Sexy Time with SHINee | Reactions

when he’s in the mood, but you tease him and play hard to get.

Onew: “so you want me to be a little more aggressive then? be careful what you wish for.”

Jonghyun: “i’m sorry, were you saying something, jagi?”

Key: “oppa is not impressed. let me teach you a thing or two about teasing.”

Minho: “challenge accepted.”

Taemin: “you’ve never turned me down before. do you want aegyo? or do you want sexy Tae? oh, got it. sexy Tae time it is.”

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“So next time if you want to confess, speak into their right ear”
–JjongD (Blue Night 150423)
oh oh oh.. thank you for telling Kim Jonghyun~♥
now we now why you always whispers on Key’s right ear :)))
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