Royz - Phalaenopsis Translation

Phalaenopsis Translation

Words: Subaru

Music: Kuina


Shining1 in the moonlit night, floating2 in the thirsty sky
Hopes layered3    The sweet bird’s dream
Closing its wings    Just gazing at the sky
Never being able to touch it

Within the swaying cage    Beyond the layers3
Biting its lips

I am inside a bird cage    I keep taking the bait
Isolated, alone    Is this what is said to be love4?
Where do my unconveyed feelings go to?
I get it    It’s fine
Alone as is    I’ll sing5

The moon is hidden    Clouds have covered the sky
Crying, having cried    That is the outburst of crickets chirping
Wearing a smile    A grace that has been painful
I want to be free    I knew this and yet…

No one else is here    and yet I…
I do not know why
I can’t break out    from this slight fever
Therefore please stay by my side

The unfair distance is because of my periphery
Only    wanting to take the bait
Destiny falls and even if I understood
Are my hidden feelings going to come to an end tonight?
I get it It’s fine
Alone as is    I’ll sing5

If these feelings are unknown then it is a good thing
It is impossible to say this

Therefore    Therefore

The unfair distance is because of my periphery
I wished for love
Destiny falls and even if I understood
This night have my hidden feelings reached its end?
I get it    It’s fine
Within this cage    I’ll sing5

Phalaenopsis, bird orchid
Never unreachable
I have yet to touch that moon


1 – Phals shine in natural light because of the texture on the petals and sepals referred to as “Diamond Dust”.
2 – A phal flower appears to be a floating little bird
3 – Layers are the petals and sepals
4 – Phals, among many other things, symbolise love
5 – Singing as in the singing of a bird


Phalaenopsis is an orchid genus. “Phalaenopsis” comes from the Latin words “phal”, meaning moth, and “opsis” meaning appearance. It was named this because it was thought that they looked like moths in flight. This is why they are also known as “moth orchids”. There are almost 60 different phalaenopsis species and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Also known as “phals”, not many of them look like moths in flight, as the Latin name implies. In this case, in Subaru-san’s point of view, it looks like a bird. It seems as though it has a little bird’s head guarding the nectar on the flower. Check out the pictures here. Sugoi deshou? The sepals, petals and stem is the “bird cage” that is holding it back. The bird appears to be “trapped” within these structures. The imagery created by Subaru-san is of a bird which is trapped in a cage yearning to break free. No matter how impossible it seems, the bird doesn’t give up the idea of taking to the sky. Against all odds, it desperately wants to fulfil this wish.

Credit to hiphopVOMIT for the kanji and romaji.