edit:just messing around


whew! guess the rust on my hand is gone. i can draw better again. :D
soo.. i have been lookin’ at my sketchdump for a while just for some inspiration… and later i feel like wanted to draw EnderGlitch Frisk again (Endertale & Glitchtale) :>
well.. not really much changes… its just Endertale Frisk with a sword shield… plus with fire magic. (which is way cooler) i’m just messing up the ideas…
lol. i wasn’t really plannin’ on fully shading this at first… but after i colored it… it kinda feels plain to me… so eh what the heck… btw… this took me 2 days to finish… :P worth it. :3

Endertale Frisk by: @xxtc-96xx

Glitchtale by: Camila Cuevas (i don’t wanna bother.)

and yeah. i have tumblr now. (still dunno how to use it :’D )

My Bálor Babes…

So, I started watching this show: Midnight, Texas.

And it’s making my little geeky supernatural-loving heart super-happy. For anyone who’s not seen it, it’s from Charlaine Harris (her series sparked the phenomenon that was True Blood) and it focuses on a small town housing a group of supernatural entities from various walks of life, including (but not limited to) a psychic who communicates with spirits, a Wiccan who’s extraordinarily powerful, a vampire who prefers energy to blood and loves a hit-woman who’s (almost) invincible. They’re a kind of family in their own way.

Oh yeah, and the town’s built on a rift to Hell. Fun times. But I digress.

I’m tempted to make this a crossover and introduce our favorite demon Finn Bálor into the fold along with another character (POC reader, most likely). Both outrunning their past, though for very different reasons.

What do you think? Shall I add this in?

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