Night Out. | Key and Tao

It’s been few days already since Tao moved in the city. He grew liking the whole environment, especially at night. Those tall street lamps sparkle under the dark sky, the slight cold breeze, somehow gave him undefined comfortable feelings. And that’s one of those reasons why, going out at night became his new habit.

He couldn’t stifle his smile as his eyes caught the club, the same club he always visits at night. He doesn’t know why–no, doesn’t even want to know why– he liked that club, since the very first time he went inside. The drinks was fine–or at least good enough for Tao to enjoy. The music, Tao always likes it, and sometimes he couldn’t help but find himself nodding his head along with the beats.

Taking his usual seat, the one next to the bar, Tao ordered his favorite. He didn’t have to wait long until his drink was ready. He extended his hand to reach for the glass, but he soon stopped as he noticed somebody held the glass already. Tao looked up at the person, “Excuse me.”

Night Rambles || Key and Baro

Another boring night for Baro. Desperately pressing the buttons on his TV remote, inconsistently changing the channel. Baro groaned as he noticed there were only re-runs, whot da heck’s goin on with the entertainments these days? He pursued his lips as he got up, turning the TV off, and grabbed his jacket. He decided to just take some walks. He stepped out of his apartment, and locked the door behind him.

After few meters walking, Baro rubbed his jeans’ pockets, searching for his IPod, and soon growled in protest as he noticed that he forgot to bring it. For Baro, his IPod is like his second life, which will always saves him from dying of boredom. He pursued his lips as he turned back and began running towards his apartment. But he didn’t see where he goes and soon he tripped over something–he don’t know and fell down. He let out a loud ‘tsk’ and rambled, “Can today be any worse??" 

He was about to stand himself up, but a voice nearby surprised him that he paused. He looked up, and found a guy, speaking to him.

Fashion Sunbae || Key and Bora

“You should go shopping sometime. Human girls normally do that, dear.”

Twitching her eyebrows, the mermaid swallowed her saliva. She really, really didn’t get it why girls here on the land like it to shop for some bright colored dresses, almost everyday get in and out of those stores bringing tons of.. uh, fabrics? Various colorful things they wear change everyday.. No no, it’s not that Bora doesn’t like those things, she admired those beautiful dresses she saw on TV, really. It’s just.. where can they ever keep so many clothes in their houses?

“No umma,” Bora declined. “I don’t need any more clothes, these are fine,” she smiled, trying to convince her umma to stop worrying about her. Unfortunately, umma–the generous old woman who kept the mermaid at the beach–, kept on convincing her to go out, saying that young woman like her needs to have fun out there, hang out with friends, laughing together at the malls… omoo, what is that?

It wasn’t long until the mermaid lose the whole discussion, and here she was, walking down the city streets, looking for some ‘good places to shop’… or some what was it again?mowls’?

Besides, I don’t know what I’m going to buy. If I just go home with empty hands, umma will be sad.

Somebody help me…