I think people in the j-rock industry are all beginning to look the same. They all go for the same style. The same hair. The same makeup. They’re beginning to lack individuality, and all shooting for the stereotypical image of a visual kei rockstar. Over the years, bands are beginning to lose their signature style or fashion trademarks. Don’t get me wrong, some bands throw in a new touch here and there, but I wish they’d create a look unique to them instead of looking so similar to everyone else in the Japanese rock industry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!

We proudly present the first of the artists covered by our magazine: VAMPS! With shows in Paris at JAPAN EXPO and London at JAPAN NIGHT the band is heading to Europe in July!

To bridge the time until our launch coming with a VAMPS interview, a concert report and an album review please enjoy the comment video with HYDE and K.A.Z! https://www.facebook.com/shout.for.en.core/videos/1558753791053780/

Have fun and please stay tuned!

Your EN.CORE team

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