The shiny world of Japanese idols

Today I want to introduce to you one of our most popular products (even if it’s not Anime or Manga related!!), especially to younger girls.

Our Johnnys corner!!

Even Japanese girls, who maybe visit our store for the first time, are surprised that we have such a huge and colourful selection of Johnny’s items.

Even when I (I am sorry, I have to admit it) am not a big fan of the groups myself, I am astonished about the variety of goods.

Of course, because it is the most popular group, the Arashi corner is quite worth seeing.

From really unregular and limited goods (with a cute drawing from one of our staff)

we even have the sign from all members, right here waiting for you!!

But of course we have stuff from every Johnnys group, with a lot of pictures,

nice fans

And a lot more!!

Feel free to discover all by yourself!!

We are looking forward to seeing you!!

Your Marie from Shibuya