Dating Justin would include part 1

·         Spontaneous romantic dates

·         Countless selfies

·         Smacking your butt at random times

·         Nights spent wide awake talking about random things

·         Singing you to sleep or when you’re having a bad day

·         Dirty comments when you’re out in public

·         Him always talking about you to his friends

·         Showing you off in public

·         Spoiling you with jewelry, flowers, and other random things

·         Pouting when you deny him a kiss

·         Long showers together

·         Him trying to teach you how to dance

·         Soft kisses to your neck

·         Tracing his tattoos in silence after sex

·         Countless hickeys making sure everyone knows you’re his

Imagine: Taking your son to daycare for the first time

You packed Dylan’s lunch and his favorite toys in his superman backpack, his giggles echoed throughout the house and finally he emerged into the living room dressed and ready to leave “Mama look daddy did my hair!” He yelled pointing towards his hair which was spike up into a partial quiff “Wow!” You smiled crouching down to him, he was a mini Justin already, he dressed like Justin and even insisted on wearing the same cologne as Justin.

“Hey baby.” A gentle smack came to your butt, rolling your eyes you put Dylan’s backpack on his shoulders “When he gets sent home because he goes around smacking girls butts it’s going to be your fault Justin Drew.” You scolded finishing off your coffee, he chuckled pressing a kiss to your lips “We better get going, I have a meeting at ten.” He smirked trailing his hands down to your butt where he gave both cheeks a firm squeeze.

“Let’s go get in the car buddy!” Justin cheered grabbing Dylan’s small hand in his large one, acting like he didn’t just squeeze your butt. You grabbed your purse before heading out the door, Justin already buckled Dylan in and was waiting for you by the passenger door “Opening the door for me isn’t going to get you anywhere Bieber.” You smirked playfully patting his chest, the two of you climbed in the car and started for the daycare center.

“Mommy how long will I be there before you pick me up?” Dylan asked, you turned to face him and smiled “Daddy will come and get you at three, mommy has to work until five so I’ll see you when I get home.” He pouted sticking his bottom lip out, another thing he inherited from Justin “But I want mommy to pick me up!” He fussed making you sigh, he was always a mama’s boy growing up, he loved you and Justin equally but always seemed to cling to you more “How about if daddy takes you to the park after daycare!” Justin glanced over at you with a smile “Ya buddy we can go to the park then maybe we can even get some ice cream!”

Dylan agreed on the matter just as you pulled into the daycare center, this would be the first time he would be away from the two of you all day “Look at all the toys and other kid Dyl!” You smiled taking his hand, he shied behind you as you neared the front desk “Hi we are dropping off our son, Dylan Bieber.” The receptionist smiled and nodded “He’s all set, I will take him back to hand up his things.” She smiled stepping from behind the desk “Be good buddy okay, daddy will be here at three.” Justin smiled pressing a kiss to his cheek “Mama will see you late okay? Be a big boy for me.”  His little arms wrapped around your neck before he pressed a kiss to your lips “I love you mommy, love you daddy.” And with that he took the women’s hand and followed her.

“I can’t believe he’s three, he’s not my little guy anymore.” Justin sighed grabbing your hand as the two of you walked to the car

“You just watch, he will be smacking butts before you know it.”

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