summary: You break down in front of him for the first time.

“baby!” the voice you loved so much echoed through the house, and into the dining room you where in. Although, you didn’t love him that much at the moment. You see, you had been waiting for him since 18:00 when he was supposed to come home so you cooked a great meal for the two of you and you dressed up really nice for him. It’s currently 2:36am and he just got home. It’s the 4th time he’s done it this week, and you said more than twice that that was his last chance.

you cleared your throat and put your leg over your knee as you sat by the table with the cold dinner set. “In here“

you heard his clumsy footsteps wander over to the dining room.

“I thought you whe-” He said as he popped his head in. As soon as he saw the situation he stopped in mid sentence and his face dropped as he sighed. “Oh my god, Y/N i’m so sorry”

“Don’t, Justin” You shook your head as you blew out the candles who already on the verge of not being able to use. “You’ve said that to me over and over again, but nothing ever changes”

“i know but please just-” He pleaded as he approached you.

“Stop it Justin” You hissed at him, cutting him off. “I’m so tired of it. All of it. You always change plans at last minute and often don’t tell me, and i have to sit here and wait until you get home so that i can know that you’re okay! well, of course you’re okay, it’s just too hard to tell me you are”

“I know, i know” He said shaking his head as he walked even closer, but you backed away. You knew he’d try to seduce you but you really didn’t want to. You crossed your arms.

“I just….i don’t think this will work anymore” You said, as you could feel your heart go cold, as shivers ran down your spine.

“Y/n please don’t” He said with a crack in his voice, which took you by surprise.

“I just…I can’t” you whispered as you felt tears build up on the surface of your eye, which sent you over the edge and you lost it. You broke down. You put your face in your hands and just bawled into them. It was the first time he’d see you like this. Sure, he’s seen you cry but not break down the way you are doing right now. 

In a quick motion he pulled you in and wrapped his arms around you tightly, as you sobbed into his chest. You could hear him sniffling. He kissed the top of your head lightly and took his right hair and brushed your hair  away from your ear.

“I’ll try this time” he said just above a whisper. “I promise you, Y/N”

“You better” you laughed as you lightly sniffled as you heard him chuckle.


 i know that this wasn’t much, but it’s something hahah

I normally wouldn’t wish death upon people but Justin Bieber needs ta die. TITAN STYLE. Swallowed alive too. 😉

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“I could just feel people’s energy and also I didn’t really care either. I could give two shit if someone liked me or not. And that’s where things went bad because I got so involved in me, me, me. Sometimes like man I don’t want to do this anymore ‘cause once it starts it doesn’t stop for me. Just because I feel like I forgot my purpose for awhile so now I feel like I found my purpose. And I just want to bring that hope to people and that light to say, ‘hey, you might’ve lost your purpose or maybe you’re searching for your purpose but purpose is so important.’ And i just want people to see that there is hope and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The best is yet to come ahead of you and not to dwell in the spot you’re in. And know that hey if Justin did it, than i can do it.