hair over her shoulder so I can see her face. 

“I cant believe you two left me alone with him.” She cries,”He’s still such a piece of shit Kit and I want to hate him so bad but I just don’t.” 

“Did he hurt you?” 

“No, but he kissed me.” 

I fight my eye roll and bite my tongue. I knew I shouldn’t have left her alone with him, she’s not strong enough to protect her heart from his kind.

It takes so long for me to talk her down. She wants to call his girlfriend and I know it sucks that she has to carry around the guilt of sucking face with him but Soleil is the biggest bitch ever and she will blame Em without pointing a finger in the right direction, which is her boyfriend. 

Mary Poppins|| Kit+Amelia

Kit never thought it would be so hard, having to look after two children by himself. Alma and Grace were both gone and he was left with the full responsibility. Though it wasn’t like he could find a really good job as some people still felt uncomfortable with the fact he was even accused of being a psychotic murderer. People felt more against people who spent time in an asylum rather than time in jail. Luckily, he got to continue his job at the gas station since the owner was one of the few people who thought he was innocent. With the economy changing and the kids growing, he had to work more hours. He tried bringing his kids to work but they just got too bored there and the fumes from the gasoline was not healthy for them. He would have to hire a nanny. 

After calling a bunch and getting turned down because of who he was, he was ready to give up. Until he found an ad in the paper that didn’t seem to print properly. Luckily he was able to make out the phone number to call. It was a winner. The woman sounded a lot nicer than a lot of the others and actually agreed to become their nanny. 

He made the first day on his day off. He wanted to get to know her a little and make sure she’s comfortable. He wanted to watch his kids reaction to her and basically do what any paranoid parent would. Kit made sure the house was spotless, there was food in the fridge and a place for her to rest once bedtime hits. He waited by the door anxiously for her arrival. 



I can relate


kent @ kit: how would you look in a hat?
kent: cooperate with me


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Hiding Away

*Pet stands too close to Jacques, getting in his way a little as he locks the door to the house behind them. He looks around nervously, eyes scanning the edge of the trees in the direction of Kit’s treehouse. He assumes he’d be coming from that direction.

They’d discussed it quickly, and staying home simply wasn’t an option. They were heading to the apartment above the shop. They didn’t really know what else to do, but at least there Pet could continue to care for his animals. It needed done even with a “Closed until further notice” sign in the window.

Jacques triple checked the door and picked up his bag, Elise and Homie winding around his ankles. Between the cats and Pet’s need to be close he was about to be knocked over. *

P: you think it’ll be okay?

J: I ‘ope so. At least 'e 'as no reason to look zere first, right? *he slings the bag over his shoulder, this one holding food as Pet’s bag held some clothes.* I feel safer in Ze middle of town like zat. Wiz people around maybe 'e won’t try anyzing.

P: or he’ll hurt someone.. *he frowns and Jacques pats his unbruised cheek reassuringly.*

J: zat would get 'im in trouble, which would prevent 'im from staying wiz you. I don’t zink 'e’ll try it.

*Pet nods, although he doesn’t agree. Looking around as well, Jacques grabs his hand and tugs him off down the street, the two cats trotting silently after them.*