Just got back from ocean city md, and there was this amusement park there called Jolly Roger. Anyways they had these shooting booths with prizes and I could just imagine Tsuna wanting one of those stuffed animals and Gokudera pulling out his gun instead of using one of those fake ones–just scaring the hell out of the booth keeper 😂😂😂

They’d be kicked out and put on the park’s black list

[but Tsuna would still end up getting his stuffed lion]

Hibari Kyoko.

As terrifying as she is beautiful, she is actually well-beloved by her female schoolmates, unlike her male counterpart.

Despite being absolutely vicious towards rulebreakers, she can be surprisingly gentle when it comes to dealing with girls (or boys) who come to her for protection from unwanted sexual advances, whether it be from classmates, teachers, or even parents and/or other relatives. She’s had three Nami-chuu teachers fired in as many years, for sexual misconduct towards their students.

She rules the disciplinary committee with an iron fist, and the only person she will ever bow to is her Donna, Sawada Tsuna.

She holds self-defense classes for the girls at her school once a week. (It isn’t long before Tsuna, Ryouka, and Chrome start helping her teach. And although the class was made with girls in mind, boys aren’t turned away, so long as they behave themselves).

nip thy affections (in the bloome); 2/??

Title: nip thy affections (in the bloome) [AO3 / FFN]
Fandom: Katekyou Hitman Reborn 
Warnings: none?? probably none.
A/N:  i got weirdly attached to this jumbled mess of writing and cannot leave it alone.
When Reborn says, You can do it, Sawada Tsunayoshi, he always means it. Because this is not the first obstacle, nor the first time.

You can do it. You have to. The others did, so you must.

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anonymous asked:

Honestly any type of scenario for Mukuro that you choose. I'm just Mukuro deprived right now. >.<

Kek. Prank scenario in the style of Aesop’s Fables it is then! I recommend that you read this far, far away from me. Please don’t kill me. Enjoy! 


There were times when you made brilliant decisions that turned out beautifully, even if things didn’t seem to work out in the beginning. This was not one of those times, not even close to one of those times. 

It had seemed like a wonderful idea at first when you woke up and discovered that your beau had gotten out of bed first. Because why wouldn’t pretending to lose your memory of Mukuro be a bad idea? You wondered how he would react anyways. So why not? 

Having heard the sounds of footsteps coming towards your shared bedroom, you quickly dove under the covers, kind of how like a fox does to catch its prey. 

“Name?” Mukuro called out, stepping into the doorway. “Are you pretending to still be asleep?” he asked, an eyebrow raised as he observed a rather large lump grow underneath the blankets. You had slowly gotten up, shivering with excitement as you forced yourself to sit up right and begin the prank. 

“W-who are you?” you asked, immediately clamping a hand over your mouth to stiffle the impending giggles that you knew were going to burst out like bubbles. 

“Name, I-” 

“Why do you know my name?” You didn’t dare to turn around to look at Mukuro. You knew that if you did, the prank would quickly be over, and that wouldn’t be fun now would it? 

It was at this point that something began to feel off. There was silence in the air for a few brief seconds before you decided to speak again. You didn’t hear any footsteps, so he couldn’t have left, and this didn’t seem like an illusion either. 

“Hello?” you called out. 

“Kufufufu….”  Mukuro chuckled darkly. The sound of him being amused by your prank gave off bad vibes and sent a chill down your spine as you gulped in fear. 

‘Nope, nope, nope, noping out of here,’ you thought repeatedly, looking around for the nearest exit which you knew all too well was behind Mukuro. 

“It seems you’ve forgotten about me dear, but worry not. We shall we go relive your past experiences with me in the water at the beach. I seem to recall that those were your favorite memories with me Name. You just couldn’t let go of me.”  he sighed as if it couldn’t be helped. 

“Aha…” you had begun to turn around to face him, “about that.” you chuckled sheepishly. When you saw the expression on Mukuro’s face however, you immediately went quiet. He was smiling at you, and there was an eerie sinister feeling hidden behind that smile. He knew you hated the water. He knew you despised the beach even more. 

“I’m sorry?” You offered him an apology as you stared at his passive aggressive smile in fear of what he would do next, and boy did he make you wait for his retaliation. 

You spent the next few days avoiding your “boyfriend”. Quotation marks around the word boyfriend because you just couldn’t get what he had done to you out of your mind, nor were you going to confide in anyone else what he had done. It was embarrassing to think about it, and each time you did, a red hue would cover your face. No, this was a secret best kept to yourself. You glared at Mukuro every time you entered the living room and saw him at his usual place where you could typically find him on the couch. Along with the glare, you would hiss at him like a cat would when it saw something it didn’t like, and in return he would laugh at this exchange. 

Moral of the story: If you’re dating one of the egoistical bastards, don’t pull any pranks on them. When they decide to play with you, you’ll regret it. Their level and definition of fun is way different from everyone else’s. They’ll get back at you, hard. What he did I’ll leave up to your imagination ;)