the GazettE DOGMA Commentary DAWN Translation

   *They seemed really opinionated about this song lol. Questions, comments, and corrections are encouraged. Translating is a huge learning process. 

             Ruki: In 2014 we put on a tour with the theme of redefinition. That’s when we were made aware of things…and that we ought to reform our beliefs. This song’s meaning implicates those strong inner reflections we had. The 13th anniversary live at the Budoukan (March 2015) is where I think we exhibited that so-called change. Intuitively that’s where the pieces piled up.

               Uruha: This one’s another violent song. It starts out completely with a violent progression like, “by the third song this thing’s not going to calm down yet.” Or rather I should say, that indicates our intention. Previously, I didn’t think about where the order of the songs were being placed but this time there’s meaning to the order. In my opinion, hearing nothing but violent songs from the time the curtain rises might be tiring. But instead, I shook off that opposition with the way things flow.

               Aoi: Another song with the image of dogma. Dawn rivals the title track because it’s symbolic but I don’t mind that Dogma ended up becoming the title track. I think I probably agree with that. It’s just that Dawn’s composition has intense character to it.

               Reita: This song has the strongest hook over everything else. All at once the album opens up like a really wide space. Up until now the songs weren’t typical of the GazettE and it’s like, “Can you imagine this hook from the beginning?” The meaning is refreshing.

               Kai: For me, this song on DOGMA holds the things that have been piled up. The song is fundamentally different in comparison because of the higher tempo, or it’s what you would call an upper. It starts out with the image of a heavy thing exerting pressure (this sentence can be interpreted in a few other ways but it’s pretty much the same). It has the feeling of the former self pursuing a kind of darkness.

GiGS Magazine chapter 5: Inside of the Band Magic. 葵.

葵 speaking about REITA:

REITA-kun, for sure, gives you that feeling of steadiness, a very reliable person. This is what he has in common with 戒-kun regarding both personality and playing style. In some way you may have an impression it’s in his core. It can be said without a doubt, he’s a type of the musician who is constant, confident and keeps playing according to his own style. Of course within the band every member is trusted, but among us all maybe REITA with his steadiness is especially trustworthy. Well… who knows, maybe it seems so because we never had to rely on him too much (laughs). In addition to this he’s very skillful, there’s no doubt to it. Be sure, he’ll do exactly what he’s asked for. From time to time, I must say, it’s only an image, but mostly you can rely on his skills. This hasn’t changed over the time.

葵 giving an advice to his former self:

Nooooo waaaaaaaay…… I’d like to tell myself that I should have taken music more seriously (laughs). Usually I think I’m one step behind other band members, I look at them and feel inferior, so I’m moving forward while trying to compensate for it. That’s why if I’ve been more devoted from the very start, I could have achieved more. And I wish I could explain it to my former self if we had a chance to meet. Eventually, looking back I can say that meeting other band members was really important, if it weren’t for them, frankly speaking… I would have given up on music, I think. Actually I always had that interest, so one way or another, I guess, I would have come to making music, but I haven’t understood it until about now. Only after I met the guys I’ve got that impact from them and was able to discover all the happiness of being in a band and realize how deep was my connection to the music. That’s what I think.

Translator’s note: as you can see, I’ve changed the title of the second part. Because in fact this one is more correct.
In the original text title of the first part says [という] - “about”, and title of second part says [へ] - “to”.
My bad, I’ve made a wrong translation at first.

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