The Barbie Diaries Headcanon

queen-erika-the-songful submitted:

This was Barbie’s first experience with film acting. The whole film is just a combined senior project between the drama and audiovisual (AV) clubs at her high school. Raquelle asked Barbie, a 14-year-old freshman at the time, to play the lead because she liked Barbie’s performance in the fall play earlier that year. The other major characters are played by the senior members of the drama club.

Raquelle and Kevin co-directed, and Tia was head script writer. Courtney wanted to show off her drumming skills, and Kevin (who was also in the AV club) thought it would work well with the story, so Tia added in the Charmz band element as well. The music video seen at the beginning was supposed to be kind of a fantasy sequence, but the song was intended to be one that Charmz ‘wrote’, so the girls did write it themselves. Barbie didn’t think she had the right voice for the rock-style songs, so she asked Kevin’s sister Elise to do the vocals.

Most of the shooting was done during the lunch hour or right after school and on the weekends. The scenes at “Barbie’s” house were actually done at Courtney’s so they wouldn’t have to move her drum set. She lived on the same street as Regan, so it was also convenient for that.

Everyone was really happy with the way the film turned out and held a cast party for themselves. Barbie was so inspired by this experience that she decided she wanted to do more film acting.


I love these three together 💖😙💖

  • Interviewer: What do you think when people call you sexy?
  • Kevin: I don’t, uh, it’s not something I think about a lot.
  • Interviewer: So what if I told you that you’ve been voted as the third-sexiest exy player by our viewers?
  • [Kevin's eyes narrow]
  • Kevin: Who was number 1 and 2?