Cuddle buddies (Justin Bieber imagine)

So guys we have a guest writer on the blog her blog is @justinbiebsimag and she is an amazing writer so if you have any requests, request em here:)

“Babe!” Justin yells from the room, so that I can hear him downstairs.
“Coming Daddy”, I say back to him as I jog up the stairs.
“Yeah, J?” I say out of breath.
“I want some lovin’”, Justin says with a little pout.
“I love it when you are clingy, Justin.” I walk towards our bed and climb in with him.
“Y/N, I’m so glad that we get a chance to hangout today. You know with my busy schedule?” He says while gazing at me with his hazel eyes. I swear when he does that he sure gets my juices flowing. I lay closer to him.
“I’m happy, too. Justin I miss you when you are away. It feels good to be in your arms.” I smile while snuggling up near him.
“Y/N, I’m gonna write a song about you girl. You’re gonna love it. It’s gonna be about your little nose and your pink toes. Boy, I love everything about you.” He sighs while looking up at the ceiling.
“ I wonder what it’s going to be like in 10 years. Maybe we will have some children, and we can move to a different state and it will just be about you and I, Y/N” I love when Justin talks to me about the future he makes our relationship feel even more secure and hopeful.
“Wait, we aren’t gonna have a dog? Haha I want a dog, Justin.” I say looking up at him while laughing.
He snickers, “Oh, I forgot and we will have a dog. Maybe we can have a little farm, also. Name one of the horse, Y/N”
“You play too much, Justin. You are so silly.”, I say while tracing his tattoos.
“And you are beautiful. I hope we do get to have that farm, though. The kids will love it. ” Justin says while poking my dimple and smelling my hair.
“You’re beautiful, too. My sweet hazeled eye boy. ” I say while cheesing and getting in his face.
“ Oh stop it.” He says while playfully acting bashful. Then he leans in and licks my face. I swear he is too much.


Home Sweet Home🏡

Stay together
  • Stay together
  • Justin Bieber feat. Cody Simpson

Oh no
Oh no
Oh no babe

Cody Simpson
I said last time was the last time that I messed up again
Am I addicted to losing?
Promised that I wouldn’t lie
But I went and lied
Girl I effed up again
Am I stupid to something?
Promised that I wouldn’t lie, but I went and lied girl I effed ( short for fucked ) up again

Cody Simpson
Girl your love is all I know, it’s all I know
Girl your heart is all I want, I won’t let go
I don’t wanna lose you girl na na na-never
I ain’t trying to lose you girl
So let’s stay together

Justin Bieber:
That time was a past time
Can we try love again ‘cause I miss you so bad
I don’t wanna move on so you know I won’t do you wrong again
Baby you give me just one chance

'Cause your love is all I know, that’s all I know
And your heart is all I want and I won’t let go
I ain’t trying to lose you girl na na na-never
I’m not gonna lose you girl
So let’s stay together, together, together

Cody Simpson
Girl your love is all I know
Justin: It’s all I know
And your heart is all I want
Justin: I won’t let go
Justin & Cody:
I don’t wanna lose you girl na na na-never
I ain’t trying to lose you girl
So let’s stay together, together, together

If you see Justin in public you need to treat him like a person. Like, don’t go straight in for a hug, don’t film him, none of that. EVERYONE KNOWS he hates that yet they STILL do it and then go online and complain about how ‘mean he is’ like, you literally set yourself up for it. You gave him a reason to be rude. You were rude first.

Ask him how he’s doing…. Tell him you’re excited for Cold Water or other new music….. Tell him you can’t wait to see him tonight…… Ask him if he had a blast playing Pokemon GO last night, ask him what level he is JESUS there are SO many things you could do to make him feel good and normal and yet you DON’T do it. It baffles me.